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Name: Janara Aldulli
Rank: Senior Padawan
Type: Force Intuition/Sparring
People involved: Eleza, Aedan Archer, Zeroga Mandrayer, Pojo, Beldok Sekel
Date: Jan 20, 2016

Eleza never considered herself much of an instructor when it came to passing on teachings of the force, or teachings of the blade. Her comfort zone was sharing stories of the past, keeping very old names in current memories and making sure important events were never forgotten. So in terms of a lesson plan, her's was a blank sheet she intended to make up as she went a long. Assuming Janara was already present, she would begin. "With the recent passing of your Master, today I will be filling in. All though I can never replace him, I assure you I will try my best to make sure you're training does not suffer in his absence." She offered a genuine smile and supportive nod of assurance, taking a seat at the front of the makeshift classroom.

Janara Aldulli was indeed already present! She had been trying to keep herself practicing every day as much as she used to with her master present, but there's only so much she could motivate herself. She nodded her head at the reassurance, letting her eyes fall towards the ground for a moment before lifting her gaze up once more "I appreciate you taking the time, Master Tel-Ul." She'd shift forward a little closer as was possible "What will you be teaching me about today, if I may ask?" With a new master there was all sorts of different boundaries that she wasn't certain of. Polite to the extreme tended to mostly cover anything she wasn't aware of. Maybe.

Aedan Archer wasn't present during the beginning of Eleza's instruction, coming from training of his own. If Aedan wasn't fighting he was training. But due to recent events, the behomoth of a man was hardly able to invest any time into his own training, which had sort of made him grumpy as of late. Entering the classroom, the weapon master reframed from interrupting as Eleza already began speaking. He stood off to the side, his massive arms folding over his chest, eyes studying the young twi'lek's face while gauging her interest level. With the lost of her master, Aedan knew that the young girl was likely in a troubled place and that it was important to monitor her psyche, but so far she seemed to be handling herself well. For now, Aedan just stayed quiet in the back, believing that his inept knowledge of the force would not benefit Eleza in the slightest.

Eleza greeted Aedan as he approached the side of her seated form with a polite grin, realizing his silence was not only out of respect but also due to his lack of force knowledge. She felt his attunement wasn't any less than hers, but could see where he was coming from, being far more a physical brute than a phychological puzzle solver. "Before we begin, tell me, what do you feel when you open your mind and concentrate within these rocky walls?" Her right hand motioning to their surroundings. She smiled, "Close your eyes. It helps. Do not try to focus, simply allow yourself to." If Eleza's instructions were followed, and the Twi'lek's senses trained, the young Padawan would soon without much effort begin to feel heavy as though the very air itself was pushing down on every inch of her body. The feeling would not be strong enough to be confused with physical contact, this was a different feeling entirely. Depending on her emotional state, which considering the circumstances could potentially be quite volatile, the rather intense sorrow within the room would surely seep it's way into her mind. However, in contrast like an emotional hurricane, an equal amount of strength, inspiration as well as pure joy could be sensed as well. "You feel that, yes?" She inquired, brow quirking with interest in not only what the Padawan could sense, but also what she could not.

Janara Aldulli glanced around at the walls, looking a little uncertain. Sighing she closed her eyes, fidgiting a little before relaxing in to her seat. There was no point avoiding what she had gotten a hint of when they had first arrived. This time merely taking a breath to slip in to the heavy weight of the force. Almost immediately tears began to stream down her face. Ignoring them for now she instead whispered, voice tight with emotion "I do, Master." Using a simple patch of cloth she pulled from a pouch she wiped at her face, opening her eyes and sighing "I feel the sorrow of this place, it's rather strong." Puffing out her cheeks she frowned in concentration, staring at the ground before glancing up "I feel strength, though. It's strange, Master Tel-Ul. How can I feel so much sorrow, and yet be..." She fluttered her hands in the air as she tried to find the word "I don't know, accepting? Or perhaps buyoed up, even though it feels so heartbreaking."

Aedan Archer closed his eyes as well, though likely didn't invest as much attention into the meditation. Like his master before him, Aedan had adopted the echani way of using combat and sparring as a means of self expresion and meditation and thus, sitting in one plays for what could inevitably hours just... wasn't comforting for him. While he admired Wilowchehuckt's bond with the force and Eleza's own insight that had put her at the helm of the war table during the civil war, Aedan knew he belonged on the front lines. Thus, his focus was more on studying the padawan and assessing her emotions. Again, Aedan reframed from speaking, preferring to only offer his opinion if he was asked.

Zeroga Mandrayer had finally arrived at the enclave via the messaged coordinates Bek had relayed to him. Zero had been previously occupied collecting some local bounties on Tattooine. A mans still gotta work, even if he's been wrapped up in some kind of existential conflict. After a brief exchange with some guards stationed by the entrance of the dwelling, he was finally allowed inside. He made his way deeper into the structure, searching for that group that had become the closest things to companions he'd had in many years, he quickly realized the Twi'lek, and... Ah! Eleza seemed to be having some sort of lesson. He quickly halted and took up a position just around the corner, not wanting to disturb them while glancing around to see if anyone else he was acquainted with was nearby.

Eleza would take a minute to simply observe Janara as she displayed a more emotional reaction than the woman had expected. She looked up to her left to see what Aedan's expression held in reference to the Twi'lek's subtle break down. Rather emotionless as always, but Eleza could see a little more than that within the blank expression of her life-long comrade. "That title. Master. You are not my slave, and I ask you refrain from calling me that from now on. Commander will suffice." This was yet another method she liked to use with Padawans to show that the only leg she had up on them was the luck of being born a few years earlier. "It's quite simple, Janara. This enclave has been a location to many eras. What you feel is the emotion left behind by those who lived through them. Some of the lingering memories are restless, some were quite the opposite." Eleza nodded, "Perhaps this acceptance you speak of, is the feeling of the force telling you that what you sense cannot be changed, since the emotions have always happened. Makes you wonder though... why have they lingered in this spot, still after all these generations." She stood, and for a moment allowed Janara to consider these words, these words that were mostly opinion, her interpretation of what she herself felt and meditated on the moment they all arrived. "Come with me." She would lead Janara when she was ready to proceed, over towards the small patch of railed off dirt, and as she did head motioned for Aedan to follow. Also in passing Zero, she welcomed him into the lesson if he so chose to jump in.

Janara Aldulli blinked, openly confused and a little caught off guard. It was enough to pull her from her mood, she giving a faint smile and murmuring "Yes, Commander Tel-Ul." She listened intently, hazel eyes never trailing away from Eleza until she was finished, eyes turning to her hands and looking contemplative. It was a curious thing. Finally she glanced up and noticed Eleza was standing, rising to her feet but making no apology. She had been told to think it over, so she did. At the next step in the lesson she trailed after Eleza, giving Aedan a small smile as she moved past him unless he fell in to step with Eleza. Zero would get a wide grin "I see you found your way here, I hope everything is alright." Coming to a stop beside the rail of the arena she glanced in, looking curious.

Aedan Archer noted the man's arrival through the force and opened his eyes to gaze upon the armored figure. Though Aedan had seen Zeroga and had heard the story of how he had assisted the Jedi, Aedan could honestly say that he knew very little about the man. Eyes lingered on the lightsaber dangling on his belt before a gesture from Eleza drew his attention. Giving a curt nod on reply, he'd follow the pair with arms clasping behind his back. Quite frankly, it was an awkward look for the juggernaut, the posture being something one might expect from Grandmaster Wilowchehuckt, not the Weapon Master. Eventually, he'd follow the pair until they reached their destination, curious about what Eleza had in mind.

Zeroga Mandrayer had relaxed, leaning back on the wall contemplating what Eleza was explaining to Jana. A certain familiarity of the topic as he closed his eyes for a brief moment, recalling his past.He quickly dismissed it and shoved those memories back down where they belonged. He had been a son of Mandalore far longer than he'd followed the teaching of that Jedi that carried him off his home world. A deep sigh was released as he regained his composure upon noticing the trio advancing towards the ring. A nod to Eleza, and a small waving gesture to Jana "Made out well on the bounties. All is good." His attention then turned to Aeden, noticing the man sizing him up. He wasn't familiar with this chap, either but he didn't seem hostile or unwelcoming. He would casually thrust himself away from the wall and follow the trio.

Eleza motioned with a hand for Jana to enter the pit of despair, and it remained extended until Aedan also accepted the invite and entered the mini arena as well. She, on the other hand remained safe and secure on the other side of the gated area. "Good to see you Zero. By chance, would you happen to have a sword?" If he did, then he was more than welcome to hop inside the arena with the others, if not well, he was more than welcome to watch with her for the time being until the lesson progressed a bit further. "So, Janara, we've touched on an emotional side of the force, and now I think it's time for you to show us how you handle the more physical side." She motioned then with a nod of her head for Aedan to draw one of his many lightsabers, giving him free choice of which he'd like to use. Eleza's hands would cross over her chest. "You know Aedan, the Weapon Master." She smirked. "I'd like to see how your first Form has developed. When you're prepared, attack him. Remember to relax, and breathe. Too many Padawans forget to breathe. It sounds stupid, but you may notice that as you attack, you naturally hold your breath. This isn't uncommon." She nodded. "Whenever you're ready."

Aedan Archer's lips curled and a bright glimmer twinked in his eye. Eleza must have sensed his disinterest and wanted to include Aedan in on the training, naturally that meant combat. Without protesting, the weapon master entered the pit and positioned himself on the opposite end of the arena. With a flick of the wrist, the massive lightsaber hilt detached itself from his belt and launched into his left hand. Flicking the switch, the white blade hummed to life while simultaneously a large, semi transparent energy shield ignited in front of his right forearm. Those that knew of the weapon master heard of his unique fighting style that incorporated a custome designed light shield resembling that in which younglings used in the very beginning. Widening his stance and shifting his right foot behind the left, he raised the shield to cover the right half of his torso, his long blade held out away from his side. "You have no need to fear," he said with a smirk, "I set my saber to stun."

Janara Aldulli entered slowly, giving her a raised eyebrow before the despair part hit her at Aedan's entrance in to the arena. Her face twisted, eyebrows furrowing while she groaned and gently threw her head back. Whispering to herself a small prayer she reached down to her side and plucked the hilt that seemed to always reside there, holding it with both hands and igniting it. Giving Eleza her best pathetic look she stated "Commander Tel-Ul, you're mean." She turned and added "No offence, Master Archer." Still, she took the suggestion, taking a massive breath and releasing it. His reasurrances were met with a bland stare "Stun still leaves welts." Still she was paused for a moment before darting forward, taking a lower stance to try and get under his attack while using a backhand swing to slash at the open spot where his lightsaber resided.

Eleza would for the next few minutes, allow the pair to duel, only smirking at Janara's comment. This wasn't intended to be anything more than a way for the Knight to gage where the Padawan's skill lay with the most basic of lightsaber forms. She looked to Zero, and like him made no mention of the mysterious hilt he kept on his person even though she knew it was there. "So what do you do when someone gets too close?" Before he could answer she continued with, "Let me guess... no one can get that close?"

Aedan Archer's smile turned into a toothy grin as form subtly shifted to the defensive stance commonly known as Soresu; lightsaber held back, feet spread apart, shield held at shoulder level now. What this did was present the young padawan with a wall to have to work around while using his shield to hide his weapon hand from her sight. He examined her posture, eyes quickly dissecting every inch of her body with undeniable speed. Believing the twi'lek to be inexperienced when facing a sword and shield specialist, Aedan assumed the attack would be aimed on his more exposed side versus the side protected by the side. His assessment was confirmed as Aedan effortlessly brought his lightsaber up to deflect the assault, the momentum of his up swing used to parry and possibly push aside her initial strike. Simultaneously, the massive shield would be thrusted towards her face, relying on the momentum of her charge and focus on her attack to make it a sure hit. If the shield strike did connect, the young twi'lek would not only feel the blunt force of the attack, but a numbing static charge course through the nerves on her face for a brief moment in time. While Aedan could offer feedback to his student, he figured he'd leave the advise giving to Eleza. The weapon master was not really known for taking it easy on students.

Zeroga Mandrayer shifted his posture to a bit more serious stature, arms crossing and coming to rest on the chest plate of his armor, a quiet clack, tap of the plates coming into contact as he moved. Head tilted forward slightly as he watched the exchange, eyes moving swiftly behind that iridium tinted visor, following the combatants. A smirk curled onto his face, although not visible in response to Eleza's comment. "You got it." he said, almost arrogantly. "I'm a man of strategy. I try to avoid direct combat when possible. Live captures tend to pay more..."

Janara Aldulli knew she was in for a serious butt-whooping as soon as the beast stepped in to the arena. The blade that flicked out easily shoved her arm away, she staring at that incoming shield and only having a moment to partially duck and shield her body. Still the shove sent her staggering back, grimace in place from both the sudden wall-like meeting and the tingles running down her arm and half of her face. Still she took a breath, shaking her head. She took a moment to stare him down, eyes darting about to try and find some sort of opening. To her inexperienced eye there didn't appear to be one, so she figured to try and open it up. Once more she'd rush forward, darting to the shield side this time and trying to roll past it. Hoping it would work, and if it did, she'd try to strike at his exposed side with a quick slash. Though realistically she was gonna eat shield again.

