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 Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

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Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire   Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire Icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2016 4:02 pm

[#] For the Jedi, today's been just another day in the life. Same old stinky enclave, same old desert. Little do they realize, their actions, operations and missions over the course of the past several weeks have brought them under the nose of Republic Intelligence. And the Republic has spun up its great war machine intent on finishing what it started - the extinction of the Jedi Order. Up yonder in the sky, Republic, Destroyer-Class Warships begin warping in en masse - a veritable armada ready to unleash some scunnion upon ya'll dune coons. And sure enough, here it comes. Boom boom boom. The entire enclave begins to shake and quake and rock and... bop? Well, it gets blown up, all right? Like, stalactites or stalagmites or whatever begin to fall and things blow up and fires break out and... yeah, Sith's hitting the fan. Best do something.

Darth Renatus was sitting in the detainment facility – not like she had much of a choice – meditating, when all of a sudden the facility shook and an explosion could be heard. Despite the surprise, Renatus opened her eyes with a lack of urgency and peered around. She noted that the guards were now scrambling, running around with their heads cut off as if not knowing who attacked or why. Rising from her position on the stone bench, she approached the barrier. Renatus reached out into the force, attuning herself with the enclave and identifying the patrons within. Since there’s very little she could do, the Dark Lady would simply have to wait for now.

Madam Cerise pops out of bed, stark naked. Under a nightie, of course. And for some reason Doren is next to her. Oh, right, she had put him there to rest up after his event last night. There was nothing dirty about it, guys. "Oh Force me." She quips, backhanding Doren in the face super hard to wake him up before she rushes to change into her standard cheongsam and gather three important belongings: her weapons, Doren's eye, and the Wookiee plush. This turns into ninety seconds of chaos and clouds and then a lady with a poster tube, and a small backpack with necessities. Which actually weighs maybe at least 20 kg. Her mind would reach out for Archer to get his act together, poking him telepathically that she is ready to move and coordinate.

Stark comes running out of the shower butt ass naked save for a towel wrapped around him, "Dammit, the hell...?" He glances around all nilly willy, attempting to glean some insight as to what was happening from the others. Just then, a giant rock crashes down right next to him and... he sighs, then looks about to ensure everyone else was up and moving. "We need to get out of this cave, now. That's an orbital strike. And we're its target."

Aedan Archer was, as one might expect, in the pits sparring with a group of Jedi knights. Indeed, the weapon master was facing off against four fully equipped Jedi, each attempting to flank him and penetrate his exceptional defense, when all of a sudden the ground quaked, explosions roar in the distance, and alarms started blaring. Reacting instinctively, Aedan gathered his belongings and retreated from the ring. Noting a pair of disorientated knights, Aedan shouted out instructions, informing them to collect the rest of their squad and to take their defensive positions. Right now, Aedan's goal was to track down those that have turned into the remnant of the Jedi order's leadership to prepare for their next course of action.

Doren Everguard would of course wake up to the slap to face. Wait? Was was he? Why did the room move? Snarling like a feral for a moment, the man surged from the bed, eye darting around him trying to figure what was what. Patting himself, he realized he was in little more then night cloths, and he was in some of harem. Was he on Crimson again!? No. The Enclave! He had been trapped in that bacta tank! "What planet are we on?!" he demanded, quickly following after Cerise. "Which Enclave?!"

Zeroga Mandrayer had been loitering near the entrance of the enclave looking for a few specific individuals. Much to his surprise, the mundane task of waiting has suddenly turned quite eventful! As the structure quaked under the impacts which the merc knew had to be a large scale bombardment, but from where? From whom? Had the republic caught up with them? Thoughts for a later time. As he collected himself and began planning his course of action, the device he wore on his left arm came alive with the sound of an alert. It seems his concealed ship outside the enclave had nearly taken a hit. This wasn't good, not at all. If unhindered he would begin making his preparations to get to his ship. He couldn't stay here any longer.

Eron Wehr: Eron was one of the aforementioned sparring knights – though his form was a bit more distant and frustrated than usual, which only amplified the aforementioned frustrations – when it happened. "Auuuugh...what." Another BOOM. "Bringing a war to a bunch of old hermits? Seems we're not as useless as they're painting us..." But there was no time for crowing. And nobody to crow to. Only questions – namely, who was the rat?! And Janara – where was she?! Collect the squad. Obviously. Even as the cave shook, began to crumble, he darted off obediently to look and collect. More than an idle thought was also spared to the detained Sith...would she be collected, as well? Should he...?

[#] The entire enclave begins to collapse. Dirt, rock and fire blast about and tear everything apart. Anyone that doesn't hurry along in their scramble to escape is getting buried, sad to say. The onslaught just wasn't letting up. It was a torrential of empyrean fire & brimstone straight from low orbit. The only chance of survival was to escape into the desert. Like, time now.

Darth Renatus remains in the detainment facility... Yep..

Stark bolts into the detention facility, wet, hot and naked save for his pink towel! He winks to the Darth, "Worry not, lass, I've come for you!" He strikes the control panel and disables the force field, then forcefully grabs the woman by the hand and goes to pull her along behind him in full sprint, "Undulay, undulay!" He'd make for the exit.

Doren Everguard would be following everyone out....though would pause long enough to rip a robe that had been carelessly discarded-...Doren Stole it. Plan and simple. He pulled it on and through up the green hood before attempting to hide the fact that he was in mens cloths that were neither his, nor fashionable to say the least. All the while he would be glaring, balefully, at his environment all the way up the desert. "Bah. A desert planet. This doesn't help me either." he fumed, before looking up towards the incoming bolts of raw energy.

Janara Aldulli'd teeter with a certain blast, staggering backwards with arms waving about in the air before she'd fall in to step with the mass surge out of the cave. Feeling a little shell shocked she'd head outwards, getting a distinct reminder of the last time she was shot at with a large gun. These were understandably larger. All the way she'd look around for anyone she knew before shucking up close to them, feeling a little panicky.

Aedan Archer ran over to Cerise and Doren, tossing the one-eyed shadow a duffel bag full of his belongings that had been collected by the retrieval force that had rescued Doren from the horrible station he was imprisoned in. "Looks like the whole place is coming down! We have to get everyone out of here!" He said, stating the obvious above the blaring alarm. Punching in a few keys on his bracer, the alarm seized and soon his voice could be heard over the intercom. "Attention, we are under attack! Make your way to the exit in an organized but urgent fashion. Alpha squad, take accountability of the children and ensure they make it out safely. Delta squad, take defensive positions at the entrance and be prepared for an ambush. I am making my way there now." With that said, Aedan gave Cerise and Doren a nod and darted off for the entrance. Oh, he knew there would be a trap.. his entire body is tingling with danger sense.

