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 Weaver Xen

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The Architect


Name: Weaver Xen
Alignment: Neutral
Jedi, Sith, or NFS: Not currently affiliated; those who are Force-sensitive may detect the taint of the Dark Side in her.
Profession: Force Scholar / Mentor
Desired Rank: 4 stars (Sith Lord).
Species: Human
Birthplace: Coruscant
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs
Build: Frail
Age: Appears to be in her late 50s.
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Graying; white.

Weaver Xen Jy5LokV

Defining Characteristics

A scholar, a mentor, an architect of the Force -- Weaver Xen is all of these things and more, the weight of her years written in the creases of her storied face and laced with the bitter undercurrent of betrayal. If there's one cardinal trait that defines her, it is the desire for agency; for control; for the ability to impress her mark on the universe.

Even as a student, Weaver was never content with merely studying the Force from afar, always curious about how she might manipulate it or shape it to her will. Her philosophy demands agency at all costs: if we can act, we must act. "The Force, though pure on its own, is inherently malleable -- it is a reflection of the user, and becomes better than it was, greater than the sum of its parts, when we guide it according to the blueprints of our will."

It is a great source of bitterness for her, then, that such agency is no longer available to her. After a 25-year tryst with the dark side that ended rather catastrophically, Weaver Xen has severed herself from the Force to preserve her own life -- and these days, there's a hardness to her mouth and a gravity to her gait that seem at odds with the quiet rage in her eyes.

She seems determined to find that connection again, by any means necessary. Where she had once manipulated the Force, subtly influencing the crests and troughs of power, she now turns her manipulations onto people -- a different type of force, though force of will is certainly more resilient in some respects. Nowadays, Weaver Xen surrounds herself with the Force-sensitive, presenting herself as an erudite mentor with a fondness for cryptic aphorisms and a desire to teach -- though ultimately, she seeks a protégé not so much to mentor, but to act as a proxy for her unrequited ambitions.


An indomitably self-possessed woman well into her years, Weaver Xen wears her wisdom in the hollows under her eyes and the violent deformities on her hands. Her gaunt, watchful face is a tapestry of scars and creases, woven from innumerable hard-earned lessons. Dark, appraising eyes peer out from under the hood of her frayed robes, her mouth a stark line given to curving in disapproval. Curiously, although murmurs of the Force seem to envelop her like a diffuse fog, she is either unaware or uninterested in its presence -- a choir of whispers falling on deaf ears.

~ ~ ~


WIP, please mind the mess. This is a roughshod infodump at the moment.

Early History

Weidara Xen was born on Coruscant to a engineer and an artist, and spent most of her early years discovering her sensitivity to the Force. Although she'd always intended to follow in her parents' footsteps, her increasing interest in (and reliance on) her Force powers diverted her from that path. She became a Jedi Researcher in her teenage years, and dedicated most of her time to studying physical manifestations of the Force, such as power fluctuations in certain locations and geographic characteristics that were usually associated with such anomalies. Her exceptional spatial awareness helped in this regard, and she rose to the top of her field in her specialization, quickly securing a role as a lead researcher (and the nickname of "Weaver" for her idiosyncratic approach to scholarship); for the next several years, she worked with Jedi archaeologists and geologists to learn more about these anomalies.

As Xen delved into her research, she began to discover a pattern to the power fluctuations, realizing that certain architectural features, landmarks, and other such physical characteristics could be designed in specific ways to subtly enhance the location's connection to the Force. Granted, such enhancements were typically minute, but there were ways to combine the features for a greater overall effect. With these little discoveries, Xen began to adopt a more hands-on approach to research, manipulating patterns in the movement of the Force and observing when and how the connection strengthened. Eventually, this culminated in her proposal of a personal project, where she would attempt to "design" an augmented training ground for Jedis to hone their abilities.

Massacre of Kaikielius Enclave

Weaver Xen's project was approved by Jedi Consular Astrid Asimit, and she traveled with a team of other Jedi Researchers, Archaeologists, Scholars, students, and several Knights to the planet of Kaikielius. There they had set up a Jedi Enclave outside of the capital, and for the next several years, Xen was absorbed in her research, determined to synthesize what she'd learned about physical features of the Force and find a way to apply it.

However, the deeper she dug into her work, the more convinced she became that many of the architectural features associated with strong "Force connectivity" resembled those of the ancient Sith temples that she'd read about in the libraries. At first, these results were met with trepidation: but that quickly changed into excitement as Xen observed that such physical characteristics weren't inherently light or dark -- they just featured more prominently in Sith temples. She began to believe that she could "reclaim" this knowledge for the light side.

Unsurprisingly, her opinion was controversial. Disagreements abounded; nerves jangled; resentments fostered. Her relationship with her peers and other Jedi became increasingly antagonistic, and Xen grew distant from the Jedi -- eventually culminating in the formation of a tribunal to repeal her title. She never made it to the trial.