Eleza couldn't help but lose a laugh at Zero's confidence, nodding more so to herself knowing his answer before he gave it. Woman could call her shots. In terms of the duel, her simple instruction was offered in a loud and stern tone. "Less effort, Janara. As I asked of you with the meditation. Don't over think. Simple strikes, set up your attacks with smaller ones, like a jab does in hand to hand combat. Create openings, don't look for one. You're over commiting. Aedan's defense is too strong to overpower."

Aedan Archer repositioned himself into his opening stance, his shield side presented to the twi'lek. He was impressed with her ability to react, though knew that the her reaction speed would improve with experience. As Twi'lek came in for the next assault, Aedan feigned an opening in his defense in an attempt to bait her. He'd respond with a slight delay, giving her the impression that perhaps if she quickened her pace, she'd be able to bypass his shield and strike in the area where he was vulnerable. However, at the moment of her attack, Aedan pivoted his foot, slammed his shield into her blade-arm, aiming directly for the hilt in an attempt to disarm her. Whether it was successful or not, he'd then follow up with a thrust from his own sword, the subtle jab hidden by the semi transparent shield. If the attack connected, she'd feel another static charge in her abdomen region as he retreated a few paces before lowering his defense.

Janara Aldulli could have used that advice earlier. Still his opening was almost too good to turn up. She'd put on the speed, rushing forward aaaand it was a trap. The shield made a perfect hit, smashing in to her arm as well and flinging the saber from the twi'lek's hand and clear out of the arena. Completely side swiped she'd get jabbed, curling over with the hit and holding her arm close as she dropped to a knee. Panting Janara's face was clearly twisted with pain as she struggled to her feet, whispering simply "Ow." Turning she'd try to locate where her hilt ended up, not really voicing much beyond that small little whimper. This was going to hurt for a couple days.

Eleza's intention as she made clear earlier was not to see this Padawan defeat the most well trained lightsaber duelist in the current Jedi Order. The advice was withheld(sp?) because Eleza didn't know whether or not Jana would have already learned this technique. Clearly she had not. Which was fine! The duel was already a resounding success with this information learned. "Okay. That will do for now." With a laxed pace, she woman would move behind Zero and make her way into the area, stepping into the space between Jana and Aedan. "You did well. Remember, Janara, all duels are a learning experience not only for you, but the instructor as well. Have a seat, and watch close." It was then she would allow the hilt hidden within her sleeve to slide down into her palm, gripping it firmly and activating the violet blade. (c)

Eleza's stance was quite simple, holding the weapon in her left hand which was forward a long with her left foot. A classical fencers stance, giving her opponent less area to look at and potentially hit. "Ready, Aedan?' on his cue, she would take a step forward, a small one, jabbing her lightsaber down towards the lower half of his shield. Her sense of distance was her greatest strength as a duelist, her step just enough so the tip of her blade could make contact at hip level had it not been blocked.

Zeroga Mandrayer nodded to himself as Eleza gave sound advice to the Padawan. Perhaps this is why he felt comfortable in present company, they were mostly formidable warriors. His brow arched as Eleza moved to enter the ring, muttering a quiet "Oh?" as he observed the woman draw her lightsaber. 'Well, now, this should be much more entertaining.' he thought to himself, continuing to observe the exchanges. Always an opportunist, if nothing else this provided some decent combat data on the participants. Besides, he'd been interested to see this one in action since he'd met her. He much preferred her mannerisms to most Jedi.

Beldok Sekel finally stirred after many days meditating. He thanked the Ithorian Momaw for his hospitality and returned to his ship. Beldok ran the pre-flight check and lifted off. He followed the Force across the sands, passing a Sarlacc, he stayed low as he felt the Force for the other Jedi. He arrived at the cave and disembarked. Then limped inside, using a cane borrowed from the Ithorian to support his weak side(right) as it was not yet entirely healed. His right arm was in a sling also. Beldok just stopped and stood inside, watching the Younger Jedi while they played.

Aedan Archer deactivated his light shield so that he may offer a hand in assisting Janara up. He'd then pace himself back, making room for the historian as she entered and presented herself as his new opponent. While he acknowledged Eleza as a fairly good duelist, it was her mind that was her real weapon. More formidable in the war room, Aedan knew she had several tricks and strategies that applied to first hand combat as well. Combine that with their long history and Aedan knew not to underestimate the woman. Reigniting his light shield, Aedan once more positioned himself in soresu's opening stance. Noting Eleza's own positioning, Aedan assumed his opponent was going to play the range game, knowing that Aedan is at his best when his opponents get in close enough for his shield to be used as a weapon. When Eleza's strike came in, Aedan parried the assault easily, using the force of his shield to push the jab to the side as he came in with a upward diagonal swing from the opposite side. This would force his opponent to dodge or manuvuer her blade all the way across her body in hopes of parrying his attack. Predicting that Eleza would attempt to keep her distance, Aedan took a step closer while cautiously paying attention to his flank.

Eleza's novice opening attack was not intended to land, obvious by the amount of effort she noted putting into the small jab, therefore even as the brute attempted to use some momentum to throw her attack to one side and potentially creating an opening, there was no oposing force to sway. This was a common defense for her 'attack' if one could even call it that, and at best her wrist would bend, perhaps due to the strength differential between the two, her arm as well but only just, and her counter was fluid and simple. As Aedan's attack lifted from below, Eleza would retreat back a half step, rotating her blade around not to block the attack with force, but parry it around in attempt to create a small opening as his blade was virtually above her depending on how hard he swung, and how far her own blade helped it a long that path. Either way, her next attack was nothing too impressive, flanking towards Aedan's sword arm with another subtle step, matching the distance the man covered with his, and this time her forward thrusting jab attempted back on a similar path to her orignal attack. The idea was for the angle she took to catch Aedan's shield with a bit more force, hoping to send it out slightly to the side. Regarding Janara, "A duel is like a chess match. To expect one to end in a few simple attacks is unrealistic against a well trained opponent. Take your time with it." Assuming Aedan didn't try to level her, this would be a good time to tag Janara back in, having demonstrated potential opening attacks.

Aedan Archer's attack hardly had any strength behind it as he too, was anticipating his opponent. Not surprised to see his strike parried, Aedan quickly manuvuered himself, matching his opponent's step and pivoting so that she would have a full frontal view of his torso. Using the momentum of her parry, he withdrew his blade and brought his shield in to meet her strike, applying just enough strength to clash with the power of her assault, while refusing to add too much in case she was attempting a feint. Just as the two plasma weapons collided, Aedan thrusted his blade forward with a short jab and using his shield to block off her ability to parry with her own lightsaber. The jab was quick and precise, but the range was short that if she had anticipated this, she had enough range to leap back. However, this also meant that Aedan would not overextend in his assault while maintaining a more defensive posture in case she countered. Despite his massive frame, his motion was fluid an loose, his senses on high alert, ready to react to whatever his opponent had planned.

Zeroga Mandrayer had taken note of the injured man that had wandered in. 'Wonder if he battled this guy last...' he thought, turning his attention back to the fairly entertaining spat.

Pojo was announced by the hiss of the door and that unique clackity rhythem only six feet could make. Clackity, cause he finally had those cloth covers taken off. He had his usual utility belt slung oddly over his cannid frame, being all the boy wore. Ohhh, people were sparring! He rushed right up to the arena, hopping up with both sets of front paws, the middle set gripping the banister. Both front paws waved at the air as if boxing, little woofs of excitement coming from his maw. His companion floated in after the pup, observing the scene in silence, apparently whatever the pup said was not needed to be translated.

Janara Aldulli accepted Aedan's hand up, climbing to her feet before stepping out when Eleza entered the Arena of Dispair. Taking a moment to look for her lightsaber she gave a gentle tug with the force, the hilt sliding up in to her grip. Then she returned promptly, rubbing a soft hand over her stomach she stopped at the edge and watched the two going back and forth. Her look of mild frustration slowly relaxed, hazel's darting back and forth before she was slowly nodding her head and watching. A small smile was met with Eleza's attempt to escape--Master Archer rarely let anyone escape his pummeling, regardless of the rank. Pojo was given a glance, she chuckling openly before looking back to the two. Seemed she was in a better mood now with a little guidance.

Eleza's distance was just fine. Her size and speed would far exceed the towering brute's. A defensive fighter like Aedan was, needed weight on their back foot to dig in and push against incoming attacks to prevent being bullied back, but also allowed for a quick press off the ball of rear foot to launch forward and counter. Whether he was doing this or not, remained to be seen. The original step forward Aedan performed in fear of the distance game, had been matched, Eleza moving back the same distance Aedan moved forward. Her flank? Performed so not to get cornered. Maybe Aedan's pride was getting the better of him, needing to win a training duel. This lesson was about training Janara, not defeating the instructor. If nessisary, Eleza would utalize her speed once again and push back off the ball of her front foot, sending her back a fair deal and out of range with little effort. Again, she would try to address Janara. "If Master Archer is finished trying to steam roll me." Eleza's hand offered the battleground to Janara.

Janara Aldulli quickly jumped the rail and slid in to place, her saber coming to life and brought forward once more in the two-handed grip. Remembering to breathe she did just that before approaching carefully. Releasing the lower handed grip on her saber she began to tease at the edge of the shield with pointed thrusts, aiming on the lower outside while trying to be mindful of the spacing between the two of them. It was a lot to take in all at once, lips held in a tight line of determination.

Zeroga Mandrayer is still simply observing. Carry on, carry on.

Aedan Archer was, perhaps starting to fight too aggressively for a training lesson, but wouldn't realize it until after Eleza narrowly avoided his assault and brought it up in conversation. Blinking several times, Aedan did a visual shake of the head as if to recollect himself before moving back into position so that he would be the perfect target for Janara to continue. It was this aggressive, competitive nature that steered him in the direction weapon master as opposed to following his former master into the path as Battlemaster where he would spend his days training lightsaber technques. It was also, perhaps why he was without a padawan. This time around, Aedan was far less aggressive in his handling of the young twi'lek, allowing her to strike at his shield while giving her basic counter strikes to react to. Despite holding back, there was still a certain level of skill Aedan fought with that would still pose a challenge for the young padawan, but not nearly on the unstoppable side of the spectrum. Utilizing both his shield and blade, he'd deflect and parry several of her attacks only to follow up with a three strike combo, keeping himself aware not to push her too hard. He would have to apologize to both once the spar was finished.

Eleza - The purple blade of her lightsaber was retracted, latching the metallic hilt to her belt as she observed the Padawan's much more controlled opening. Eleza smiled. Sure these attacks weren't very flashy like the rolls and leaps she was performing earlier, but eventually those could be added to her arsenal when the basics of Shii-Cho were better developed. Janara was still a few forms away from the jumps and flips of Ataru. "Excellent work, Janara. Think if you can, a few moves ahead. Let the force guide you. Do not battle with aggression like a Sith, but the poise of a more controlled force wielder." As Aedan parried, blocked and eventually counter attacked, Eleza would observe in silence, letting the Padawan adjust with small defensive movements on her own.

Janara Aldulli's confidence grew as she was actually getting results and not being blown out of the water, increasing the strength in her attacks and growing more bold than her tennitve hits. Still nowhere near as reckless as she was earlier she'd prove to be far more adept, parrying and blocking the counter-strikes perhaps a bit sloppily a time or few. No more crippling fear to drown in, and sheer stupid stubborness to try and get some sort of result so she could fall on the ground after this unkind adventure and die a little. Well, all theatrics of course. Still she'd step back and pant, nodding her head at Eleza's suggestion before going back to trying to get that impossible shield to open up. In her head it became a challenge that maybe she'd accomplish one day, but for now she'd try to get the man to at least show a little strain! Maybe. With each counter she'd press forward, still mindful of the distance but trying to bat the lightsaber away now. Forever breathing, but panting now with exertion.

Eleza gave praise once more to the improving student displaying her techniques in fine fashion for having just learned about them minutes earlier. "Good job, Janara. That'll do for today." Her hand lifting to motion for the pair's retracting of blades. "A great job against a rather unique and incredibly sturdy opponent. These techniques are all combined to make up the first lightsaber form, Shii-Cho. With these skills worked on, it's only a matter of time before we move on to the second, and third, until you're a well-rounded lightsaber duelist. Then perhaps you can concentrate on a single form you excel in. Ataru perhaps? You've earned some rest, and don't forget to treat your injuries. That shield burn can swell and start to itch." She turned to Aedan. "Thank's for being the practice dummy."

Beldok Sekel observed the training while remembering his own training sessions with his padawans. He wondered where they were now, having lost track of them. Zeltron were long-lived so perhaps only one of his padawans was alive, maybe not. Beldok was a skilled acrobat and Double-Blade/Dual-blade wielder, but struggled against the Weapon Masters in direct combat. He reflected on his own skill. Beldok used a unique weapon for a Jedi, able to maneuver and confuse his enemy. It was no where near as rare as a sword & shield combo used by Archer. Completely unseen in a Galaxy full of Blasters ond Slugthrowers. Aedan definitely had the immediate advantage with most opponents. Very few would know hoe to deal with such opposition. Espescially in a Jedi.

Pojo sees things sort of die down, the energy in the place gone. He aroo'd in dissapointment, backing off the edge of the sparring ring. He hated how small these things were. He liked wide open areas to play in. And hated when the ground was full of sand. Hey, another person who hated sand! Sitting down on the ground he nosed a utility pouch open and nommed a treat he had hidden in it.