Eron Wehr: WELL LOOK WHO IT WAS! The lanky Jedi was tearing through the cavern, saber hilt in one hand and ready. "Aaaaaand YES. Way out, must go faster!" Nearly breathless, sentences barked out in short pants, yet he found time and space to take Janara by the hand with a grim smile - "Keep up, expect a trap, stay close!"

Zeroga Mandrayer had indeed successfully made his way out of the enclave, hearing the structure collapse behind him. Slung rifle would be pulled into his right hand as he came out into the open. That was close, however this complicated things a bit. This was a huge tactical disadvantage, making sure to keep a low profile and dodging craters and incoming debris from explosions happening all around him, he would make his way to the valley between a pair of dunes that he had stashed his ship in. There were a few things that would need to be done before the ship could take off, and a risky situation this was indeed. He took a moment to look around for his would-be companions or if he was going to have to depart without them. Would departing even be possible in this bombardment?

Beldok Sekel woke from a trance, the force awakening him to danger as debris fell from the ceiling. He was instantly alert and on his feet. He always dressed with all of his belongings. Jedi should not have an abundance of personal affects. Falling debris was redirected with a push of the force as he moved through the facility. He came upon the detention area, fingers already flying over his arm-mounted datapad. Renatus' cell would power down. "We're leaving. You ride with me. Or you can stay here." He didn't bother checking his pheromones, they were in full natural production mode.  Beldok could feel Renatus in the force again, he knew she'd regained her powers. "You go in front, though." Beldok would give directions to Renatus if she chose to escape with the Jedi. Otherwise they'd have to have a duel in the middle of base destruction. "Let's get the Fark out of here."

Madam Cerise blurts to Doren, "Tatooine. Open medical area." As soon as they reached the main hall, she would beckon people forward. "Go, go, go! Get out now!" Two fingers were brought to her temple for dramatic effect as she would relay to Archer, "(I will make sure Arialle is safe. You get everyone else. If you have D's gear, get it.)" And it was gotten. And then there went Stark, obvious adjective here naked, with the lady. Madam was playing it close. She stayed in the hall as long as she foresaw viable, deflecting falling debris from hitting fleeing Jedi with the Force, all while sidestepping away from that which wanted to hit her pretty noggin. It was not likely there would be time to save them all, but she would grab the hand of someone delaying and then high tail it out of there best she could. Out into the wonderfully toasty desert, which may have more focused toastiness soon. A smooth electrum hilt was in her unoccupied hand.

Aayka Usama had been contemplating the decision of becoming a Jedi, as she watched the knights spar. Was it really a good idea getting involved with these people a good idea? She had thought it was the other night, but now....she wasn't sure. The other kids could be needing her help! Then the cave started to shake, and Aayka's attention snapped to the instructor of the sparring knights, listened for instructions, and just merged with the crowd, as a hand moved to the trusted pair of blades she kept on her person.

[#] The Jedi scramble out of the enclave in the nick of time. The orbital bombardment hits peak intensity, and the enclave is summarily reduced to a fiery, collapsed ruin behind everyone. The sheer shock wave of it was disorienting and deafening, and as everyone's senses would begin to come back to them, they'd realize an entire battalion of Republic troopers had amassed around them. Over a loudspeaker of some sort, an imperious, loud voice delivers a stern warning, "Fugitives of the Republic! Surrender now, or we will open fire!" There was no winning this fight, nope. Beyond the legion of troopers all around, the outlines of numerous starships were visible up above. Was this the end of the Jedi?

Stark sighs one of his trademark sighs and raises his hands above his head... which he'd previously been using to hold up his towel. Oops. And there goes the only thing covering up Stark's nude bod. He sheepishly smiles at the crowd of troopers in front of him, his dong just waving in the wind, and delivers a wink because eh, might as well die with dignity. "Howdy fellas. What brings ya'll here?"

Janara Aldulli happily latched on to Eron, clinging tightly with the sudden cloud of dust and the deafening explosion of the enclave succumbing to the strike and crashing to the ground. Coughing waving the dust and sand from her face she'd look forward to the waves of soldiers there, swallowing and sliding closer to Eron and a little behind. She'd slide her hand free from him, using his body to hide her pulling her lighstaber. As soon as Stark raised his hands she'd glance to the Jedi around her, wondering if they were going to surrender.

Aedan Archer was the first one to make it outside, or well tied for first with the mandalorian bounty hunter, only to have reinforcements in the form of delta squad. Upon reaching it outside, Aedan staggered momentarily at the size of the force that now stared him down with rifles pointing his way. Igniting his massive lightsaber and light shield simultaneously, Aedan positioned himself in the center and signaled for the delta squad to fall in line beside him, creating a wall for the Jedi to follow, even if their efforts were futile.

Doren Everguard shook his head, catching the duffel and slinging it over a shoulder to carry it on his back. There was no stash here on this barren planet. No escape ship or spare craft. Stumbling out of the entrance, and behind Aedan's wall, the man looked beyond towards the Battalion. D dropped his back, threw off his stolen hood, and started tearing into the bag furiously. Surrender? Never.

Darth Renatus was first released by anzati but was then approached by the illusive zeltron. A smile curled upon her lips as she silently gestured for the Jedi shadow to take the lead only for him to state otherwise. Renatus rolled her eyes and made her way out of the facility, channeling the force to hasten her speed and passing Jedi and younglings alike. The Dark Lady had no concern for the Jedi, though upon making her way outside, would welcome their numbers once she saw the true force of the republic. Eyes darkened as hands fell to her side. She began channeling the dark side of the force, subtle at first, but made the effort as a precaution in case the troopers decide to open fire. (1/*)

Zeroga Mandrayer had been met with the group of troopers upon his exit, bringing an abrupt end to his journey to his ship. Rifle still gripped tightly he would square off with the soldiers before him, all Mexican stand off like. He was assuming he was probably going to be guilty by association in this situation. He muttered under his breath "Never fails. Got to get away from the Jedi..." Zero wasn't about to surrender, he would hold his ground and begin trying to plan some sort of escape if that was even possible, looking for any opening he could exploit to get out of here. The Republic had no business with him, really. Or so that was his opinion of the matter...

