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 TITAN System

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TITAN Class System

Portable TITAN Devices

Class I TITAN - These are the most common type of TITAN device in the field. They are compact, standardized, and easily mass produced and distributed to personnel. These generate an FN Field that can dampen or completely negate the effects of Force abilities within 5 meters. They can also be fitted with FNP (Force Negation Protocol) Chips, to buff negation of certain abilities. Class I units are normally worn on the belt, and have a power duration of 12 hours.

Class II TITAN – Wearable TITAN device. These devices have a higher FN ability than Class I devices, but are still limited by the size of the power supply. Class II TITAN devices are normally in the form of a vest, similar to a flack jacket, and can utilize 2 FNP chips, and have a power duration of 36 hours. Class II devices have twice the effective FN Field area as a Class I. These are issued to Specialists or Elites, and are not mass produced.

Class III TITAN – Class III devices are the largest of the portable devices. They use a Sub-Compact Ion Generator for a power supply, and thus require a 2-3 man Specialist team to set up and operate. These devices can generate an AFN (Absolute Force Negation) field up to a maximum of 50 meters in diameter. The Ion Generator requires a 10 minute cool-down cycle after 2 hours of continuous operation, or it will overload. These are normally only deployed to combat large numbers of force users.

Full-Scale TITAN Devices

Class IV TITAN – Mobile TITAN Device. These are basically large-format Class III Devices, permanently installed in large vehicles or shuttles. They are able to generate an AFN Field up to 200 meters from the device. These may also be debilitating to those with extremely strong connections to The Force. They can also be used to transport captured Force users in an AFN Field inside the vehicle or shuttle, preventing them from being able to use their abilities to escape. These will likely also be restricted to NPC or Special use.

Class V TITAN – These devices are massive, and require massive amounts of energy to operate. There are very few Class V TITAN devices in existence, and they must be installed on an installation or ship large enough to power them. Class V devices have the power to completely negate a force user's ability – Permanently. In some cases, this may result in the death of individuals with extremely powerful connections to the force. Class V TITAN Devices will not be available to players.

FNP Chip Types (Force Negation Protocol)

Gladius – Boosts resistance to physical force attacks, makes wearer extremely hard to manipulate via Force Push/Pull. Nullifies force boosts to physical strength within it's FN Field area.

Clarity – Boosts resistance to Mental force attacks. Provides a high level of resistance to Mind Tricks, and Psychometry. Nullifies mental boosts within it's FN Field area

Ghost – Nullifies Force sense, making the wearer undetectable. Also nullifies Force Listening, if used.

Juggernaut – Nullifies Force Stun and grants high resistance to Force Stasis and direct-damage force attacks.

Grounded – Nullifies Force Lightning.

Defeating a TITAN Device

In some instances a Force user may attempt to overcome a TITAN device. They must have at least 2 stars higher rank than the class of device, and a force skill that boosts Mental strength. Base level techniques can not overcome a TITAN device, and you’ll need to have a good reason why your character would have the ability to overcome the device.

Basically this means a 5 Star can attempt to overcome up to a Class III Device, but the probability is very low. We will use rolls for probability unless another outcome is needed for the RP storyline.

Player will roll 1d3 and must roll a 3 to overcome Class I TITAN device temporarily.(3+ Star)
Player will roll 1d4 and must roll a 4 to overcome Class II TITAN device temporarily. (4 or 5 Star)
Player will roll 1d6 and must roll a 6 to overcome Class III TITAN device temporarily.(5 Star only)

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TITAN System
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