Aedan Archer was pleased with Janara's performance and even enhanced his own skill in the process once he noticed the girl's confidence. Careful not to push her too far, he'd continue the back and forth with her, even allowing her to nearly pierce his impenetrable defense as a means of strengthening her morale. Finally, Eleza ended the spar and Aedan would deactivate saber and shield before offering the young padawan a deep bow of respect. "You did well. Very well in fact." he added to Eleza's praise. "Once you had the confidence, you were able to manuvuer yourself around quite fluidly. I agree with the Commander, Ataru definitely suits your fighting style."

Janara Aldulli would instantly pull back as soon as she was told that she'd gotten enough punishment, stepping back and letting the blade deactivate. Exhaling slowly she slid it back on to the belt on her hips, giving Aedan a small bow back "Thank you, Master Archer." She glanced between the two, giving a small smile and breathing "I would like that, Master--Ah, apologies, Commander Tel-Ul." Nodding at Eleza's suggestion the twi'lek looked to her stinging arm "Ah, so much for not being purple." Better than her whole face, which was only a much smaller portion along her cheek. She'd give the two a bow each, "Thank you for this lesson, I appreciate the time you took to teach me." Then she was sliding off with a gentle "Gonna go take care of my burns now." She'd head off to one of the makeshift areas that they had set up, holding a hand to her stomach and generally looking uncomfortable. Hard lesson to learn today, but she was feeling a bit better.
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Name: Janara Aldulli
Rank: Senior Padawan
Type: Sparring
People involved: Aedan Archer, Pojo
Date: Jan 28, 2016

Pojo had found a small spot in the corner to snooze. It was super secret, no one used that big chair thing in the back. So snoozing behind it was the perfect spot for a secret nap. He had practiced a lot already today, now just letting his mind drift off into dreamland.

Janara Aldulli was still practicing in the middle of the arena, going over what forms she knew. Which was the basics currently. Still she had worn out poor Pojo, but still had plenty of energy. A remnant of her dancing days. Relaxing in her stance she gazed at the lightsaber in her hand, looking over the glowing blade. Shaking her head she sighed and took her stance once more, looking herself over to make sure she wasn't doing it wrong. Which made her frown, the blade turning off as she stomped away, kicking at some of the dirt. "Been practicing too long without knowing if I'm doing the right thing..." Sighing she gazed at the wall, quiet.

Aedan Archer's lightsaber senses were tingling and, as if on cue, slowly made his approach to the arena at the very same moment that Janara was practicing. Indeed, the weapon master had a sort of sixth sense about this sort of thing. If someone was fighting or sparring or practicing, Aedan was almost always in the vacinity. Upon his approach, the weapon master had sensed the padawan's frustration through the force and responded with a warm smile. To most, Aedan was an imposing giant that often made it difficult to approach him. However, while this was true, the duelist was also incredibly compassionate and passionate about teaching others. Folding his arms over his massive chest, he studied the girl with interest. "Breathe, apprentice. Do not allow your emotions to cloud your judgment and sway your actions." he spoke with a deep, husky tone and a faint corellian accent. "May I be of any assistance somehow?"

Janara Aldulli openly jumped, lekku snapping around to almost look at the man before she turned herself. Exhaling she rested a hand on her chest, chuckling gently "Well I've got that breathing part now." Getting a few rotations in she'd sigh, shifting the hilt from side to side "I guess I'm still used to my master riding me to keep my posture, and positioning, and whatnot. I'm uncertain if I'm doing it right, and I don't want to do it wrong and have my muscles memorize wrong." She shifted about uncertainly before asking "Can you help me this one time? Just shout out if I'm doing it wrong, or corrections, or whatever you're inclined to say." He did offer, but she wasn't going to milk it for all it's worth.

Aedan Archer offered a reassuring nod before positioning himself next to the railing. He recalled the last lesson they had and how, likely due to a lack of physical training himself, was far too aggressive with the young girl. Since then, Aedan made a conscious effort to be more approachable with the young, noting the lack of mentors the order currently had to guide their development. "I can understand your frustrations. Mastering the lightsaber is one of the most rewarding, if not the most difficult task you can accomplish as a padawan. You must learn to trust in the force but not depend on it and sometimes, the most challenging task is finding a balance between the two. Where would you like to begin?"

Janara Aldulli moved back in to position, her lightsaber flashing to life as she held it at the ready "I'm going over the Ataru I learned from my previous master right now, and I keep on messing up. I'm not too sure where I'm making my mistakes, but I keep on trying to slash myself." She sighed, looking down to her feet "I'm pretty sure I'm messing up my stance, and all sorts of other things." She gave him a rather pathetic look "I really should really just go back to Shii-Cho."

Aedan Archer, despite his imposing stature, seemed to radiate an aura of calm that washed over Janara like a river's current, soothing the doubt and frustrating from her mind. "First and most importantly, you must not be so hard on yourself. Ataru is a difficult form to study let alone master. It requires great focus, patience and discipline to even understand the first few sequences of the form." Moving away from the railing he made his way into the arena and discarded his robes. He'd grabbed his hilt from belt and ignited the vibrant silver blade. To match his immense size, his lightsaber seemed quite larger than that of a standard blade. "Now, a common misconception about Ataru is that it is not just a lightsaber form. Ataru heavily calls upon the force to aid the wielder in overcoming physical limitations. Just as there are several sequences for the form, Ataru is best utilized while incorporating multiple force techniques that involves surpassing normal physical ranges of motion. Allow me to demonstrate. I want you to focus on reaching out with the force and monitor how the force flows within me." With that said, Aedan closed his eyes and channeled the force. There was a light that surged through him, relaxing his muscles and filling his consciousness with a presence of serenity. He felt lighter on his feet, as if the near one hundred and thirty three kilograms was nothing within this planet's atmosphere. His senses were amplified tenfold, so much that he could hear the beating of Janara's heart, gauging her stress level by monitoring its beat per second. He maintained this meditative stance for only a brief moment before his body suddenly moved in a blur. Leaping from one end of the arena to the other, his massive frame twisted in a corkscrew fashion, blade humming wildly in the air and held closely to his form. Moments before landing, he struck out in a 'Z' fashion in front of him, simultaneously pivoting only to follow up with a twist of his blade and a reversed strike at an unseen opponent. He was then off again, flipping and leaping through the air, striking in various directions and moving so fast that an untrained eye would find it difficult to see. If Janara had indeed focused on his force presence, she'd note how he drew upon it. It wasn't so much used externally, but rather was one with his body. Despite the strenous sequences of ataru, he somehow kept a slow heartbeat, great control of his breathing, and flawless form and concentration. After several moments, Aedan siezed the demonstration and deactivated his lightsaber. Fixating his gaze onto the padawan, he smiled as if nothing had happened. "I relied on the force to aid my body, allowing me to push it beyond physical limitations, but more importantly, clear my mind. While I had the sequences memorized, I allowed the force to guide my action much like I was a puppet. I abandoned all thought and trusted myself."

Janara Aldulli's eyes dropped to her feet where she shuffled about, nodding her head and lifting her gaze back up after a moment as soon as she heard his movement. Oh no, that huge cloak was coming off. The sight of it however managed to tweak her lips upwards in to a smile, letting the calm soothe away any sort of impending doom she felt. As soon as he said he would display she'd step off to the side, saber turning off and nodding her head. She could do that. Closing her eyes she took in a slow breath, reaching out just as he said to, and watched as the force seemed to surround him. She'd seen enough of the form to know it's dance-like aspects, so instead kept her eyes closed to keep track of him better. A lot of days spent meditating of late helped her keep track with better accuracy, which had her frowning. She'd thought she'd be able to basically see the force like giant strings tugging. Except when she focused closer, she could. But they weren't giant strings. They were strong, and thin, to her. Slowly she opened her eyes as he went through his finishing moves, and then was still. Huffing she gazed at the giant, crossing her arms and thinking it over. She nodded her head a few times while listening to him speak, murmuring "Trusted yourself..." Reaching up to touch the band on her lekku she nodded her head with determination before saying "Trust myself. Well if things go horribly wrong, at least it's only on stun right now." Scowling at the ground she grumbled to herself "Don't think that way, that'd admitting defeat." She seemed to bolster herself up a little more with some tough love before standing at the ready. Reaching out to the force she tried her best to replicate what Aedan had done--he did have a few years on her still. Going for something far simpler than Aedan's she charged forward, leaping up in to a twisting flip while simply striking out at the air. On the way down she mis-aimed, losing her concentration at the same time as she tried to adjust. Instead she landed poorly, landing on her back but at least managing to keep her lightsaber in hand. Sitting up while coughing from being winded she rasped out "At least I didn't zap myself." That was a win in her books!

Aedan Archer stepped aside to allow Janara another attempt. Once more, he'd send forth a waving of calming energy in hopes that she wouldn't discourage or belittle herself; sometimes confidence could go a long way. Aedan extended his awareness, studying her own connection to the force though keeping his eyes open to also note her form as well. When the manuvuer was performed, Aedan outwardly winced. Not because of the pain and discomfort that would shortly follow but what the failure might do to the girl's already beaten psyche. Smiling, he gestured with his hand for the girl to rise. "Do not rush yourself. You have yet to memorize all the stances and forms of ataru, so it is okay to take things slow. Right now, focus on using the force to enhance your focus, concentration and resolve, ignore speed." With that said, he'd wait to watch her perform. He could always extend his reach with the force and aid her, but he felt that her confidence would become more established if she conquered her mistakes on her own.

Pojo shook his head slowly as he watched them. Their jumping, wooshing and such had woken him fron his nap. And the blue girl was trying to do something hard. And was not having fun. THAT WOULD NOT DO. While she was on the ground, he picked his moment to strike. Leaping forwrds, the speedy fuzzball easily cleared the banister of the training room, doing the silly dog sniff at the face, neck, and stomach areas. Just getting a laugh. Of course this was a ploy. One of the pouches on her belt was pulled, the clasp undone if not stopped, catching it in his teeth before woofing and jumping over the railing again. In puppy fashion, the bowed play position with rump in the air and tail waving like a flag, arfing through the pouch fabric at Janara. She was too serious for fun flips and stuff! She had to lighten up!

Janara Aldulli was about to rise when Pojo hit her, laughing and pushing him away "Pojo, stop! Not right now!" She knew pickpockets, and that abrupt tug on her belt had the girl looking down instantly to see what was gone. As soon as she discovered a pouch was gone she leaped up to her feet and chased after him, leaping up unconsciously to step on the railing with a single foot "Pojo give that back!" Taking a guess at where he'd go she'd jump right over his head, pushing off right enough to turn around in mid air and face him. It wasn't quite a flip, but she landed solidly. Snatching forward with her free hand she'd do her best to get a grip on the pouch "That wasn't very nice, Pojo."

Aedan Archer's smile faded in replace of a frown once the more traditional training session was rudely interrupted by the pup. Though Aedan hadn't spent much time with the pup, he had known of Pojo by reputation as padawan to the now missing Jedi Knight, Mitra Kahn. As padawan to her father, the pair grew up together rather close so her lack of presence in this time of need was truly missed by the colossal giant. As the twi'lek took chase, Aedan's brow loft with amusement. He noted her ability to anticipate the pup and, more importantly, the successful landing of her aerial manuvuer. Suddenly, a wicked smile plastered his face. "Oh Pojooooo~" he called, his voice riddled with mischief. "Can you come here for a moment?" If Pojo obeyed, Aedan would lower himself to a knee and carefully grab the pup by the utility belt, holding him there. "New plan." he said looking up at Janara. Reaching out with the force, he'd suddenly latch onto the twi'lek's lightsaber, pulling on it with the force into his hand, unless the twi'lek stopped him. If successful, the hilt was gestured, open palm, to the pup beside him. "Pojo is now in possession of your lightsaber. If you want it back, you'll have to catch him. But here's the caveat." he said, his hand now gesturing off to the side, once more reaching out with the force to levitate a group of four chairs not too far away. "You must use your basic understanding of ataru and must trust in the force to dodge the projectiles that will be thrown at you. If you fail, Pojo will find himself the owner of a new lightsaber." Of course Aedan wouldn't dare give away Janara's lightsaber, but he felt the risk of losing it might make her more focused and confident to succeed. Eyeing the pair, he'd expand his smile to a toothy grin and released Pojo. Within the first moments of the exercise, a wave of two chairs were launched in Janara's general direction.

Pojo didn't have force leaping to help him jump around like she did. But he was basically a dog. With six strong legs. Fully strong, now that the wound down his side was nothing more than a slowly healing bald scar. Her landing had scrambling legs send Pojo the other direction. Aedan called to him. SANCTUARY! He ran for the teacher, only to yelp as he was caught. Ohh, lightsaber! A push of TK sent the pouch back to Jan. Another quick pause as a piece of cloth was taken out of a belt pouch of his own, wrapped around the handle, before he held it in his teeth. Grinning, he bolted to the side, skittering around the light post, offering him a piece of solid stuff between him and his chaser.