Eron Wehr: Well, damn. Damn it all. He threw an arm in front of the young trainee reflexively, the fist yet clutching to the non-ignited hilt. The temptation to be A Dad and cover her eyes at Stark's shame (or lack thereof) was great – but she wasn't a youngling, and they all knew the guy and his antics by that point. Well. Eron had an antic or two up his own sleeves. Including baldfacedly speaking – and never letting go of the saber, even as the other hand raised in a mock gesture, even as he escorted his erstwhile charge behind Aedan. "Surrender! Well, this seems a bit out-of-balance, wouldn't you folks agree? I mean, what would you in the back do? How does it feel, knowing you're here for the sake of scenery?" Yet, even as he knew how little the words meant, how little they'd be focused on, he wasn't concentrating on them, anyway...[1/2]

Madam Cerise is one of the last to get out of the enclave. Her precognition kicks in and she wraps herself around behind the Jedi she brought out with her. They are both summarily thrown by the shock wave a dozen meters or so, landing in the sand with a poof and rolling a few more meters. With a groggy "ugh" she manages to prop herself on her knees and check on the status of her buddy. When the Republic makes their announcement, she frowns, shooting up into a defensive position with the lightsaber she had managed to keep a death grip on, cyan blade hissing into view. "Sheesh. No need to be so dramatic." Cerise notably made sure her back was to every other Jedi nearby, but she was a bit further away from them than would be tactically comfortable, especially if her escapee bud was out of it.

Madam Cerise holds her lightsaber in a horizontal stance, gathering focus and energy into herself in preparation for... a lot. (1/*)

Aayka Usama gulped after she had taken a look around, after reaching the outside of the cave, and really wished that she wasn't with the band of fugitives; now staring down the barrels of Republic rifles. She may have been in this position in another way, but that could've been years. Aayka sigh one of her own, as her hands moved to the knives, fingers curling around the hilts, as she watched the others, especially the troops. If a fight broke out, should she run for it? Aayka considered her options, before edging closer to one one of the Jedi, as she said, "Scuse me, I'm just going to hide behind you since you have one of those nifty sabers."

[#] "Fugitives! This is your last warning. If you do not disarm and surrender, you WILL die." For the sake of the younglings whom had escaped with the rest of the Jedi, was there truly any other option at hand? Were the Jedi really prepared to fight to their inevitable and inexorable deaths? The Republic troopers train their rifles on the fugitives. For every individual, there were at least fifteen Republic Troopers locked on, dialed in and ready to fire. But then something unusual happens. Back among all the Jedi, something begins to beep. The beeping intensifies. It's coming from the Darth – more specifically, from her amulet... Growing louder and louder, such that even the Republic Troopers were beginning to take notice...

Stark, as he hopes in vain that the suicidal actions of his colleagues behind him doesn't get him shot, strains to continue his sheepish, coy grin. "Hands up, don't shoot?" Dammit. They were all gonna die. "Could you at least aim for the chest? Like to keep my face pretty for any o'them female scavengers that might show up to pick our corpses." ;-) And mon dieu, what was up with all that beeping? Stark winces as his hyper attuned senses become overwhelmed by it.

Aedan Archer gritted his teeth, his eyes scanning the battlefield and weighing the odds. There was truly no way that they could get out of here and while fighting might have been the more honorable thing, especially after what he had heard about the republic's experimentation, he considered the well-beings of the children behind him. Gaze lingered on the young twi'lek, the one that resembled Janara if not a few years younger. After several moments of contemplating, Aedan deactivated the lightsaber and lightshield. Resting the hilt between his thumb and index finger, he gestured both of his hands out in surrender. Hoping that others might fo-... Ear twitched at the faint beeping that only grew louder, drawing his gaze to the sith.

Zeroga Mandrayer had soon settled on the fact that there were simply too many bodies in play to make a clean escape. He had momentarily considered using a grenade, but would probably be taken down in the process of throwing it. His armor was good but it's not invincible. Drat. Zero made no movements to surrender, if this came down to a battle he would fight to his death and die honorably. He had taken note of the noise coming from the Jedi group upon seeing some of the soldiers in front of him turn their attention towards it source. He wasn't particularly concerned with what it was or where it was coming from, just that it was distracting some of the troopers. He would hold his ground and wait for events to unfold, perhaps this would create an opportunity.

Darth Renatus allowed the anger to wash over her and felt empowered as a result. Before the events that had transpired as the Jedi's prisoner, Renatus' drew upon despair and anguish of her past as her weapon, but the power that came from the raw hatred of anger was far more intense, if not harder to sustain inside her body. She felt like her flesh was on fire, that her body was simply unable to contain the erratic energy of the dark side as it continued to flourish and grow within. Then there was the beeping. Brows loft in confusion and she peered down, noting a red dot upon the gold choker around her neck. At first she thought this might have been a bomb, but after seeing the reaction from some of the troopers she dismissed the idea. Nonetheless, Renatus made for removing the choker, her concentration now faltering as a result. (2/*)

Janara Aldulli's gaze turned over to the tall giant as he seemed to consider their options before the light of his blade turned off. A tinge of blue brought her gaze over farther for a moment, and of all times feeling like she should be over there. But she didn't want to draw the eye of the soldiers, nor set them off for some reason. The beeping drew her eye over towards the back, catching a glimpse of blonde hair. Oh, the sith was back there. Moving slowly she'd hide completely behind Eron, swallowing and trying to breathe to remain calm.

Madam Cerise's frown deepens and she closes her eyes. She shuts off her lightsaber and drops it on the ground. Her face gloom’s over a bit and she waits for what will happen next. When the beeping starts, her head perks up and she looks over her shoulder at Arialle with a brow raised, then a smile when her thoughts put possibilities together. "Oh, sweetie, that's adorable." Cerise runs a finger down the tree design on her dress. "You magnificent beast." She mutters to herself. Hands still at her sides, she uses the hope, false or no, to empower herself more. (2/*)

Doren Everguard had quickly strapped on his blaster vest, decorated his body with an assortment of weapons, before throwing on that robe again. Standing, he rotated his arms and looked left and right once more. The Jedi were not going to fight? That was fine. There were not that many to begin with, let them surrender. Let them find out what happens. Doren was going to have to be slain, that was all there was too it. Hearing the beeping from the Sith, the Jedi Shadow snorted in contempt, "That was YOU aboard the station." D accused in a casual fashion, tasting her through the Force. She could feel that seething thumping in his brain, marking him as the one behind the doors. It was ebbing, but it was still there. "Are we fighting together then?"

Aayka Usama waited still, as the troopers repeated their orders, her head turning to the group of fugitives to figure out what they were doing. When she heard the deactivation of one, and the hands being raised, her own hands loosened, and then lifted into the air. From behind her lightsaber equipped meat shield, brown eyes were drawn to the source of the beeping, scanning the woman, before gauging the troopers' reactions.

[#] Madam Cerise rolls 1d20 If the doctor made it out... & gets 20.