On the day of the proceedings, the Sith Lord Salomn attacked the Enclave, annihilating the Jedi presence on Kaikielius. Most of the Jedi were killed. Perhaps one or two had managed to escape in the fracas, but Weaver Xen was the only one who had been spared. To any onlookers, Xen appeared as a prisoner -- captured for conversion to the dark side because Salomn had seen potential in her. To those who knew what to look for, however, they would see the faint tug of the Force surrounding the Enclave, a subtle pull that seemed to be broadcasting its location, though whether that was intentional or not was anyone's guess.

The Rise and Fall of the Architect

Converted to the dark side, Weaver Xen spent the next few decades training under Salomn. She rose through the Sith ranks without ever killing her master, which was rather unusual in Sith hierarchies. As her power and notoriety grew, Weaver Xen became known as the "Architect" -- a unique tactician who used minor fluctuations in the Force during a battle to her advantage. She had a few informal protégées of her own, though never considered them "students" since she never attained the title of a dark lord.

Still, it seemed that she had flourished with the Sith. She was finally able to apply her decades of learning, designing and building a sexy-ass temple for the whole Sith crew, with a "center of power" (a la Kreia's crib on Malachor V) where sensitivity to the Force was particularly salient. It was there that she planned to finally kill Salomn, after 25 long years, to attain the status of Sith Lord herself. The battle was long and drawn out, but always tilted in her favour.

As Weaver Xen dealt the killing blow, however, one of her students took advantage of the sudden fluctuation of power -- the sudden surge in the Force -- to try to kill her. The student did not have the skill to control the surge -- and her attempt resulted in a localized tear in the Force that essentially killed everyone present. Weaver Xen, using her powers and her understanding of the Force, saved her own life by severing her connection to it.

Present Day

(Having been severed from the Force, Weaver Xen is aware of its presence, and can faintly sense it, but no longer has the ability to manipulate it. In the few years following the catastrophe, however, she's learned that her sensitivity grows stronger when she's around other Force-sensitives. Disillusioned with the Sith, and no longer seeing any value in them -- since they no longer see any value in her -- Weaver Xen decides to insinuate herself in the group of exiled Jedi to restore her connection to the Force.)

~ ~ ~



Fighting Style: Disciplined; restrained; tightly controlled -- Weaver Xen relies almost entirely on her Force Powers in combat. In a similar vein, she's extremely fond of the balanced Form VI style of lightsaber combat, which allows her to minimize risk while accumulating small advantages through timely applications of her Force powers.

Agility: Medium. Rather sprightly for her age.

Strength: Low. Despite everything, she's still frail in the physical department.

Endurance: High, if only because her preternatural willpower and tolerance of pain allows her to persist in all but the most excruciating conditions.

Rank: Ex-Sith Lord? (4)

Class: Force Scholar

Saber(s): Standard hilt

Crystal Color: Bright Green

Other weapons: ---

Possessions: Nothing, save for her plain, austere robes.

Special Abilities: Weaver Xen earned her title of the 'Architect' through her ability to detect -- and to a lesser extent, influence -- faults and fluctuations in the Force during the course of battle. Having been severed from the Force, she can nonetheless draw on the power of other Force-sensitives when she's in close proximity with them, using them as a nexus of the Force to temporarily repair her connection to it.

Lightsaber Form(s)

Form I: Shii-Cho - Adept
Form II: Makashi - Expert
Form III: Soresu - Adept
Form IV: Ataru - Moderate
Form V: Shien/ Djem So - Adept
Form VI: Niman - Expert; preferred form
Form VII: Juyo/ Vaapad - Moderate

Force Powers: Rank 4(20)

Rank 1:
Telekinesis (Alter) (Universal)
Force Sense (Sense) (Universal)
Art of Movement (Control) (Universal)
Mind Trick (Alter) (Universal)
Force Sight (Sense) (Universal)
Force Push (Alter) (Universal)
Force Pull (Alter) (Universal)
Force Jump (Alter) (Universal)

Rank 2:
Precognition (Sense) (Universal)
Force Barrier (Alter) (Universal)
Breath Control (Control) (Universal)
Force Speed (Control) (Universal)
Force Wound (Alter) (Dark Side)
Force Rage (Control)  (Dark Side)

Rank 3:
Psychometry (Sense) (Universal)
Battle Precognition (Sense) (Universal)
Crucitorn (Alter) (Universal)
Force Body (Control) (Universal)
Force Healing (Alter (Universal)
Force Choke (Alter) (Dark Side)

Rank 4:
Shatterpoint (Sense) (Universal)
Force Horror (Alter) (Dark Side)
Drain Knowledge (Alter) (Dark Side)
Force Grip (Alter) (Dark Side)
Force Crush (Alter) (Dark Side)
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Weaver Xen
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