Janara Aldulli was about to scramble after Pojo when Aedan abruptly yanked her lightsaber from her, she grabbing futilely at the air. Oh she was horribly off her guard right now. Huffing she'd listen to his hidden proposal, glancing over to the chairs while offhandedly catching her tossed bag. Deciding to deal with it and her belt later she'd take them off and set them down. Then she straighened herself before breathing. Always breathing. Grabbing at the force at the same time she let it wrap about her like a blanket, feeling it sink in. Closing her eyes for a moment to get a good feel she'd nod before chasing after Pojo. Janara's first dodge was a distance-eating roll, keeping close to the ground before coming out at a run. She'd get her lightsaber, and the little dog too!

Aedan Archer missed with the first chair throw but the second was coming in hot! There were a total of four chairs in which the weapon master was levitating and each one would be aimed at the twi'lek in consecutive fashion. The lesson was less focus on Pojo and more focused on Janara, thus giving Pojo more freedom to elude his pursuer which ever tricky way he sought fit. Janara, on the other hand, would be forced to be more cautious and controlled, which is exactly what Aedan wanted. "The trick here," Aedan began instructing, weaving the force with his hands to recall the chair that had just narrowly missed the padawan, "Is to keep your mind focused on your objective and let the force warn you of danger. Multi-tasking can be difficult to manage, but is crucial to master. On the battlefield, you won't have the luxury of dealing with obstacles one at a time and must be able to endre and overcome in order to complete your mission." Pausing, he'd strike at Janara with two more chairs, one coming in high and the other low and slightly diagonal from its partner. "I sense the force around you, Janara, but let it pass through you too. Welcoming it into your body will invigorate you and help you endure." he noted.

Pojo was a good leaper without the force. Well, Art of Movement helped. Which for awhile was just his excersize room as none of the normal classes worked well. He knew the cairs were going to be heading this way. He waited to the last moment, inching to his left, her right, to bring her closer to that side as she came. Than he dodged right and sped forwards. He tried to get past her, with so many strong legs and being close to the ground, the speedy dog would try to use Aedan to help him. As in Aidan's chair. If he got past Janara, the dog would jump suddenly, just over the thrown chair, kicking off that one too. Or at least he tried. Damn thing didnt have as much stability. And flew past him as he kicked. Getting no real push off ot it, he didn't quite fly right, twisting in the air before flopping onto the ground. Uh oh, vulnerable. Hopefully Janara was thrown off by the dog in the air that was suddenly replaced by a chair going at her.

Janara Aldulli immediately loosened her grip on the force, but didn't let go. She tried to let it flow around her like Aedan had prompted, not giving her a moment to breathe and try to figure it out before the two chairs were coming at her. Diving between the two she'd watch Pojo rushing past her, landing on her hands in a handstand she'd stop her momentum with a push from the force, rolling to the side to avoid the chair that was redirected towards her once more. Landing on her hands and feet she'd charge forward once more in to a full out sprint, reaching out to grab the exposed pup in a bear hug if he didn't manage to scramble away.

Aedan Archer continued to watch with mild amusement, now noting the pup's strategy among other things. Rather than run around blindly, Pojo sought to utilize the obstacles to his advantage while potentially leading Janara into a trap, which would have worked had Janara not been so prepared. Eyes widened, lips curling into a proud grin, Aedan watched as she rolled between the chairs, stopped her momentum with the force, and then change course to evade another chair. It was such an impressive display for someone that had struggled just moments ago on her own, that Aedan finally had an idea of how to properly instruct the girl. Noting how close she was to Pojo, Aedan veered a pair of chairs to flank the two padawans, potentially smacking into them had Janara delayed her attempt to grapple Pojo. Of course he wouldn't let the collision land, but still wanted to make the risk real. If she was successful, Aedan would carefully lower the chairs in their original location and approach. "Very good Padawan Aldulli." Turning his attention to the captured Pojo, he'd offer the pup a gracious bow before speaking, "And for your contribution I award you with a handful of treats from the cafeteria." He directed his next statement to the pair of them. "Moving forward, I will be playing a bigger role in your progression and training. With our current... situation, it has been difficult for our knights to invest time into training and that is our failure. That ends now." Fixating his gaze on Pojo. "From what I understand, Jedi Knight Kahn was in the process of teaching you to implement telekinesis into your lightsaber training. Our first lesson will begin there." Shifting his focus to Janara, "As for you, I want to discuss with you what your master had taught you versus what feels right to you. From my observation, there are several techniques that blend well with your style that I want to introduce. Until then, you are to practice Form I: Shii-Cho at great lengths, in which I then want you to demonstrate every sequence for me. In order to master other forms, it is imperative that you memorize the first form." Smiling at both padawans, he folded his arms over his chest once more and said. "You are dismissed."

Pojo grumbled as he was caught. Miscalculation got him caught. He huffed, giving the lightsaber back minus the cloth. He cheered right up when treats were mentioned. Flipping right up onto his feet, tail wagging, listening. Or maybe not. The guy said treats! As soon as the word dismissed was spoken, one would swear the pup DID use the force to speed himself up...with how he shot off like a rocket for the pantry.

Janara Aldulli'd instantly curl up around Pojo as soon as she got her arms wrapped around him, pushing back against the chairs that were coming up behind her once more. It would only be enough to nudge them up, but as soon as the chairs were halted in their hunting for her she'd slowly open an eye and look at the seats as they were floated off. Exhaling the blue woman would roll off of Pojo, flopping to pant lightly on the ground and murmuring after Aedan's praise "Good job, Pojo." Lifting her head up to listen to Aedan as he gave his long list she slowly flopped back down on to the ground, sighing loudly as Pojo ran off. Slowly getting to her feet she contemplated whether or not she liked being mostly ignored. Deciding that it was better to not be frustrated and have instruction she held the lightsaber that had been given back to her chest, walking over and plucking her belt from the ground. She paused for a moment before saying simply "Thank you, Master Archer." Then she was walking after Pojo, rubbing at her back and grimacing a little. She'd have to take care of that.
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Name: Jananananana
Rank: Senior Padawan
Type: Lesson(Saber/Meditation)
People involved: Aedan Archer, Pojo, Aayka Usama, Madame Cerise
Date: Jan 31, 2016

Aedan Archer had summoned the padawans and younglings that had been assigned to him aboard the T-4A transport shuttle into the cargo area, which based on his assesment was the largest section of the ship. The brute of a man had disgarded his outer robes, adorning the battle-armor he was most often seeing wearing as of late. He had assembled a large rectangular table off in the distance where a group of training droids and lightsabers had been neatly placed side by side. Resting atop another table were an assortment of different lightsabers constructed by the Weapon Master himself. There was a long hilt that was a double-bladed lightsaber, a much smaller shoto hilt, a guarded-shoto, an even longer hilt resembling that of a staff which was a lightsaber pike, and even a San-ni staff as wel l as the prototype to his custom made light shield bracer. Once everything was set, The Mountain would stand in the middle, arms crossed as he waited for the children to enter.

Pojo was of course very quick to arrive. As in....probably here when Archer was here. After the whole event that put him here seemed to happen without Pojo even knowing what was going on, he was rather uncertain by these dark people with dark cloths and ....dark. Lots of dark. So the pup stuck by Archer the whole time, head half lowered. Tail tucked down. Just staying close by. So yeah. FIRST STUDENT HERE.

Janara Aldulli always listened when Master Archer called out. Not for the fact that he'd whappity your rear for ignoring him, but because she liked learning how to fight. Curious she stuck her head in through the door before walking over to him. Glancing down to Pojo she gave him a small smile and greeted "Hey there, buddy. You look like you're having a hard time." She'd drop down to her knees and give the puppy a hug, a few scratches behind the ears before rising to her feet and looking to Aedan "Master Archer." A small bow of respect before settling in to wait for him to start.

Aayka Usama felt the rifle that she had taken from the battle hitting her in the back, as she sprinted down the corridor, as she thought that she was late. First summons to a training thing? Woo? Aayka still wasn't sure if her instincts on this whole jedi thing were right, but she'd give it an effort all the same. She halted to let the door open, stepping inside before she took in her surrounds, like she had taught herself when puling a heist. Recognizing the other blue girl member, the girl stepped to her side, taking note of the pup, before she focused her attention on the training instructor.

Aedan Archer offered a warm smile to the children that entered the cargo area. Spotting Janara, he returned her bow with a low nod of his own and waited for everyone to settle in and sit down. Once satisfied, Aedan would address the group with his deep, husky voice echoing throughout the metallic walls. "Good afternoon. I know your anxiety must be high with everything that has transpired these past two days, but I ask that you all use discipline and push through. We are to proceed as normal and I have called you all in here to begin today's lessons." Studying the faces of each of the padawans, Aedan continued. "All three of you are on different levels from one another, some more experienced then the other, and so I am treating this lesson as an informal one. You all will be given assignments and I will work my way around the room to offer guidance and instruction if necessary. I expect a level of professionalism and maturity today," he said his gaze focusing on the pup with the short attention span, "and if I see progress I will reward each one of you. Do you all understand?"

Pojo absolutely loved, and needed, that hug and scritch. It seemed to relax him quite a bit. Standing a little straighter, he looked around the area a little more. Ohh, a lesson. He hadn't had one in awhile. Well...there was that one basic swordplay lesson. But other than THAT it has been awhile! ....Well there was that-ANYWAY Pojo joined the other students, carefully selecting his spot of waiting, moving himself carefully between the two blue girls, rump plopping down. Oh yes, right between the two. Placing his fuzzy head within perfect range of headscritches from both. Hehe, smart dog.

Janara Aldulli gave Aayka a quick glance and a smile with a whispered "Glad you came." Otherwise she'd remain silent, watching Aedan as he gave his little introduction to the day's lesson. She didn't miss the pointed look to Pojo, lips tweaking in a smile before she scratched him on the side closest to her. She looked down to Pojo and said easily "I'm sure we'll all be able to stay focused on the task at hand, Master Archer. I'm looking forward to the distraction." The girl shuddered, remembering the brief moment she had tried to meditate earlier. All that happened was a swarming of confusion and the memories of death. Exhaling she lifted her gaze back up, still scratching away until she was given instruction. Lucky pup.

Aayka Usama was definitely anxious from the events, but she could manage to remain still, and concentrate on the instructor's words, after she had nodded to the other girl. The pointed look to the six legged dog gave her some idea what sort of mischief he'd probably gotten himself into, before. She also noticed the fact that he had set himself down between herself and the other girl. However, her attention was set fully on the instructor, before her head bobbed, thinking to herself that she usually was a professional. At least in her previous trade.

Aedan Archer appreciated their attention and focus, knowing just how difficult it must have been considering their situation. Without further ado, "Padawan Aldulli, front and center!" He commanded not too different from how a Commander speaks to a new recruit. He'd wait for the older twi'lek to report to him before giving her a friendly grin, despite his imposing figure. "I've taken the liberty of putting several different styles of lightsabers up for display on the table to my left. I want you to take a look at them and get a good understanding of how they feel in your hands. You are free to ignite them and wield them around, they are set for stun. Once you are finished trying each one, take a minimum of three that peak your interest and bring them back to me." With that said, he'd gesture his head to the table and then fixate his attention on the other two. "Padawan Pojo, front and center!" He commanded again. Once Pojo was standing in front of him, Aedan peer ALL THE WAY DOWN at him. "There is an bullseye marked on the wall to my rear and a line painted on the ground approximately one hundred meeters out. From what I understand, you have an interesting gift in telekinesis and so what I want you to do is use the force to propell your lightsaber at the bullseye and pull it back. This is a common technique known as Saber Throw. I want you to get a firm understanding of the technique, how it feels within the force, and how it fairs against your resolve. While simple by design, the technique can be taxing to those inexperienced with it. Now go." Stepping to the side, he'd leave room for Pojo to begin his exercise. "And miss Aayka Usama." he said in a softer tone. When she'd approach he'd crouch down with a smile in front of her. "I apologize that we haven't been formally introduced until now. I am Jedi Knight Aedan Archer, and I welcome you to the Jedi Order." he said, extending a massive hand in greeting. Whether she took it or not, he'd continue. "We will start your training out small. Please retrieve a training lightsaber from the table to your right and report back to me."

Pojo absolutely loved the petting. It was a good tradeoff. The other person felt better from contact. ANd he gets headscritches. Pefect system. And he was only going to have that advantage for a year or so....so he was gonna milk it for what he could get. Ohh, there were so many different styles of stuff on the table. When Janara went to pick a few that interested her, that got him ready looking at what was there. What might interest him. Yipping, he jumped up towards Archer when he was called. And....was not directed to the table. Throw practice. Well, he could do that! He gave a commically cute affirmative nod before bounding over to the line to plop his rump down on the ground. After two breaths, the cute rubber-covered saber popped up from his utility harness, buzzing to life without a touch. Rather quickly the whirling buzz of a spinning saber could be heard, zipping between pojo and the target. Throwing? He had done it before. SO he made a little game out of it, spinning it around himself quick and flinging it out again quickly, trying to speed up his throws while maintaining the control.