Eron Wehr: "Oh, stuff it, Stark, you know they'd fry it anyway. Too much competition, they couldn't stand it!" Well, now he was just babbling! "That would probably be a good idea, friend," he'd added as a far more serious aside to the other young Twi'lek (only some slight irony in that he didn't quite remember her name!), and with a quick flip of his head, he gestured for her to do exactly that – if she hadn't already! And then the beeping started "Oh, HELL. WOMAN," - he'd pointedly refused to use her name or title during her capture, in a weird spiteful move more suited to her own kind and faction, the dissonance not entirely lost on him – he'd begun a snarl that was abruptly strangled – as strangled as the attempt at the Force flash had been at the noise. Though, he'd noted, she'd seemed about as puzzled about the noise as the rest of them had been. New resolution: observe the Sith woman, and don't cut the fool thing – and her head – clean from her neck for this, damn, though the temptation certainly was great...

Beldok Sekel Ran out amidst the other Jedi to stand between Doren and Renatus. Beldok instinctively reached out with the force to divine the numbers of republic troops. Some could be whisked away quickly, but so would all of the Jedi. They needed a miracle, maybe Beldok could provide one. He hoped the Force had a different plan, but he subtly activated the Beckon Call as he raised his hands to shoulder level. It was hardly a disadvantage for Beldok, but if it made them feel safer in the moment, then so be it. His ship would be powering up and homing in soon. "Glad to see you up and about Friend. I'm with you D. Never give up. Never surrender."

[#] All of the sudden, explosions lights up the sky. The armada of Republic warships begin to erupt and explode in a grand cacophony of fire. And then, like countless asteroids, the ships all teeter and start to rain down in a torrential, colossal downpour of fire and steel. Ravaged, destroyed starships were dropping from the sky like flies – and behind them – imperious, sinister and legion – was something of far greater number and far greater threat. A larger, more advanced fleet whose like and whose equal hadn't been seen in centuries. It was the Empire, returned and in full force. The Republic Troopers look to the skies in a panic, distraught and caught unawares. Sith Fighters swoop down and begin to bomb and obliterate the Republic ground troops, seeding the battlefield with chaos and confusion. This was it. This was the opening the Jedi needed to strike.

Doren Everguard pulled thermal detonators from his robes, and hurled them at the Troops to the right, priming them for contact detonation even as they left his hands. No force powers. No tricks. Even as they started to sore, the Jedi Shadow pulled palm-sized sabers from their hiding places, and ignited deep red crimson beams as he dashed passed Renatus. And they would feel the calm. The nothing. Doren's mind was focus and sharp now. And his one eyed gaze narrowed on the Troops opposite of where he threw the detonators.

Stark sighs, "Out of the frying pan, into the fire." He levels his arm with the troopers still left standing in front of him... those poor, disoriented souls that'd survived the first of the continuous Sith bombing runs, and summons and directs the force towards them as a powerful Force Push/Hurl/whatever. The Troopers would fly back and topple like bowling pins, as Stark calls back to the others. In spite of all the bombs, explosions and fire, his voice manages to pierce the din, "They're not firing on us! They must have come for the Sith! Protect her – she's our only bargaining chip!"

Madam Cerise spent the next precious few seconds making sure her companion was safe. To that end, she reactivated her lightsaber and used her spare hand to telekinetically slide her KO buddy, with her in front of him, over towards delta squad or whoever Archer had assigned to form a perimeter. In the moment, she kept her eyes closed, trusting completely in the Force – so long as nothing had cut it off. She had not yet noticed any TITAN markings on troopers like they had on Veri. Her concentration was split to a fine degree, keeping track of defending herself and her companion almost exclusively to a very fine point. (3/3 – Center of Being)

Beldok Sekel fueled himself with the Force as the first blast shook the republic lines. He was a blur of red and a flash of pink light. He'd summoned his double-bladed saber to bare, separated into two, both sabers flashed around the Zeltron as he danced. Leaping to the flank smacking back blaster bolts and dispatching republic troops trying to exploit a weak side. Most of the troops may now be preoccupied with the Sith forces, but he knew those close by would still be in the fight. A distant dot on the horizon, dust cloud billowing up. Crimson Exile was coming in low.

Darth Renatus peered over at Doren as she was addressed, suddenly recognizing his presence through the force.... only now there was seething hatred coursing through him. She could feel his effort in containing it and decided that she may need to prod on his resolve at a later point. The explosion diverted her attention to the sky and a grin formed upon seeing the familiar fleet come into view. As if following Doren's example, the Dark Lady of the Sith gestured her hands out and released a large sphere of destructive energy in front. Those who were in her path would find it wise to move as the sphere made its way through the mob of soldiers, obliterating them from existence and traveling countless meters out (3/3 – Odojinya)

Aedan Archer took the distraction as an opportunity to exploit and ignited his dual weapons once more. Calling upon the force, the tank charged forth with a growl and slammed into a group of troopers in front. His blade waved about, utilizing sequences of makashi to strike through foe after foe as he slammed the shield into other troopers, searing armor or flesh that dared tough the plasma surface of the shield. His senses were on high alert, maneuvering his blade to deflect or redirect blaster bolts fired his way as he did his best to pave a way for other Jedi to follow.

Zeroga Mandrayer finally had the opening he was waiting for when the sith bombardment started. Rifle would come to shoulder and being firing at the closest targets which could pose him a threat as he began to move, not particularly hoping they fall, but at least keep them subdued until he was clear. He wasn't going to waste precious time here and end up having to fight another army, because that's exactly what was about to happen. His business here was long done and this was getting tiresome. Unless he was met with resistance, he would begin advancing towards his ship again, with no particular concern if anyone followed or not.

[#] The constant bombing/strafing runs prevent anyone from departing to their ships – and similarly keep any other ships from getting too close, lest they be shot down.

Eron Wehr: Stark's Force Push was echoed by Eron's own, hurled a heavy wave at another segment of distracted troopers, and with a quick "follow or hide" to the young woman close by, he charged right into the weakened spots of those close by as the saber finally ignited, even as he slashed and snarled with the blade with all of the hurt, anger and simmering /fury/ he'd had in reserve. Though he'd kept his head enough to attempt concentration, to deflect blaster bolts if they'd flown to any padawans or other such young ones...worth it to try again. If they were going to go, why not storm the castle on the way out! (1/2 AGAIN!)

Janara Aldulli'd look to the skies, gasping and breathing "Death..." Shaking her head she looked to the crowds in front of them and their own confusion, and then more explosions. The grip of her saber dug in to her hand, cutting through the dazed-like stupor she had entered in and getting a grip on herself. Shaking her head she'd turn her lightsaber on, but didn't move forward with the rest. Instead she moved over to prevent whatever fire from reaching the group of younglings. Her eyes fixed on Aayka for a moment, confusion hitting her for a moment before she shoved the feeling away. Later! Turning to face the soldiers she held her saber at the ready, paying attention but surprisingly calm. Seemed to shine under action.

