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 Aayka Usama

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PostSubject: Aayka Usama   Aayka Usama Icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2016 9:52 pm

Name: Aayka Usama
Alignment: Neutral
Jedi, Sith, or NFS: Recruit
Profession: Thief
Desired Rank: Padawan
Species: Twi’lek
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 127 lbs.
Age: 15
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blue
Defining Characteristics: The girl as a sense of kindness and compassion, and a willingness to help those that were less fortunate than herself. Though her nature is pure, she still holds onto anger and resentment for the people that set her life the way it is.
Description: The Twi'lek girl's body reached almost to the height of five foot six, having baby blue skin. A leatherlike elastic band made up most of her headdress; the leather straps crisscrossing down her short blue tendrils, brown eyes staring from under the headdress. For her age being quite young, her Twi'lek beauty and slender form still showed. Torso was clothed in a grey short, hiding her chest, but exposing her stomach; accompanied by a pair of black pants, tight to her form. A utility belt is fastened around her waist, as skintight boots cling to her lower legs.
Bio: Aayka Usama was born on Tatooine , and about four years old, when she was snuck away by a gambler, from her parents, who used her as a bet on a pod race. The gambler lost, and the winner then sold the girl to a moisture farmer. Working on the farm gave her technical, strength, as well as a loving home from the human farmers. However, her life took another bad turn, when she had gone out to do her chores; on her twelfth birthday. Tusken raiders attacked the farm, killing the owners, and destroying the farm.
It was all rubble, when Aayka had returned, so she bauried the family, and salvaged what she could, before she took her speeder to the closest settlement. Selling off her salvage, the twi’lek was set to begin a life on her own before she was robbed of her money. This taught heer that she must be fierce, and as the first year of her solitary life started she learned to fight using a pair of blades she stole off of an unsuspecting slaver. Then she ran into a forming gang of children, whom had been endeared to her, so she started helping out to feed herself, as well as the group. Obeying the leader’s rules, Aayka utilized several methods to obtain food for the group, from thieving to scavenging, but one had been a talent that was strange to her, a technique of persuasion.

Fighting Style: Aayka fights with a pair of knives she picked up on Tatooine, gripped at the hilt, so that the blade is along the outer side of her forearm. She tends to fight defensively, holding herself likewise, until she can see an opening in her opponent’s defense that she can take.
Agility: Years of thieving and scavenging taught her to be quick and agile, motivated by the times she had been caught.
Strength: Her five years living on a moisture built a little muscle, so she can carry slightly more than her own weight.
Endurance: Physically, Aayka can endure anything, unless its to the extreme, or maiming. Mentally, she can’t be pushed much, or she’ll break down.

Rank: Recruit

Class: Balanced

Saber(s): 2 short swords

Crystal Color: Purple

Other weapons: 2 Knivess (Can’t gie p her friends!)

Possessions: Small amount of money in a pouch, skintight outfit of grey with black boot (which look incredibly worn), Headdress of a black band around the forehead and straps crisscrossing along her tendrils

Special Abilities:
Persuasion- A mixture of seduction and mind tricks, she has somewhat learned this ability in her thieving career. A bat of the eye, making her voice sweet, and speaking the language of the body; helps the wave of her hand, when convincing someone of something like giving her money or food.
Lightsaber Form(s):

Form I: Shii-Cho – n/a
Form II: Makashi – n/a
Form III: Soresu – n/a
Form IV: Ataru – n/a
Form V: Shien/ Djem So – n/a
Form VI: Niman – n/a
Form VII: Juyo/ Vaapad - n/a

Force Powers : none

Rank 1: n/a

Rank 2: n/a

Rank 3: n/a
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Aayka Usama
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