Janara Aldulli would step forward, standing 'at ease' in front of the tall man. As soon as he smiled she'd return it back, leaning around him to look at the table. Giving him a glance her eyes would light up and she'd shove down the urge to giggle and rush to the table, instead finishing calmly with "Yes, Master Archer" and then quickly stride past him and to the table. Like a kid in a candy store she'd be unable to hide her grin, picking up the first one and looking it over. OF COURSE SHE'D IGNITE IT. But not until the others were clear from the table. Giggling a little to herself she'd clear her throat after catching herself. Not daring to look back at the others to see if they'd heard her Janara would take a step back from the table and ignite both ends of the saber at once. Not doing anything fancy she'd shift it about in her hands, frowning down to it. Shaking her head she'd set it down before moving to the next. The shoto was given a raised eyebrow at how small it was, but she'd give it a try before setting it down as well. It continued that way for the other two, she shaking her head openly at the San-ni staff before curiously pulling on the bracer. As soon as the shield slid to life she was grinning widely. That was definitely on the list. Finishing up by letting it go dim once more she'd walk back along the table, conflicted. Nodding her head after a moment he picked up the two shoto, holding it all carefully. Moving slowly she'd approach Aedan and Aayka, uncertain if she was supposed to wait longer.

Aayka Usama watched as the other trainees each took the position before the instructor, and received their instructions from the big guy. Despite the hyperactive movements of the pup, Aayka moved slowe, and carefully into position, nodding her head after Aedan had introduced himself, taking his massive hand with her small one. "Nice to meet you, Mister Big Guy," she'd respond, before she'd hurry to the table, glancing at Janara as she tried the weapons. Aayka would grab herself a training saber, but pause, remembering her gear that she had. Setting the saber down, Aayka would undo her belt, and pull the rifle from her shoulder, and settle them under the table, before she'd grab the saber again, and hurry back to the instructor.

Aedan Archer keeping an eye on Pojo, he was confident that the pup was fine to be left to his own devices... for now. So when Aayka returned, Aedan had several moments to spare before he'd have to divert his attention elsewhere. Once more crouching in front of Aaykya, he'd gesture for her to show him the hilt before speaking. "Have you seen a lightsaber before? Do you understand how it works?" he asked, his blue eyes studying hers inquisitively. "Right now we won't ignore the boring stuff and will return to disassembling the lightsaber going over each part at a later point. For now, just hit the button near your thumb. Be sure to point the emitter of the hilt upwards so that the blade doesn't harm anyone." Backing up, he'd wait for her to ignite the blade before continuing. "I am unsure whether you have had any previous combat experience, but the manner in which we wield a lightsaber is not much different from that of a vibro-blade. They are similar in length and shape with the only difference being that a lightsaber holds no weight. To a practice swordsman, this can be more harmful than good as the lack of weight can often make it difficult to manuvuer and wield, but for a jedi it comes a little easier due to our connection with the force." Reaching for his own lightsaber, he took several paces back and ignited it, revealing a deep blue blade in contrast to the silver he had the day before. Did Aedan really change the color of his lightsaber crystal? Yep.. He does that sometimes. Separating his feet at shoulder's width apart, he lifted the lightsaber above his head, the hilt angled a ninety degrees so the blade was behind him. Knees were bent, keeping his heels planted on the ground. "Please mimic my stance. This is the ready stance for Ideal Form One of the Shii-Cho form." When Aayka would enter the stance, Aedan demonstrated a few over the head strikes, bringing his large blade down and in front of him only to return his blade to its former position. "Take the next few moments to practice this strike. It's simple, but allow yourself to become comfortable with the weight of the lightsaber and I will return to you shortly." With that said, he turned just in time to see Janara approach with several hilts in hand. "What did you pick out?" he asked, his smile widening.

Pojo almost seemed to use the saber like a yo-yo, buzzing it out and than back to himself. Sometimes he tried pausing the saber as it came back. Sometimes he flipped the rotation around. Once he sent it spiralling perpindicular to its motion. Ohh, that looked really cool. While Archer was busy with one of the others, he tried it again, this time so he could see it from the side. Ohh, nice spiral. The only thing with that was timing the spin so it hit the target.... He pondered it....than realized he would figure it out later when his oddball tests wouldn't be spotted and interrupted. Reasoning was simple. Throwing it the same way over and over again was getting booring. When you have something remotely controlled, you don't fly it in the same direction over and over. You look at ways to make it go that differ, change the angle, change the way it moves. He even threw it straight like a stab several times, seeing how accurately he could hit the target in a row.

Janara Aldulli'd watch what little instruction she could before Aedan turned to her, grinning at her again. She had the faint thought that the behemoth was just as excited as she was to be learning a new saber. She looked down to the three devices on or in her hands "I've got the shoto, guard shoto, and then your shield." She'd wiggle the hand holding the shoto to draw attention to the device in place. Lowering her hands to her waist she'd look down to the three before adding "I've also got my own lightsaber at my hip." She felt pretty loaded with weaponry, it was entertaining to her. The young lady couldn't stop grinning.

Aayka Usama stood before the big guy, as she heard him talk about the saber. Mention of the button, she lifted the saber in her right hand in front of herself, examining it first to determine the emitter was pointing up, before she let her thumb feel for the button, that caused the green blade to appear. She observed Aedan again, listening speak about the weight of the sabers, the mention of vibro-blades made her remember the pair of vibro-daggers she once had, but had lost. When told to, Aayka mimics the stance the instructor showed her. Feet shoulder length apart, Her lifted her saber oboe her head, adjusting the angle a few times, before she felt that it was the same as Aeden's angle. Knees slowly bent, before she made the similar over the head strike he had. When she received her instructions to practice the strike, she did so, feeling the weight of the hilt each time, lessen and lessen. Maybe her farming work prepared her for this too?

Aedan Archer enjoyed seeing Janara's excitement, which reminded her of his own when he first started studying other lightsabers. Though Janara had years of study underneath her late master, he couldn't help but visualize this girl as a weapon master herself sometime in the future, if that was the path she chose. "Perfect. Each one is diverse and utilizes a different approach to combat," he said before his grin widened at the sight of the light shield. "The shoto is used best when paired with a standard lightsaber, the short range making it easier to wield defensively. The guard shoto is similar, though its exotic nature makes it unpredictable and it is easily known as one of the most formidable defensive weapons on the table. The shield... well, you had first hand experience with that now haven't you?" he said with a laugh. "Why don't you return to the table and study the schematics and holocrons for those weapons for the time being." With instruction given, Aedan directed his attention to Pojo, noting the pup's growing boredom with the exercise. "Pojo, sometimes repeatition is key. It imprints the technique into your muscle memory, turning it into instinct should you ever find yourself in a position where you must multi-task or cannot depend on the force." Waving his hand to the training droid, he activated it with the force and commanded it to hover towards Pojo. Now, each time the lightsaber would return to the pup in his rotation, a weak blaster bolt would fire from the droid, aiming in various areas on the pup's form. This would force Pojo to take a defensive approach to the rotation and split his focus. Returning to the young twi'lek before him, he'd speak. "How does it feel?"


Aedan Archer's attention diverted to the door to see a sopping wet, if not provacative Cerise. That woman was always making herself look so damn appealing that Aedan couldn't help but feel that it was always on purpose... It probably was. As if to snap himself into focus, he pivoted and turned his gaze to the twi'lek practicing. Aedan reframed from interruping the girl, noting her flaws and then noting how she'd correct them later. The fact that she was able to identify her mistakes was proof that she would be a competent student moving forward. After several long moments, Aedan raised a hand to signal for her to stop. "That's enough for now, Padawan Usama." he said, making sure to call her by her rank now as a means to indicate her being accepted into the Order. "Hello Cerise," he added with a bow. "Would you care to share your wisdom with our students?"

Madam Cerise still wonders why Aedan gives her the benefit of doubt for the way she dresses. That probably just adds to the fun. The minx was in the middle of leaning over and wringing out her hair a little after taking it out of the bun she had put in for running. Her head popped up, bangs almost covering her eyes. "Hmm? Oh." Cerise flicked her head side to side, probably flinging droplets everywhere, to make sure her hair was not covering her face. She brought a finger to her chin, tapped it a few times, then held the finger up. "Use your appearance to your advantage as often as possible. This includes things beyond sight. Just for your race, you will be distracting. Take advantage." She punctuates with a wink. Cerise absolutely knew this was not what Archer was referring to, but it was her wisdom.

Janara Aldulli finally pulled herself away from the schematics, looking to Cerise as she spoke up. Grinning she left behind the new weapons and such behind, rushing over and giving the pale beauty a brief hug before pulling back. Grinning wide she stated easily "I know that every time I get in my costume and get on stage. Nothing beats a good distraction if you can get their attention." Without reserve she poked at Cerise and nodded her head "Exhibit A." She gave Aedan a glance--the girl was a little too knowledgeable in this area. Still she looked back to Cerise "I didn't know it was raining outside. Is it warm?"

Aayka Usama halted when she heard the rank and her surname, turning to face the instructor to nod that his instructions were heard. Aayka pressed the button on her training saber, as she started to head to the table, to collect her belt and rifle from under the table, before she turned to the jedi, and asked, "Am I allowed to hold unto this," the hand holding the saber lifted into the air, gaze looking in between the male and female. It would be nice if she could practice when she had the time. Head tilted when the other women spoke of the advice, privately, she preffered when others provided the distraction, and she could sneak on by and take what she wanted.

Madam Cerise happily returns the hug and squeaks adorably when she is given a poke. "Hee. Well, literally, it is warm. But it always feels cold to me due to how steeped this planet is in the dark side. You guys make it warmer, though." She was making an effort to kind of have a bubble of sorts where they could ignore the darkness the planet held. Her innate cheeriness helped, but it was not on the level of the missing master. A look was given to Aedan, then back to Aayka, and she gave her a nod. "Certainly. Just don't violate any worthwhile laws using them." A quick wink was added. "Now, when's the last time you guys were focusing yourself through the Force?"

Janara Aldulli snorted at Cerise when she squeaked--she didn't buy it for a moment. Though at her comment about being made warmer through the force she'd lean a little against the woman, looking to Aayka and commenting "Be careful of the sith, they're the type to ask questions second, act first." Or at least that was her assumption. Cerise question had her going immediately quiet and looking away. She played with her fingers, not making eye contact.

Aayka Usama snapped the belt on, hooking the training saber to it, before setting the strap of the rifle around her head and shoulder, , and pulling it so that it was situated against her back. Her head glanced to the training master, before she moved toward the other master, and padawan. She stop, about an arm's length away, before she shook her head. "I don't even know how," came her response, before she eyed the other padawan, tilting her head, before she said, "Don't they like rely on hate or something?"

Madam Cerise rests her head briefly on Janara as she leans against her. "Cozy. When she noted Janara's immediate withdrawal, her eyes shot little figurative lightning bolts. Eyes went wide when Aayka claimed she did not know how. "Have you ever felt connected to it, you think? The dark Jedi relies on negative emotions, or chaotic ones. Passion is a powerful tool for them along with hate, anger, and fear. But we adhere to disicipline, compassion, and focus. Positive emotions are 'frowned' upon -" She makes the air quotes with her hands - "As relying on them may leave you open to negative emotions. But screw the lecture." Cerise did not put an r at the end of that last word. Applaud her self control. "Get comfortable" Her hands would move to tickle Janara's sides. "Sit, stand, what have you. We are going to do a visualization meditative techique."

Janara Aldulli looked away innocently, in fact she started humming a little as soon as Cerise glared at her. Still she turned back with the mini explaination, smiling easily at that. The young woman'd laugh a little, dancing out of reach gracefully. Making her way over to some boxes nearby she'd set them down on the ground, a few of them, before plopping herself down on one of them. She'd motion to the others while adding "I find it easier to sit, means I don't have to focus so much on maintaining my balance." Crossing her legs easily she'd look to Cerise before motioning over to where Aedan's cloak had been left "If you're feeling cold I'm sure the ever distracted Master Archer won't mind you borrowing it." It was delivered with a grin.

Aayka Usama listened to the explanation of the force, and the dark side users, settling herself down on a box next to Aldulli, before setting her sights on the jedi. She had been wonderingabout this connection to the force bit.To her knowledge, she hadn't felt this mystical force before, but then again, she had been unknowingly been using some form of it when she had persuaded Tattoonie locals of giving her stuff, or paying attention to things.

Madam Cerise smiled when Janara escaped her tickles. She would slowly follow behind her, waiting for others to get comfortable before setting herself down with a sudden plop, crossing her legs and tucking both feet on top of her thighs. Flexibility, yo. When Janara mentioned Aedan's cloak, a look of mischief overtook Cerise's face. She motioned for the cloak to fly over to her, and she wrapped her body up with it, dragging the hood over so much that it shadowed her face almost completely, save for her mouth and chin. Her hands were held up like she was pretending to be a raptor, and she began to curl her fingers as she spoke, taking on a ragged voice to suit her role. "The Crone senses souls in search of answers... to become closer with the Force. Follow her instructions three and you will find what you seek. First: eyes closed if you are new, but bring yourself in. Ignore everything, yet acknowledge it. Keep your thoughts clear. Let them float by like clouds, but focus on the clear sky behind them."

Janara Aldulli smiled easily when Cerise brought the cloak over, shaking her head and sighing easily. She didn't want Aayka to be alone, so she closed her eyes as well. After Cerise gave her little vague statement she'd murmur "Close your eyes and relax. Feel our surroundings..." She'd open her eye a little to look at Aayka "But don't let it distract you." Then she closed her eye again. This part she was good at. She would do this after a bad night. Exhaling slowly she'd settle more readily in to place, hands cradled eaily in her lap.