Aayka Usama was amused at the back and forth that two of the Jedi had with each other, before her gaze lifted to the sky, her brown eyes widened when she saw the ships explode. This seemed to disorient the army that had surrounded them, and her fellow fugitives seemed to have started to use this as their opportunity. So Aayka figured she should do something as well, though momentarily frozen when she noticed the other Twi'lek looking her way. She shook her head, before she ducked herself low, and started to run for dropped rifle, if any were in position to be nabbed. Girl had to have some way to defend herself!

[#] The combined efforts of the Jedi drive away and repel the Republic Troopers. So do the Sith strafing runs, for that matter. Bombs explode hither and hither across the desert. Scorched, burning bodies litters the sand in every direction for what seems like miles. So many lives lost. The Force itself was screaming out in agony, and the Jedi would feel it... as well as the Sith. After a while, it all begins to settle down – the ground troopers either dead or on the run – and the Republic Fleet all but destroyed. Imperial drop ships descend through the smoke and land all around the battlefield, giving way to an outpouring of Imperial troops that swarm the area in a manner not unlike the Republic Troops had before. But these troopers were different. Disciplined, polished and ominous for sure – but not overtly hostile, and none had taken to aiming their weapons at the Jedi. Rather, they merely appeared to be forming up... And then a much larger, more elaborate drop ship descends...

Janara Aldulli had worked diligently to keep the younger crowd safe, being as she knew she'd be more in the way if she was to try and keep up with the others at the moment. As soon as it was certain that the republic was on the run she'd exhale slowly, letting the blade of her saber cut off. The new crowd was ominous just as much as the other one, only in a different way. At the moment she'd rather focus on them instead of the pain in the force right now: so much pain. Looking around she'd try to see if anyone was injured, intent on helping.

Doren Everguard would not have cut his way through the ranks too deeply. Once the Republic Soldiers were broken, Doren turned from them, disengaging the lightsabers and stuffing them back where they belonged. Marching back to his duffel, he slung it over his shoulder, and turned to regard the Enclave. He ignored the rest of the fighting. Ignored the incoming soldiers, regardless of whom they were. Instead he stared at the Enclave, and kept to himself. Doren was either unimpressed by the rescue; or indifferent. Essentially, his normally reaction to everything.

Madam Cerise is hot and sweaty. Seeing that things were calming down, relatively speaking, she immediately turns around and tends to her companion she had been defending the whole time. She had managed to prevent a scratch on either one of them, aside from the explosive exit from earlier. As she tended to the unconscious Jedi, she felt out for those who were still alive but out of commission, and began to indicate to others who to help. "Janara, over there." She would point at someone with a blaster wound who was still conscious, but definitely down. Nothing super terrible, as Cerise had doubts the Twi'lek was that well-trained. Those would be indicated to other Jedi Cerise knew had that experience.
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Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire   Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire Icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2016 4:05 pm

Darth Renatus was satisfied to see the outcome of their predicament change. Upon releasing her initial blast of sith sorcery, Renatus followed with wave after wave of force attacks; sparks of electricity lit from her fingers, electrocuting soldiers to her left, despite the hideous burns upon her hands as a result of the force blast. After the lightning came tendrils of yellow energy that arced in the air, lighting up a group of troopers and siphoning essence from them, rejuvenating the sith though pain from her infliction remained. Finally, the troopers were down and things were finally settling. As imperial forces formed all around them, the sith would be the only of the group that seemed unthreatened by the overwhelming numbers. Instead, her cruel grin widened from ear to ear, creating a nightmarish image despite her... abnormally pink attire.

Zeroga Mandrayer stood amidst the outcome of the chaos, armor covered in sand, dust, and soot alike. Breathing methodical and heavy he surveyed the area as the troops seemed to all be dead or on retreat. Fate was surely with him this day, or was it? As the Empire troops landed and formed up he began to wonder if this was actually a victory. "Great..." he muttered to himself. His two main areas of focus here would be surviving, and making it to his ship if it were to become possible. Attention turned to the final ship as it descended. He wasn't opposed to having to fight his way out but it would sure be swell if he didn't have to.

Madam Cerise notes Renatus' expression: "Dude, that turns me on a little." She shakes her head and returns to tending, looking worried.

Stark recovers his towel from the sand and wraps it back around his waist. Wouldn't wanna be waving his dong around in front of the new guests, or anything. True to form, he sighs. Again. Dammit, his clothes, saber and everything were back in that enclave. Why did he just always have to be nude? Bah. You'd think his player would've thought this through better, being the DM and all, right? Man, what an A-hole. At any rate, Stark just sorta stands there as the droves of Imperial troopers form up all around them. For the first time in a long while, Stark didn't have anything to say. This was a most... befuddling development.

Janara Aldulli'd go where Cerise noted to help – blaster wounds was something she was definitely familiar with. Quickly she'd get to work, glancing over her shoulder to Cerise and calling out "Cerise, keep your pants on." It was a horrible attempt at humor, her hands were stopping to shake with the adrenaline. She'd get better, it wasn't quite as bad as last time.

Beldok Sekel knew in an instant that this must be what Renatus had been hiding this whole time. Even if it wasn't the answer he was looking for. As the Republic had been defeated and the fighting died down, Beldok keyed the Beckon Call, placing the Crimson Exile into a hold position. Lightsaber was reconnected into a double and held at ready position. He held the line with the rest of the Jedi as the Empire formed up. They didn't seem aggressive, but they had to be ready. He made a note to get the Beckon Call altered with an Alpha Strike option.

Eron Wehr: The Republic was gone, but the Empire advanced; the captive Sith in her element as she'd zapped and blasted about. He stayed put, tensely didn't sheath the lightsaber even as the tides appeared to change. "What do they say about the enemy of my enemy, now?"

Aayka Usama slowly returned to the youngling group, when the rifle was in hand, right tightly gripping the handle, and left under the belly of the weapon. Finger pulled the trigger, each time she reset her aim on a trooper, 'til the battle was over. Aaya's head swerved left, then right, before she eyed the new force that was bearing down on them. She turned to Jedi for instructions, as the rifle was hung on her shoulder, going to help in any way she could, but trying to keep close to the other twi'lek. Cause, the blue people gotta stick together, right?

Beldok Sekel knew in an instant that this must be what Renatus had been hiding this whole time. Even if it wasn't the answer he was looking for. As the Republic had been defeated and the fighting died down, Beldok keyed the Beckon Call, placing the Crimson Exile into a hold position. Lightsaber was reconnected into a double and held at ready position. He held the line with the rest of the Jedi as the Empire formed up. They didn't seem aggressive, but they had to be ready. He made a note to get the Beckon Call altered with an Alpha Strike option.

