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 Force System Revamp

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PostSubject: Force System Revamp   Force System Revamp Icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2016 1:08 am

Okay, so please bear in mind that this (currently) is in no way a place to discuss a possible dice system. This is just for how we will determine a character will be allegedly balanced for the sake of RP.

There were many ideas brought up at this meeting, and I will try to list them all. If you reply and have a new one, I will edit it in. Some ideas sounded miscible with each other.

  • Limited Point System: Have a set number of points that are put into categories to determine your ability / mastery in a lightsaber combat (specific forms or in general) and force powers areas, and use that to balance characters. A generalized benchmark system, per say.

  • Focus on Theme: Have a character choose a few Force powers they are themed around, and use that to determine how they would fare in a situation when implemented. A strong bio or RP history may support this.

  • Power Tiering Reduction: We have powers that have multiple pre-requisites and it feels very railroady and less niche when that ends up being 1/3 or 1/5 of the powers you will have.

That's all I have off the top of my head. Once we have this down, we can determine if it really needs to be tightly knit with any dice system.

Personally, I prefer a simpler system. There are too many powers to pick and choose from that I have to list, and with multiple characters it's like I'm sifting through a pile of sand with multiple puzzles' pieces in them and trying to look for only one puzzle's pieces.

I am for the idea of how Jedi Academy did things: once you hit a certain level of mastery, unless you are specifically opposed to it, there are some core powers you are automatically going to rise higher in. Something similar to that tied with the powers or styles that are your character's theme.

"When a Jedi behaves badly in public, an observer might think, 'If this Jedi is a representative of the whole Order, then plainly no Jedi is worth respect.' On meeting a second Jedi, who behaves better than the first, that same person might think, 'Does this say that half the Jedi are good, and half bad?' On meeting a third Jedi, who behaves as well as the second, the person thinks, 'Was the first Jedi an exception, then?' In this way, only by the good behavior of several Jedi can the public be certain that the poor behavior of one Jedi was unusual. Thus, it takes many Jedi to undo the mistakes of one."
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PostSubject: Re: Force System Revamp   Force System Revamp Icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2016 4:37 am

To start things I will post one of multiple ideas I am contemplating for the system. Roleplay in and of itself is a creative process where multiple characters are brought together to build and progress a story. Those that participate in a roleplay should have the freedom to do as they want, develop and grow with several paths to choose from to do so. The idea I have promotes this.

Going with the notion that we will change the character application to be less about OOC mechanics and more about character growth and customization, the force system will be similar. The list of powers will remain more as a guide than anything and the character will not be restricted by class or force power points. Instead, it's purely dependent on the customization and development of the character.

For example; Aedan Archer is clearly recognized as a specialist in lightsaber combat and, whether it was by guidance from his master or just personal preference, spent less time on studying the force. What limited knowledge he does know is centered on the body and mind, which consists of utilizing the control and sense aspects of the force. Due to his prowess on the battlefield, his battle precognition is unmatched, especially combined with the manner in which he utilizes the force to enhance his physical attributes. As a result, Aedan is considerably weak in telekinesis abilities.

In the example above, I give a brief description of Aedan's area of focus, his weaknesses and strengths while also incorporating certain aspects of his bio into the mix as well. Because he's a lightsaber specialist, I can (and should) expand more on his knowledge on lightsaber techniques and mastery over particular forms. There's no limit to the number of forms either, but it is best to keep in mind that it is extremely rare for jedi to be master of multiple lightsaber forms.

So the idea here is that you'll essentially write out your character's build in prose, using the creative nature of furcadia and roleplay to truly paint a picture of her character's design and customization. Any changes that need to be made will be posted in the character development section and then will be reflected on the application as well. This way, people aren't restricted from having their character change from a balanced jedi to something more lightsaber focus, despite it being the path that there character is placed on IC.

I'm unsure if the description here makes sense and it definitely needs to be fleshed out, but here's an idea to start people off.

P.S. We might still keep the force powers or characters in ranks as a means to keep some restriction in the development.
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Force System Revamp
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