Aayka Usama watched the cloak fly to the woman's hands, wrapping herself in its folds, before she listened. She altered her posture, crossing her legs atop the box that she sat on. She closed her eyes. Check. Sitting position? Check. The next part was odd to figure out, until she heard Janara's translation, so she focused on feeling the surrounding. She heard the sound of herself breathing, but willed herself to ignore it. Was that Cerise breathing? Ignore it, Aayka, she scolded herself, as her hands settled on her knees.

Madam Cerise:let out a small cackle. She was really enjoying this character. "Yes, yes, good. Second: Let yourself breathe." The Crone takes in a sharp breath for emphasis, relaxing as she exhaled shortly thereafter. "Allow the air to pass in and out. Make sure you mean each breath. Do not strain yourself, but take in as much as you can without overexertion. Let the air pass through you. By extension, the Force will do the same." She had her palms up, curling her fingers towards herself, beckoning the air, the Force, to her. Cerise was acting like a small beacon for the light to flow from and into while in the darkness.

Janara Aldulli's lips tweaked up in to a smile, she shaking her head at Cerise but not saying anything to break the illusion. What 'The Crone' had said was fairly clear, so she didn't fuss needing to explain it to Aayka. Instead she followed the instructions, slowing and evening out her breathing while keeping her eyes closed. Having years of practice over Aayka, she quickly found the force. The conflicting sides were present, she feeling both and twisting her face a little. Instead she gave a mental heave and grabbed on to the light, pulling it towards her and feeling it surrounding, enveloping. The warmth was nice, she sighing a little while relaxing even more in her seat.

Aayka Usama kept getting distracted y the noises in the room, the engine of the ship, and whatever else. But each time, she gently told herself to ignore it all. She heard the command to breath, but not be forceful about it, so she slowly, yet relatedly, inhaled, then slowly exhaled, remembering the times that she had to control her breathing, when she pulled off heists and whatnot. Inhale. Exhale. Feel the surroundings. Ignore them. A lot work, meditation was. It wasn't until a memory flowed to the front of her mind. Was she Four years old? That man, the gambler! He took her from her family. She growled at the man in her memory.

Madam Cerise waggles a finger at Janara. "Little blue Janara, Cerise may like your curves, but I do not like you jumping ahead of the rest of us. What they feel near you is premature to what they are accustomed to." Without missing another beat, she continues to the last part: "Third, you must become a basin. Allow the Force to collect in yourself, allow it to fill you. There are many sources of the water of life, and The Crone recommends the clear, calm, warm water for the initiates." Her breathing is exaggerated again, and she lets out a satisfying, "Ahhhhh... it keeps the skin in good condition, too. Ehehehee." One of her hands plays with a bit of her hair hanging from underneath the hood. She flicks the hood back off her head and watches the group in silence. A moment passes and she speaks up in her usual tone. "If you are having trouble, Aayka, just focus on the first part. Focusing on the wrong things will filter out your ability to collect the warmer side of the Force."

Janara Aldulli stuck her tongue out at Cerise, a relaxed grin in place. Sighing she pulled back, however, looking at that dark side. And immediately being confused. Her features turned in to a frown, openly displayed. The woman wasn't that good at these sort of things. She'd rather face it head on. Instead she reached out, feeling in the room and finding Aayka. Almost unconciously she began to hum a very old tune, something she hadn't heard for quite some time, eyebrows still furrowed as she wrestled with the feeling. She knew she was close.

Aayka Usama heard the talking, but she slowly focused on pushing away that memory, continuing the rhythm of feeling the surrounds, ignoring them, and letting her breathing come naturally and easily. When she was back on the path, Aayka tried to focus herself into a basin. I am a basin, she mentally spoke to herself, as though it would help. Yet she continued to try until she heard the old tune, a memory of being held, ad that melody being sung. Aayka unconsciously started to hum along with it, as her thoughts turned to Janara. What? Why?

Madam Cerise uncrossed her legs, bringing a knee up to her chin and crossing her fingers together as she observed the two share a tune. It was not something she would admit feeling familar with, but she did not make any remarks to it. To her, that familar warmth was accomplishing what it needed to accomplish. Aayka may be very close, but it seemed like she would not feel like she was accomplishing anything unless she applied it.

Janara Aldulli's eyes snapped open after a moment as she realized someone else was carrying the tune, looking at Cerise in confusion when she didn't find the woman humming along. Belatedly she realized she was humming, stopping it to listen to Aayka singing beside her. Slowly she'd exhale, cutting through abruptly "You were taken when you were four years old." There had to be no other explaination, otherwise this was a very sick joke. Too many things lined up.

Aayka Usama didn't realize until she heard the other girl speak, that she was the one carrying the old, familiar tune. Her eyes opened, looking to the other twi'lek, and nodding her head. "Yeah, but how did you know that?" she asked, before she glanced at the jedi master, and then back to Janara. Did the girl gleam something from the meditation, or maybe Cerise did?

Madam Cerise was making a confused face, looking between the two. She held up a thumb over both of them, blinked, twice, and provided no further insight for Aayaka. Her brows raised and her eyes widened a bit, and the put both hands over her mouth. Well, someone learned something alright.

Janara Aldulli wasn't that skilled yet. Maybe one day. Instead she was just warming up. Slowly her legs uncrossed and she shifted to the edge of the box "You lived with your parents and your older sister on Tantooine until the day you were taken. Kidnapped right from the backyard where you had been playing while your older sister had run inside for a moment to get a toy. And came out to find you gone." Shaing her head a moment later she looked to her hands, her voice soft "They never did find out where you had gone. Instead they were taken by the very slavers they feared would take you and your older sister." Lifting a hand up to her face she whispered "After all of these years I finally find you. I don't know whether I should call fate kind or cruel." Exhaling she turned and looked, and found the parents she had lost forever ago. "You're my younger sister, Aayka. Your story, up until you were taken, was mine. Is mine." She lifted a hand to a lekku, murmuring "The song. Our mother sang it to us."

Aayka Usama listened to the story that the other was speaking, head glancing toward Cerise, her expression almost asking if this was real. When her pre-kidnapping story was laid out, and the revelation that the girl was her older sister, was spoken. She was frozen, until she looked from Cerise to Janara, before she said, "Could the force have made me feel that you were a safe person to go too, last night when we were looking at the sith?" she mused, before she said, "I got sold to a nice moisture farming couple, until I was like, nine. Tusken raiders killed them, so I came back to the city, and.." she then flung herself at her older sister, wrapping her arms around the girl in a hug.

Madam Cerise had her hands still covering her face, her eyes widened. Her perceptions danced around, whizzing around them with the Force. A tear went down her face and she wiped it on Archer's cloak. She thought they knew...? It seemed like they were similar, but they were both blue Twi'leks and it could have been bias... Well, there may have been no mistaking it because... "Well, there's the Force and its sense of humor, huh." She tiled her head, resting her left cheek on her raised knee. "I think that's enough lessons for now." Said even if it was likely ignored. There would likely be a lesson about keeping this information separate from the Sith, much less others, due to how vulnerable they were right now. Siblings and force sensitivity together seems to often turn out to be a curse more than a blessing, if history is any indication. Cerise quietly excuses herself, taking her things with her.

Janara Aldulli had listened with a pained expression that easily smoothed out and then contorted once again. The abrupt hug was a surprise to the young woman, she catching her and looking a little stunned. But then she gripped tightly the young teen in her arms, curling almost protectively around the fellow twi'lek. She didn't say anything, just held on tightly and hid her face. She then merely breathed "Thank you." It wasn't clear who she was thanking. She merely looked up to Cerise as she spoke, giving her such a fierce look and yet a soft smile "Thank you, Cerise." She wouldn't stop the woman from leaving, not inclined to stop the hug.

Aayka Usama held Janara as long as she could, as she heard the words of the older woman, lifting her head up, to see her leave She would definitely try to keep up her training, the force part too. Aayka lifted herself up, looking into Janara's eyes, as she said, "I met this group of kids, we had this sort of leader, and we often stayed in his base. He guided us... and... then some of the other guides took over, and then..."

Janara Aldulli let Aayka pull back a little, gazing at her calmly as she listened. Tilting her head a little she remarked "Is that how you stayed out of trouble after... the tuskans?" She was uncertain of how attatched Aayka had been to the farmers, even if she had been sold to them. The woman definitely understood the whole 'forced' part, but she'd never ended up on a farm. Which would have been nice. Pushing that aside for now she remarked "Are you worried about the others you left behind?"

Aayka Usama had felt sad about the farmers being killed, made sure their remains were buried, before she salvaged what she could from the farm. They had been nice people, treated her kindly, trained her in their work. She nodded her head to the question, before she looked down when the second was asked. "I'm sure the other older kids would be able to take care of the younger ones. That's what happened when Bossman left too."

Janara Aldulli gave a small smile to her "I was gone from Tantooine for some time, I've forgotten about the bands of kids roaming around and taking care of themselves." Rubbing her cheek she pulled back a little before asking hesitantly "Would you like to try meditation again? I'm sure you were pretty close or doing it when I interrupted you."

Aayka Usama let out a smile, after hearing about where her older sister was, and wanted to ak about their parents, but@sort of was afraid of the truth. She just wasn't ready to hear about it. Topic changed to meditation, her head nodded, before she moved her box in front of Janara, and settled atop it, assuming the meditation posture again.

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Name: Janara
Rank: Senior Padawan
Type: Lesson (Exotic Sabers)
People involved: Aedan Archer, Isaac Solos
Date: Feb 1, 2016

Janara Aldulli had been practicing Shii-cho on and off all day, not really having much else to do beyond meditating and talking with the others. The latter which she didn't want to do at the moment, and the former having already done. So back to swinging a lightsaber about. She was moving slowly, blade as equally slow as she made sure each step was where it belonged. She paused at a moment whenever she felt herself shifting wrong, adjusting her arms or her feet before going back to moving extremely slow. For the most part she was focused on her practicing, ignoring everything else. She didn't anticipate anyone sneaking up any time soon.

Aedan Archer wasn't really sneaking. After all, how can a two meter tall giant go unnoticed? He'd enter the room, noting that the girl was partaking in basic shii-cho training simply by observing her stance and sequences. Not wanting to interrupt, he walked off to the side and placed the bag he was carrying on the ground. Rummaging through its contents, he removed two hilts and a single bracer and placed them side by side with one another. He returned to standing, folding his massive arms over his chest and continued to watch until the padawan took notice.

Isaac Solos's reunion with his fellow Jedi had been a rather standard affair, arriving on Dromuund Kaas earlier that day after having been seperated from his collegues since the original attack on their Order. After settling into the new setting, and getting caught up on the dealings with the Sith, Isaac once again felt at home. Speaking of getting back home, Isaac moved with a lazy stride towards the classrooms where he would wander in on a lesson. It was good to see the Jedi doing as Jedi do, looking forward and not back, continuing to live their lives even during this turmoil. Stealing a casual seat near the entrance, Isaac's right ankle would rest on left knee, arms crossing over his chest as he took a lean against the wall. Observing the lesson with an intrigued look, he would only acknowledge the pair with a subtle head nod, not wanting to bud in but ready if needed to help out in any way.

Janara Aldulli wanted to at least finish this last set before looking over to the new arrivals in to the room, blade sliding back in to the hilt. Holding the metal thing behind her back she'd give a small smile to Isaac before looking over to Aedan. As soon as she saw the three items placed out she quickly moved over, looking excited "Are we going to go over them today? Not that reading up about them wasn't interesting." As watching paint dry. Trying to shove aside the feeling she looked up to the man, hopeful. Isaac was given a small wave before returning to Aedan.

Aedan Archer gave Isaac a short nod before focusing his attention on Janara, noting her excitement with amusement. "That is the plan," he said with a smile. "Yesterday, as you know, I had to examine several different styles of lightsabers and told you to choose those that not only appeal to you in design, but also at heart. You'll understand my reasoning later, but.." he paused, stepping aside to allow Janara to pick up one of the items of her choosing. "We will go over each one in more detail as well as even practice with them for a brief time. Please choose the one you want to start with first."

Isaac Solos simply watched, yet somehow didn't seem like a creeper, but more so like an interested student himself.

Janara Aldulli paused, looking down at each one laid out and looking a little conflicted. Again. She sighed, murmuring to herself "But I like them all..." Pulling her hands out from behind her back she slid her own saber hilt in to it's usual place, looking over the various sizes. Nodding her head she'd reach down and pick up the shoto with the simple explaination "Smallest to largest." She'd hold it out to the mountain with a smile.

Aedan Archer's smile widened at her enthusiam. "I'm sure you do... Perhaps I should worry about my position as Weapon Master?" he teased before walking pass the padawan, his shoulders relaxing to allow his robes to simply fall from his massive frame. He withdrew his large hilt from his waist, holding it in his left hand as he turned around to face her. "The primary purpose of a shoto in lightsaber combat was to counter attacks by an opponent's weapon while freeing the primary lightsaber for a return strike. You may have seen several Jedi utilize a shoto in dual wield fashion back in your days as a youngling on Coruscant, my former master being one of them." He began as he gestured for Janara to approach with his free hand. The hum of his deep blue lightsaber filled the room, a signal for Janara to do the same. "It will be best if you utilize the shoto in companion with your own lightsaber as well." If she followed through, Aedan positioned himself in a neutral stance. He'd then take a slow step forward as his blade came in diagonally in a slow, predictable fashion. "The shoto isn't used as your primary weapon but is considered as your off-hand, its small size making it easier and quicker to manuvuer and wield." If the girl brought her shoto up to block his practice strike, he'd pause and gesture at his vulnerable side with his head, giving a silent indication of the advantages to wielding two lightsabers at once.