Eron Wehr: "The Republic was gone, but the Empire advanced; the captive Sith in her element as she'd zapped and blasted about. He stayed put, tensely didn't sheath the lightsaber even as the tides appeared to change. "What do they say about the enemy of my enemy, now?" "

[#] The larger, more ominous of all the drop ships lands – its wings unfurling in an eerie, monstrous way almost akin to those of a bat or a great, regal dragon. As it touches down in the sands, a sleek, black ramp slides out and a coterie of elite, red clad guardsmen armed with pikes stalk out and establish a perimeter. Then emerges an enormous, cloaked figure. Ten foot tall and dressed entirely in black, with a face of pure white and absent of any facial features whatsoever. He is flanked by two, powerful Sith. Together, they approach the Jedi survivors, and then the Voice speaks, "Jedi. You have survived a terrible ordeal. It is fortunate that we could arrive in time to prevent any more..." The Voice gestures towards the sea of corpses, "Unnecessary deaths." He pauses, "I am the Voice of the Emperor – His will made manifest, His power embodied, and His thoughts made corporal. Together, we are the Empire. Risen again from the ashes and made whole. We come in peace." In the distance, Imperial fighters can be seen and heard conducting bombing runs and mopping up the Republic stragglers that were trying to flee...

Madam Cerise let out a weak smile at Janara's retort. When the emperor's main crew arrives and makes their statement, her heart sinks. She takes a deep breath to refocus herself and maintain composure. Looks like the near future was not going to get any easier to deal with. She mutters to herself, "I'm Cerise, and I don't believe you." Her eyes lock on Archer and Beldok briefly, and continues to help with other fallen Jedi.

Janara Aldulli slowly lifted her gaze up towards the ship, looking confused and a little uncertain. She'd finish up her patching job and rise to her feet, giving the 'Team Blue' member a glance and a nod of her head before turning back once more to the tall, strange being. The lack of face made her a little uncertain, shifting from foot to foot.

Doren Everguard turned towards the Voice, and then studied the soldiers. "Peace?" he asked, more out of attracting attention to him then anything. Doren picked over the bodies, moving towards the fore. "Come in peace? The Empire?" Sarcasm, emotion. D's logical mind was now struggling. Doren cracked his neck, and took hold of an ornate saber that jostled at his hip. There was no power, but Doren toyed with it, and he relaxed. He glanced at Cerise, then back towards this Voice. "I am D. Neither do I. But your 'peace' is a preference to anything dealing with TITAN." Doren looked down at a Republic Soldier, dead at his feet. "But if you are a practitioner at all you will call off your bombers, allow what few to live, live."

Zeroga Mandrayer would just idly watch these events, he had no dog in this fight between the two factions of the force, although he wasn't particularly fond of the Sith. He may even sneak off and start heading towards his ship if no one noticed...

Eron Wehr: Bullshitting with soldiers was one thing, and simple (and satisfying) enough. Bullshitting with this freaky thing was another thing entirely, and if its – his? - word was to be believed (and not bullshitting, itself, though who could tell without any eyes to read?), was not only pointless but foolish. He remained silent, waiting to see what their next move was.

Beldok Sekel raised a brow. The Dark Side come in peace? This was new. Still, never look a gift horse in the mouth. He stepped forward lightsaber in hand, deactivated at this point. He crossed his arms at his back. "I am Beldok Sekel. We thank you for your assistance and We accept your peace." Better to humor them for the moment. He gave sidelong glances at the other Jedi, gauging their reactions. Then placed a hand on Doren's shoulder. He agreed with D, "Please, Place your army at ease. We would like to ready our ships and leave this place."

Tang Darech had his hood up, hiding his face from the twin sun's glare. It did not stop him from slowly moving his gaze over the crowd, reaching through the force. Each mind he'd touch would be promptly ignored, hunting through until he found her. Exhaling with relief he'd murmur "Well done, Wokun. I owe you a drink." Pulling back he'd idly listen to the murmurings and declarations of unbelief, sneering. Of course they would. Barely shifting he'd take in to account the small bundle he had over one shoulder, watching the crowd of uneasy Jedi. Beldok's declaration was something of a revelation, but he would still wait for Renatus to step forward before moving himself. No need to stir up the crowd.

Victor Suoi descended from the Imperial ship just behind The Voice, his expression calm, unaffected by the scene before him. It may even seem to some onlookers he rather enjoyed it. His movements were fluid and elegant, the mantle which draped his form flowing in his wake. He would eye each one of the Jedi before them as The Voice addressed them, his cold gaze peering out from behind locks of his white hair. Catching sight of Renatus, he thought her attire to be slightly disgraceful, but made no outward indication of this. He would merely serve his purpose for the moment, only speaking if spoken to.

Aayka Usama froze, when the imperials were close, and the figures had come out of the ship. The other member of Blue was eyed, before she tilted her head. Was bombing the losers of a battle peaceful? The fellow that had spoken words that were similar to her thoughts, called her gaze to him, and she looked him over, before she placed a hand on her new weapon, hanging at her side, as the sith were each regarded.

The Voice speaks without directly acknowledging events around him, as if he existed outside of space and time... as if he was a vessel that wasn't entirely attuned with the real world. In spite of that, immense power radiated from him like a sun. "You were discovered by the Jedi, once. I don't think they will hesitate to destroy an entire planet to annihilate you, the next time. To leave now – on your own – is the path to your ruin and destruction. Only together – with the might of the Empire at your backs – can you hope to overcome this new, Republic menace. And together, we can usher in a new era of order and peace. Let us bear down upon this galaxy with a war to end all wars, that peace may reign eternal forevermore. You are afraid of the Republic and their technological developments against your kind. Join the Empire and fear no more. Let us turn over a new leaf. And when this war is over, you may walk away and find new roles in the galaxy."

Darth Renatus stood in the background for some time, observing the Jedi’s reaction with mild amusement. Her positioning was preemptive, providing an option to flank the Jedi should they find the need to arise. However, because most of the Jedi appear to accept the voice's talk of peace, Renatus found that it was unnecessary and decided to step forth from the crowd. A little ashamed by her attire, Renatus maintained a confident, if not imposing persona as she pushed through a pair of Jedi and approached the massive vessel. Lowering herself onto one knee, she dipped her head and bowed. "Your majesty, you honor me with your presence. " Of course she knew that this was not the emperor in his true form. Keeping her head low, she would not notice the pair the flanked the vessel.