Janara Aldulli blushed at Aedan's smile, giggling "I didn't think you heard that, but I think your position is safe for at least a few more years." She'd keep hold on the shoto, turning to face him and listening to the explanation. Aedan get a nod for his comment about seeing it used on Coruscant, adding "When we were there. My master liked to travel." But her other hilt was plucked free, she shaking her head at it before carefully activating each saber. She looked to the two for a moment, noting the varying lengths before taking a similar stance to Aedan, except dual-blade. She did just that, moving equally as slow to block with the short blade before her lightsaber moved to rest in the air above his shoulder. Then she'd carefully step back, looking down to the blades again "It seems like they'd be harder to follow if I was going much faster." She'd nod her head after a moment of thought.

Aedan Archer took a step back and nodded, his blade resting at his side. "Exactly. While having a second lightsaber at your disposal strengthens your defensive, it also gives you the freedom to be more aggressive by delivering a higher number of attacks in a shorter time span and making it possible to overpower your opponent. Dual wielding, whether with a shoto, two standard lightsabers, or two shoto lightsabers, requires high dexterity and focus, thus it is beneficial to study the sub-form Jar'Kai if you plan to explore this technique further." Raising his blade up to mid-guard, he'd give Janara the opportunity to experiment with dual wield sequences, deflecting each blade and responding with easy attacks for her to parry aside. Only when she felt content with the shoto, would he give a nod and gesture for her to pick up the next weapon of her choice.

Janara Aldulli nodded her head, looking pensive as she seemed to think his words over. That was an option, she'd have to think about it. But his silent offer to battle was met with a wide grin, she launching herself forward and striking at him. It was fun, taking steps while first using the shoto before slashing out with her blade, sneaking in with the shoto every so often. She'd only go for a couple minutes before stepping back and extinguishing both of her blades. Sliding her own hilt back in to place she ran over to the other two devices, setting down the shoto before coming back up with the guard shoto's. Giving it a look she'd grip the intersecting handle, doing the same with the other before they'd both come to life. She looked down to it, chuckling nervously "This is a bit scary, going to admit that. I've never held something like this before." Still she'd walk back over to him, glancing down uncertainly to the two tonfa.

Aedan Archer parried both blades with ease for several moments, the clashing of their lightsabers echoing throughout the room. He'd allow her to have her fun, though on one of her last attempts she made attacking with the shoto, he took advantage of the close proximity, withdrew out of its reach and then demonstrated a strike for that arm, which had he followed through or if it had been a real battle, would have severed the hand from wrist had it connected. "The biggest weakness with a shoto however, is that its reach is too short and thus the enemy can play the distance game. If you choose a shoto, it's important to keep this mind when strategizing how to beat your opponent." He'd wait for her to pick up the guard shotos before continuing the instruction. "The guard shoto, or tonfa as they're also called, has a design that allows for a wide variety of blocking, trapping, jabbing, and slashing techniques, making it versatile and extremely dangerous weapon in the hands of someone trained to wield it properly. As you can see, it has a rare perpendicular-grip hilt with a second handle extending from the main hilt at ninety degrees." He'd extend his hand outward palm up, gesturing for her to give him one of the hilts before continuing. "A lightsaber made in this design can be held with blade pointing out," he paused, demonstrating while holding the second handle, keeping the main hilt parallel with his forearm. "Or with the blade pointing back along the wielder's own arm," he twirled the hilt in his grip, reversing the hold per his instruction, "to provide a greater defensive cover and allow the wielder to move in very close to their opponent. Howeve, the grip also made it difficult to deliver powerful attaks, resulting in a loss of offense compared to the normal shoto you used moments ago." Aedan then demonstrated the various uses of the blade, twirling it within his grip, displaying manuvuers both associated with striking and parrying while moving at incredible speed before slowing it down so that Janara could mimic the sequences. "This style is far more difficult to learn than a standard shoto, so we will reframe from sparring with it for now."

Janara Aldulli listened, giving the weapons in her hands a more respectful gaze. At his extended hand she'd disengage the saber portion, handing it over and taking a cautionary step back. She'd nod her head during the lecture every so often, so the man would know he had an active audience. Everyone likes that. As soon as he slowed down her own would come up and she'd begin doing just as he figured, chuckling "I don't think I'd even spar with you if ordered me to with these things. They're definitely out there." Partially why she had taken them was because they looked so interesting. The other part was because they made her nervous. Extinguishing hers she'd give it a few more playful spins, smacking herself for her pains. Laughing lightly she'd shake her head before waiting for the master to hold out his once more to take it back to the other two. She wanted to get to that shield! Best for last!

Aedan Archer gave Janara a nod as she spoke. "Indeed, I've been training with these for... nearly seven years and I would only say that my skill with them are moderate at best. Yet even someone who was moderate with the guard shotos had an incredible advantage over enemies. Because the guard shotos were so rarely seen with few people that knew how to wield them, there were even fewer that understood them. Thus, those that were proficient with the weapon could easily outwit the other. The late Jedi Master Sev'rant was the most renowned wielder of the guard shoto. Believe it or not.. he used to wash the floor with me when I was younger." He'd deactivate the lightsaber and hand the unique hilt.

Janara Aldulli'd take the hilt and walk back over to the other two devices, setting the pair down and picking up the arm guard "Master Archer, I can believe it. We don't all start out on top, despite what others may wish to believe." She seemed to pause for a moment, exhaling slowly before walking back over with the smile firmly plastered in to place. She played with the device in her hands, looking down to it before asking hesitantly "I know that it's the middle of the session, Master Archer, but can I be candid with you?" Not waiting for an answer she'd plow right on forward "I appreciate all you've done for me so far, and of late I've hardly had a moment to stop and think about my masters passing, what between the world going crazy and my having some sort of direction with lightsaber training and practicing the ways of the force. But until I have a master again, I cannot really progress forward." She paused, trying to find the right words "I uh... I was wondering if you'd know anything about my situation. Whether someone has been assigned, or volunteered...?" It hadn't really been clear up until this point, and she didn't want to assume a thing. Her gaze was still plastered down at the band in her hand, she lightly running her blue fingers over the metal device.

Aedan Archer studied her with an inquisitive look as she posed the question. Folding his arms over his chest he took a moment to consider how to answer the question. "Unfortunately, the order has not had the time to truly consider the matter further. There have been several padawans who had lost their master and even more knights that have lost their lives as a result of the republic's brutality. With Master Wilowchehuckt a prisoner of the Republic, Master Sekel is the only active member of the jedi council and so... that is a lot of responsibility on his hands." He paused, studying the girl's face. "With that said, I was going to approach Master Sekel tonight about offering myself up as your interim master."

Janara Aldulli kept her eyes on the device in her hands while he spoke. She gave a small sigh when he paused, nodding her head silently and trying her best to keep her emotions off her face. When Aedan said the rest of what was on the topic she slowly lifted her face upwards, her voice soft "Interim?" Slowly her gaze lowered back to the device, she nodded her head and clearing her throat "Okay." Then she was practically back to her grinning self as she did her best to shove aside any possible disappointment it was to only be temporary "Your favorite weapon, the shield." She'd hold it out to him if he wanted it.

Aedan Archer rose a brow at her reaction. "Yes, interim." Studying her face more thoroughly, he continued. "I cannot replace Jedi Knight Calrer, nor would I ever plan to. This is why I refer to the title as interim. If Master Sekel accepts my offer, I will oversee the remainder of your training up until your trials, but I refuse to call myself your master. I hope you understand." With that said, he gave Janara a deep bow of respect, an act of rememberence for the dearly departed before resuming their her training. "The light-shield is... a beautiful contraption that was first used by younglings in training while they first learned how to wield a lightsaber. The purpose was to create a wider area of protection for the youngling as most had inept reflexes and were too inexperience to draw on the force to protect them against training droids. The act of using the light-shield beyond training was first created by my master, Jae Kahn, as a means of training me." He smiled at the memory. Raising his off-hand, he clenched it into the fist, igniting the light shield that manifested into a nearly one meter in diameter circle just over his forearm. "Unlike Master Kahn who was renowned for his aggression and mastery of offensive forms, I was of a defensive-mind. It made it difficult for Master Kahn to train me at first, since my interests contrasted with his. He first introduced me to the double-bladed lightsaber though with shorter blades, but the style did not benefit my larger size. Long story short, he reintroduced me to the light-shield, and.. here we are." Signaling for her to adorn the bracer and activate it as well, he'd wait to continue.

Janara Aldulli bit her lip when Master Archer gave the bow, exhaling after a moment before shaking her head. She understood, that didn't mean she agreed with it. Still she'd murmur a quiet "Thank you" prior to him explaining away the shield. Looking down to the device once more in her hands she did a massive wrestle with her wrung out emotions, exhaling once. Sliding the bracer in to place she made sure it was secure before flexing her fist much as he had. The size was massive on her, but she paused and looked it over. Really looked it over. Then giggled. Shaking her head she went about making it smaller, more adjusted to her, trying to hold on to that small little laugh and not the big huge gap in her heart left with the lack of a 'real' master. Exhaling she nodded her head after a moment "There, that should do it. Now what?" She'd give the tall man a glance before looking back to the tool in hand.

Aedan Archer studied her, still curious with her disappointment. While the union wasn't finalized until he spoke with Master Sekel, he thought that she might have responded more positively to the news. After a long moment, he concluded that it had something to do with her being a girl and him being a man and the barrier that often stood between gender differences. Noting her amusement with the shield, he'd continue the lesson by activating his lightsaber. "As you already know, the light-shield is an off-hand weapon utilized to intercept and parry attacks. It's size, large or small, creates a parry that blocks not only melee strikes but range strikes as well. Naturally, this isn't what makes the style unique as a skilled duelist can utilize the force and a single lightsaber to perform the same feat. What truly turns this technique into a dangerous force is utilizing it as an offensive weapon." Pausing, Aedan took a typical defensive position; legs shoulder width apart, the one opposite to his blade hand positioned behind the other as the shield was elevated to cover majority of his large torso. The top of the shield covered the lower half of his face as he held his lightsaber above his head, blade positioned vertically. "A common misconception people have is to hide behind the shield like so. While effective at shielding blows, it can be hard to manuvuer and make you predictable to your opponents. You become rigid and stiff and, unless you have masterful foot work, can be flanked because you're so focus on being behind the shield. Now please come in for an attack." he said, smiling behind the shield.

Janara Aldulli had spent a lot of time merely watching this training session, but she was still feeling tired. Maybe it was all of the other moments today that was finally catching up. Still she'd tilt her head a little when he'd ask her to attack. Looking to the shield in place she turned to her own for a moment, a little confused. Still she'd grab her own lightsaber, activating the blade while approaching. She did NOT want to get smacked around by that shield, but she was asked to attack. Remembering her lesson with Eleza she'd shift her own shield more to the side in order to be able to reach, hitting near the base of his shield with her saber to try and smack it aside and open him up for an imaginary butt-whipping. The thought brought a small smile to her lips, but Janara wasn't going to be delusional and think she could win.

Aedan Archer was a far more imposing figure than the girl nearly half his size in front of him, so trying to face him in a match of strenth was foolish. Fortunately for her, this was just a practice session to demonstrate his point with the shield and he made the conscious effort to not play overly aggressive like he was before. As the strike came in, rather than hiding behind the shield he thrusted it upward to meet the blade, forcing a collision with enough power that might very well knock her blade a way. If not, the shield served as a barrier to block her own blade to parry the thrust of his own lightsaber. The assault would be halted before it did any damage and he'd then lower his shield and step away. "Similar to dual wielding, you want to utilize the shield and blade as a cohesive unit. The shield offers a wall, yes, but it's important to remember that it is still a weapon. As I demonstrated, I chose to meet your strike with one of my own. If I didn't match your strength, the shield served as a blockade for my follow-up strike. This technique relies on getting close and dirty with your foe, but moreso it's a matter of using wits. It's easy to become complacent and comfortable behind a strong defense, but in doing so you open yourself up to weaknesses. You always want to change your tactic, stay one step ahead of your opponent, and always come up with new tricks." Pausing and feeling like he was bombarding her with information, he'd give her several moments to process. "As you've witnessed before, the shield can also be used for attack. This model in particular makes it dangerous to face as it was crafted in a similar fashion to a lightsaber. What I mean by that is, if I do not set the shield to stun, it possesses the same properties that can dismember or burn."

Janara Aldulli managed to keep her grip on her blade, grimacing at the shield making her hand hurt but she'd bring her own shield in close to prevent too much damage. Except then he was pulling back and she stopped having a moment of panic. No matter what she managed to tell herself, the man was scary with that shield. She'd back off herself, lowering the shield and saber down so she'd be able to get a better look at the guy in front of her. Nodding her head when he paused she filled in the silence "Change tactics, observe the fight, be clever, don't get complacent." The comment about the shield being similar to the lightsabers they'd been using earlier made her look down at the tool clinging to her arm. Then hold out a little farther from her body.