Stark snarls, not liking this one bit. Then again... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. At any rate, he wasn't in much of a position to do anything. Besides, he much preferred to keep quiet, all back of the bus like, and let things play out on their own. He'd follow the lead of the other Jedi, and see where things went. This night had become very interesting. He sniffs the air... ah, yes. The aroma of death. It was intoxicating to his Anzati senses... almost enough to overtake his Jedi bearings, but Stark was strong and certain of his training. He perishes the thought, then speaks aloud, "I've seen Imperial dealings firsthand. You don't ally yourself with others. You use them. Use everyone. And when you're done using folks, you discard them."

Aedan Archer stood beside Beldok, his blade and light shield now deactivate, though hilt was still in his grasp. While the rest seemed to accept peace as an offer, Aedan was not fooled by the man's claim and couldn't help but suspect an ulterior motive. Despite this, Aedan's opinion was kept to himself and he took to listening to the conversation in silence. When Renatus slipped past the crowd and kneeled before the emperor, his face contorted to one of shock, as if putting pieces together. The girl that was in their possession was NOT straggler from the defeated galactic empire, but an agent of this hidden empire?

Eron Wehr: "They're afraid." It was low, not meant for the Voice or his lackeys. "Like the Republic is. That has to be it, what this is. There's nothing in it for them save numbers. What use do they have for balance, for what we have to offer?"

Madam Cerise felt someone touching minds, something she was highly familiar with doing herself with her training in telepathy. She stood up from tending someone and growled. "Someone is touching our thoughts..." It did not make her feel any more trustful of their saviors. Her narrowed eyes danced between the new dark-fashionistas as they made their appearance. There was no indication she had narrowed down who was doing it. As for Renatus' bow, Cerise couldn't help but giggle snort when she saw those BOOTY shorts paying homage.

Janara Aldulli'd motion for the fellow twi'lek, moving to fall in to step a little bit behind the tall wall Aedan provided. Using him she'd lean out a little around him to get a closer look at the three there. Her gaze darted to follow after Rena as she walked past and bowed, lifting a raised eyebrow. Still she glanced back to Eron, breathing to him "Without them we would be dead right now. Or worse." Her gaze darted to wherever D was before turning back towards the view in front.

Beldok Sekel hesitated to answer. There would be a cost, possibly too high to pay if they went with the Sith. The Republic could also find them again when they moved on. They didn't have the ships or forces to fight any battle with those kinds of forces. They would have to revert to subterfuge. His specialty. He was glad too that Doren was back in action, raising the number of Shadows. "What do you propose?" Beldok had to ask the price to be paid. At least to hear what they say. I think the Jedi only have two maybe three ships available. Perhaps it would be prudent to go with them a while. Get some inside information on the enemy.

Doren Everguard tilted his head to the side, and said absolutely nothing. D would not join the Empire. Nor was he interested in wiping out the Republic. However he needed a ship. Any ship. He needed to go home, if not for a little while. To plan. To find where TITAN originated. And Kill it. "No." was his answer. It was short and too the point. He turned slightly, looking over the survivors. To many to take home with him, but there were other options. Doren had been operating for a very, very long time, and there was much in his collection he could take out and pass on. He just needed to get where those toys were. "Though I take it the nearest star port has been bombed into the desert floor."

Tang Darech kept himself still as he faced the crowd, tracking Renatus' movement with a skilled eye. The growl from Cerise prompted merely a smile to his lips – smart girl. Still he'd pull back a little more, making his touch only faint in comparison to earlier. As soon as the pink woman bowed down he'd tug free some of the fabric on his arm, snapping it out to rest over her shoulders and hide her from the sun. Never mind hide away those rather interesting choice of clothes. Stepping back once he was done he'd return his gaze to watching the crowd, breathing evenly. Tasting the emotions in the force and on their minds.

The Voice reaches out with a long, sinewy arm and cups Darth Renatus' chin in a large, three-fingered hand, "Rise, my Left Hand. You have served me well." ...Was her capture an elaborate ruse, all along? Had this consortium between the Empire and the Jedi been a part of the Emperor’s master scheme? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps it was mere, fortuitous happenstance and luck that the Empire was able to respond to Darth Renatus' distress beacon and, in doing so, save the Jedi in the process. He continues, his voice akin to a terrible, serpentine hiss, "We do not wish to intercede in your Jedi beliefs. You will be free to live by your own code. Free range of the Imperial home planet and Sith Citadel shall be granted to you. We wish merely an alliance of convenience until the Republic is defeated and the Empire has reclaimed its rightful role as custodians of the galaxy." The Voice then says, in a more stern manner, "We leave soon. Decide now."

Victor Suoi continued to monitor the Jedi, especially with Lady Renatus in her kneeling position. As a business man, he already knew coming into this that the negotiations would be rather one sided. The Empire realistically held all the cards here. A position which he found most enjoyable and favorable. Victor would move his left hand to rest on the hilt of the sword at his side as he continued to watch the Jedi. Some of them seemed resistant, and he wanted to be ready to act if needed.

Beldok Sekel spoke up. "It seems we are divided on our course of action..." Beldok's gaze snapped up and followed strings in the force. One such string lead back to Tang. No direct action was taken at the probing, but he would be met only with a blank slate. "Allow us a moment to discuss amongst ourselves." Beldok would motion for a huddle. He'd at least speak to Doren and Cerise. "We can't keep running. The Force has brought us to this path. We must take advantage of it."

Darth Renatus rose as commanded and accepted the cloak Tang had extended out to her. Without hesitation, she draped the dark garment over her shoulders, concealing the pink atrocity from view as she moved to position herself at the voice's left, glaring at Tang as a silent indicator that he should move. Once obeyed, because she knew he would obey, the Dark Lady gazed out into the crowd, studying them with dark calculating eyes. Renatus' knew the emperor's game and did nothing to reveal any of the cards, leaving the event surrounding her coming into Jedi custody a mystery. Though as she stood side-by-side among brethren, those in tuned with the Dark Lady would be able to sense a slight difference in her aura. Subtle, barely noticeable, but different.

Madam Cerise huffs and closes her eyes, taking another deep breath. Focus was one thing, focus in such a tense situation was another. She started to picture things that prompted positive emotions. Hugs. Playing innocent pranks. Scaring the crap out of Bek with on-the-spot speeder training. A pat on the head from a Wookiee. The news of – no, that was not happy. Her arms crossed tightly across her chest and she sighed. Cerise walks up to the Voice and gives him a half-assed curtsy, her expression still sour. "Help us with our wounded, please. We have nothing much to give them." Then she walks up to the huddle and leans in, but doesn't say anything, keeping her expression remarkably blank.

Aedan Archer joined the circle, easily being the tallest of the group as he towered over the rest with armored arms folded over his chest, hand still gripping the massive hilt. "Indeed, we have very few options ahead of us. My biggest concern is for our children. The younglings are not trained to comprehend and resist the dark side's temptation and I fear that if we go with the sith, we put our young in great danger." Aedan said, his gaze focused on the ground while in deep thought. "But the sith can provide us with a sanctuary for the time being. It could allow us to reestablish our order and properly instruct the younglings. I say we do not have much of a choice here."

Janara Aldulli didn't want to be left exposed with the sudden lack of Aedan's broad back to hide behind, but she wasn't going to leave the group without any warning. Standing and facing the group she'd give a slow swallow – she did not like what she was staring down, a great big gathering of Nope. Nope nope. All it did was remind her of all the horrible places of her youth, and how she never wanted to go back. Instead she breathed, remembering the lessons. Breathe.

Eron Wehr: The huddle; Eron's lanky form already dwarfed by Aedan's. "Perhaps we are meant to defend the Force, itself...it being so actively preyed upon." Aedan himself weighed in, and Eron sighed. It seemed he was actively mustering up the words, then thought better of it. "The younglings and padawans are in danger there, but I would rather them sheltered than a cave crashing down upon her heads. Here, if our gracious hosts" - a snide tone crept in, in spite of himself - "are true to their word, we will at least remain and can facilitate their training."

Tang Darech pulled back as soon as he was stared down, chuckling gently and giving a soft "Whoops" that he doubted anyone else could hear. He was out of practice dealing with more than just force sensitives, it seemed. Still, what he had garnered from the crowd was food for thought. He'd be a little confused at Renatus's glare, smoothly stepping back and to the side where he rightfully belonged – in her shadow. He could feel the change in the woman, but now wasn't the time. Instead he'd breath to her "Your place is still firm and strong, my lady." There were many that had to have met some untimely accidents, but such was the reality of the ambitious.

Stark regards the huddle with lazily lidded eyes. His demeanor had become a shade more pensive than usual, although his nude body wasn't doing much to establish the effect. At any rate, while the others discuss what to do, Stark finds himself sizing up the coterie of Sith from the drop ship... taking their measure. He notes the Voice's familiarity with the former captive... ah, the plot thickens. Larger events were in play here than were being let on. The only way to root out the truth of it all would be to play along, for the time being. Stark looks to the others, "I'm in. There is only one path forwards."

Aayka Usama remained silent as the lamb, as the adults talked, noticing the motion of the other blue person, and joining the girl behind the big fellow, peeking around at the saviors. She rather liked the like-minded man's answer of not working with the possibly underhanded empire, but then, she was about to be killed by the Republic for association. When the big guy joined the huddle, she felt exposed, as she looked to the other Twi'lek, and took a sidestep toward her, moving her hand to try to hold Janara's hand, to strengthen herself in the exposure, as they waited for the adults to finish discussing.

Victor Suoi hadn't moved much from his last actions, aside from a bow of the head to Lady Renatus as she advanced and took her place in the ranks of the Sith. He had taken note that she had seemed slightly different however, but not enough to concern him.

Doren Everguard frowned slightly, "I am only interested in seeing the TITAN purged. I would report to the Council but the only active representative is held somewhere, yes?" Doren shifted slightly, looking amongst them. "I cannot serve two masters nor will I. But I will not tolerate the existence of TITAN. You go where you will, and I will follow, but I will not swear fealty, nor will I be made a prisoner again after this being the result of someone's last assurance." Doren pointed to his face, bitter and venting; again.

[#] An Imperial officer issues a command to his troops, and a platoon of men converge upon the wounded to provide aid. As they do so, the Voice delivers his closing words, "We must leave. The Republic cannot be allowed to learn of these events. Jedi, come aboard my ship and find sanctuary. Your wounded will be rescued, your Order will survive and you will live to strike vengeance upon the Republic." The Voice turns, "...If you stay, you become enemies of the Empire." The Voice walks back into his grand drop ship. The message was clear. And the option was translucent. Either find join the Sith and find sanctuary on Dromund Kaas, or be obliterated by the combined power of the Imperial military. Choose.

Darth Renatus, no longer concerned with Jedi affairs, retreated to the Voice's ship where she can finally get some much needed rest away from the Jedi. Though part of her did wish the Jedi opposed the offer of peace, she wouldn't mind seeing them destroyed.

Madam Cerise gave an affirmative nod to Doren's sayings, but nothing else. When the Voice gives his ultimatum, she flings her arms up into the air, then face-palms. "Sound logic. Not prisoners at all!" She exclaims, then goes to make sure the wounded were properly taken care off, abandoning the huddle. Her hand cups her mouth and she yells after Renatus before she's on board, "And I want my booty shorts back, Arialle!" Unless someone else decided to make a fuss, she would eventually get onto the ship, cross her arms, and pout a lot before dozing off.

Beldok Sekel stared into Doren's eye. "Nor will I be held. My fealty is to the Force always. We cannot rescue Wilow if we're constantly on the run from the Republic. We need a reprieve and these are more than capable of fending off the Republic. We will use this to our advantage." Beldok stood, breaking the huddle. "We will come with you." For now. Beldok began forming up the Jedi, assigning a small group of younglings to each Knight and Master as they went. They had to stick together. He leaned into Doren's ear. "I have Crimson Exile on standby. I want you to meet me there after we get where we're going." He was speaking of his ship, flying out on the horizon. Crimson Exile was slaved to the Beckon Call to the span of an entire planet. Once he boarded a ship it would follow him anywhere.

Stark realizes the futility of resistance, and as such he stalks along without a word of rebellion. Right on up and into the Imperial drop ship. There was a web of schemes, here – and this Emperor was far from the good natured sort. Peace by war? Like hell. But the only way to get to the bottom of it all was to play along...

Madam Cerise has dibs on keeping watch over the blue man group.

Janara Aldulli'd easily take the hand of the girl beside her, giving a soothing squeeze before looking to down her with a confused look. The force was screaming all sorts of things at her, but she'd have to wait to address it. All she'd say right now to her is "Stick close, alright?" Keeping a steady grip she'd try what Aedan had done to her what felt like months ago already. Using the force she'd give out an aura of calm, even if she wasn't exactly feeling that way. Aayka would hopefully soothed at least a little bit. Then the mountain was back, she looking visibly relieved. At his words she'd nod her head silently, and then follow inside.

Aayka Usama was alarmed at the words, making the adults' huddle futile. She didn't like this at all. But she would do as she was told. She would stick close to the girl, feeling a bit calmer now, for some reason. When the big guy knelt in front of them, he stared at him, before nodding her head. Things changed all the time, she thought, as she moved along to the ship, pausing to look back, before continuing.

[#] Once everyone is all aboard, the Imperial drop ship retracts its gargantuan, draconic wings and ascends into space on its journey to Dromund Kaas...
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Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
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