Aedan Archer gave a nod and deactivated both lightsaber and shield. "I think that will conclude our lesson for today. You've been given an exceptional amount of information today and I commend both your focus and determination." he said with a smile, clipping his hilt to the waist. "You are a capable Jedi with great potential, Padawan Aldulli, and your discipline reflects that of your master." Taking a step forward, he'd aim to place a heavy hand on her shoulder, his deep blue eyes peering down on her. "Before we meet tomorrow, I want you to review what we have learned today. You are to decide which of these three styles suit you the greatest. This decision can't just be based on preference, but rather one you must find in your heart. I'd advise that you meditate on this," his grin widened. "Your decision will reflect what I will train you in henceeforth." Aedan adds "If you decide to change your mind about these three choices, by all means. Just make your decision carefully and listen to your heart."

Janara Aldulli also deactivated the two tools, her saber going to her belt while the bracer was taken off. Slowly nodding her head she let a ghost of a smile slide in to place, she breathing "Thank you, he did a good job of teaching me to pay attention when it matters. Though he said he'd never claim he taught me how to focus. That came from wanting to survive." Chuckling gently she sighed, leaning a little under the weight of his hand before adjusting her stance to accommodate. She gazed right back with her own hazel eyes, brows furrowing for a moment before panic set in as she widened her gaze. She immediately glanced to the three, before looking back to the bracer in her hands. Slowly she relaxed, not moving from under his hand as she took a steadying breath. She didn't move away "If I already know, Mas-- Uh, Knight Archer, can I tell you now?"

Aedan Archer's brows loft a bit in surprise, not expecting her to come to a decision so quickly. That and... he was unsure with her reasoning for referring to him as knight now. Moments before proclaiming himself to be her interim master, she was content with referring to him as Master so now he was curious about the change. However, it seemed his failure was that he did not know how to communicate his concern. Nonetheless, he cleared his throat. "Uh.. Yes you may, with a caveat. Since you've made your decision so swiftly, I need you to explain your reasoning. It is important that you decide for the right reasons."

Janara Aldulli caught the surprise, tilting her head a little when she saw a hint of confusion. The young woman knew how to read people. But it could wait a moment. She nodded her head, explaining "Well my choice is to go with the 'sword and shield', and not because you're a master of it. Though it is rather handy, I will admit." She'd give a small smile at that, tightening her grip on the bracer cradled in her hands "I like the idea of being able to properly defend others, and myself, but not be crippled by it. More the fact empowered. Logically most people don't know what to do when faced with a shield. They're usually unweildly, and force the user to be slow. Though I am not as strong as you by a long shot, I believe I can use the shield in a more dynamic way due to my size and agility." She paused, thinking over her next words and speaking much slower than she had before now "But I thought about it when I was getting ready for bed last night. I slept on it, and I've been pondering it over all of today. In my heart, this is what I want. What I wish for." She chuckled, "It doesn't suit what people think when they see me. Which is perfect. I've never followed norms, I don't plan on starting now." She glanced up to Aedan, asking "Is that a satisfactory answer, or must I elaborate further? I am determined."

Aedan Archer listened to her explaination and was pleased with what he had heard. She considered her strength and weakness applied to the shield, noting her stature and noting that her size was to be underestimated. "No, no. What you provided is satisfactory. I will train you in the light-shield, though I may adjust certain aspects of it to play to your strengths." he said, his brows furrowing a tad in concentration as he contemplated how to mold and enhanced his lessons to best serve the young girl. "Your are smaller than I but still... er.. in good shape" he cleared his throat before continuing " so I think agility and speed might play to your style better than pure defense. Over the next couple days I will be putting you through a series of tests to rate your attributes and assess both strengths and weaknesses. After that, we will begin your training." Removing his hand from her shoulder now and retreating to pick up his robes. "I will also give you the night to change your mind if you desire. The sword and shield can be easy to learn but difficult to master as it is easy to be predictable. This technique focuses on having a strong, near imprenetrable defense in the front, but your flanks and rear are exposed as are movement is more restricted due to the shield." Draping the robe over his arm, he paused for a moment as he considered what he would say next. "For what it's worth, Padawan Aldulli, If my proposal is approved by Master Sekel, I am honored to call you my padawan." He followed it with a bow.

Janara Aldulli chuckled at his comment, replying "I am aware of my body, it's fine. I just don't flaunt it like Cerise does." The idea of being physically tested intrigued her--she was interested in figuring out her own limits, and no better way than being pushed. Nodding her head she watched him move away, making a face when he said he'd give her the night to think things over. She sighed "I will give it another night, if that's what you want, but this feels right to me." Walking over she placed the bracer in to the bag, adding the tonfa and the shoto before turning to him as he bowed. She was hesitant for a moment, scowling for a brief second before breathing. The woman still had something of a temper, it seemed. She said slowly "I am unsure what to do... Aedan. How to address you. You say you refuse to be called my master, in the event it is approved of course, and so I address you as knight, but that is yet unsatisfactory. Unless we are simply misunderstanding one another?" She fidgeted a little.

Aedan Archer lofted a brow at the girl's words, unsure of where the confusion stemmed from. "Janara, I merely said that out of respect for your former master," he replied calmly, a contrast to the padawan's brief spurt of anger. "You were his padawan for several years and created a bond that was irreplaceable. While I understand that your progress has been halted since his passing, I have every desire to pick up where he had left off, assuming I have your blessing. I just didn't want to give the impression that I was replacing him by any means. This is a delicate situation, so forgive me for approaching it with caution." Despite his massive size, Aedan seemed more like a giant ewok than he did a rancor. It was a wonder how he became so compassionate under the tutelage of probably one of the most hardass and cold Jedi in the entire Jedi Order.

Janara Aldulli wanted to groan and thump her head against the wall. Instead she took another breath before holding out the bag to him. They WERE his weapons, after all. She said easily "I'm grateful for that, and do not view my words as disrespectful but he is dead. It hurts me still to admit such, and I hope to one day be at peace with it, but..." Abruptly Janara paced away, running a hand down one of her lekku. Turning back around, still holding a lekku she whispered "You're right, I'm sorry. This is somewhat delicate, and I'm reacting like I don't want it to be treated that way. But do. But don't. I'm confused." She lifted her hand from her lekku to her forehead, hiding her eyes and letting loose a massive breath. Dragging her fingers down her face she looked to him and abruptly bowed low "I'd be honored to call you master." She paused before adding "Just don't expect 'father' to slip out once in a while. You're not that old." Standing back up with a smile she'd look a little momentarily waylaid before whispering "I'm gonna go now, if you don't mind." And if he didn't stop her, she'd bolt and head off for her rooms. If he did, well...

Aedan Archer folded his arms over his chest, something he did often that always seemed to... make him look far more imposing than he was. Nonetheless, it wasn't like he had pockets in his armor or anywhere else to put his hands. Well, save for perhaps behind his back. He listened to her words, giving appropriate nods to assure her that he was following along. Noting her frustrating, he needed to remind himself how to channel this, he'd project a soothing aura her way through the force. This was, by no means, an attempt to sedate or alter her thought process but simply to ease the stress she was placing on herself. A brow loft at the 'father' comment followed by 'not that old,' causing him to chucke before he replied. "Well that's a relief. I was sure one of you young whipper snappers would comment on the gray in my beard at some point. Glad to be reminded of my youth." he teased, hoping that and the aura he projected might comfort her on some level. Before she'd make a break to leave, Aedan interjected and spoke. "It takes great discipline to endure what you have experienced over the past few months, moreso to not be tempted by the ways of the dark side. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to steer you on a path that fits what you desire yourself to be. As your master," he said, bypassing the fact that he still needed to get it approved, "I am committed to your progress and growth. I hope to be worthy of your trust." He knew that talking wouldn't be enough and that he needed to begin working on methods that could aid her in her struggles. With Aedan, Jae had always engaged him in spars as a means of self-expression and bonding, customary to the echani ways. However, Aedan wasn't too convinced that the same method would work on Janara. Assuming she'd have nothing further to say, Aedan would give her a nod to signal her dismissal.
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Name: Janara Aldullit
Rank: Senior Padawan
Type: Meditation
People involved: Madam Cerise
Date: Feb 2, 2013

Janara Aldulli sat on the floor, looking at the lightsaber in hand which she held cradled in her lap. Quiet she gazed at the seemingly simple tool in her hand, exhaling slowly. Rubbing the back of her neck after a moment she looked about her surroundings prior to getting to her feet. The green blade of her saber came to life as soon as she pressed the button, choosing the first form to practice. She was getting better at it since she was going at it daily, and considering all the time she had at the moment, was a lot. Unlike last time she kept herself more aware of her surroundings.

Madam Cerise entered the area Janara was occupying with her blue booty, likely escaping the scene of some sort of dastardly crime. She had her poster tube's strap hanging over one shoulder again, making it a habit to have the object and its contents nearby more often nowadays. The madam did keep her lightsaber in it, after all. When her silver eyes landed on the Twi'lek, she stood in place, placing a hand on her hip and just watching her carry out her form and noddingly approvingly.

Janara Aldulli glanced over as soon as she heard someone coming close, giving Cerise a smile before going back to what she was doing "I sure hope you didn't do anything that left one of the others to have to scramble to cover up." Beyond that, she didn't doubt that the Sith in this place were more than anxious to make it appear like they were nonplussed by the presence of the Jedi. Stopping with a sigh she let the light of the blade turn off before fully facing the woman. Walking over she'd give Cerise a small hug "Hi." Not very chatty today.

Madam Cerise leans in for a hug. Yay, soft people! Her brightness was far more spiteful than usual. It just made her happy that her cheeriness was considered anathema to them yet gave her power. She could be nonplussed around the Sith. I mean, look at how most of the other Jedi were acting lately. "Expecting to get into a fight?" Asked with raised brows as she pulled away. A hand was brought up to lightly tap Janara's cheek.

Janara Aldulli chuckled, flinching a little with Cerise' tap so close to her eyes "No, I'm just remembering history lessons where it was explained that any time the Jedi and Sith met there was a clash of sorts." She'd reach and poke the pale woman on the tip of her nose with her blue-blue finger "And I'm also remembering your inclination for mischief." Grinning she'd slide away and go back to standing in the middle of the room. Unless the woman had other plans she'd ignite her blade again and get started on her forms again "Not much to do right now..."

Madam Cerise utters "Boop." when her nose is poked by Janara. "Yes, that much tends to be true. So do your best to be safe. " It was unclear if she was answering the first statement about clashes or the second about her mischief making. She places her hands on her hips and just observed Janara practicing her forms. "Repetition is key, Janara. But do not forget that Shii-Cho can have dangerous applications beyond simple attack. It has a lot of fleixibility for unorthodox applications, but that is a risk to your mindset if you do not remained focused on the task you intend."

Janara Aldulli looked about the room they were in and the lack of people so far before focusing once more "I know. Most of the forms can do so with enough creativity and a general dislike for keeping to the norm." Getting back to the forms she'd begin to talk like she was recieting someone while her blade cut through the open air "Repition helps the muscles remember, and muscle can be faster than thought. Always be careful reactions, though, for they can often have greater consequences than action." Going through a more complex set of steps and movements she twisted about, blocking and slashing at an invisible enemy. She added as an afterthought "I'm waiting for Aedan to be done whatever he's doing."

Madam Cerise bounces her head up and down. "Mhm. Many would argue that it is not a good form when dealing with other lightsaber users. That is true in most cases." A finger taps her temple. "Always exceptions, though. It's reacting to the exceptions that gets you. Or lack of reaction." Her hands were brought up to take her hair out of its loose bun, only to put it back up again. "Oh, he's probably polishing his hilts. He's a nut like that. Doesn't like to be bothered. You shoulda seen his face when he sneezed on his collection, one." She grinned at the recollection or made up story.

Janara Aldulli laughed gently, taking a moment to look at Cerise and saying "I don't buy it. He let me handle his hilts without freaking out when he was showing me a few different ways to fight." She'd seen a clean freak before, Aedan didn't strike her as one. Still the idea had her grinning as she started from the beginning once more, "But I'll remember the other part." Always exceptions. Pausing mid-strike she looked to Cerise and finally wondered "What were you doing before you came in here?"

Madam Cerise holds up an index finger and waggles it. "Tsk tsk. So easily distracted." She walks up to about a couple meters in front of Janara, her poster tube bobbing against her hip. Cerise leans forward with her hands clasped behind her back. If she were wearing a V-cut, this would likely be a very distracting pose for the opposite sex. "Mmmaybe if you kept your senses up, you would know. It's not like I'm invisible." Though maybe some sort of press may start approaching Jedi if they decide to waltz into the city. Oh, if Cerise gets that interview... oh boy.

Janara Aldulli gave Cerise a raised eyebrow and huffed before admitting "I've been staying away from the force more than usual. I can always feel the darkness, and it's something I don't want to." Giving a shudder she looked down to the blade and extinguished it "But I'd doubt you ever being invisible, no offence, but you like the limelight far too much." She wasn't insulting--just wasn't her cup of tea. Abruptly she'd ask "Can we meditate together? It's nicer when someone else is with me, the darkness is farther." The hilt would go to her hip regardless, Janara flashing her biggest smile.

Madam Cerise stands upright and listens closely as Janara admits her recent issues with the Force. After that, she makes a sexy pose when she is referred to with the term 'limelight'. "Mmm, no offense taken, hun." A deep nod of her head is given when Janara finishes the first part of her request, even before she explains it. She makes a motion to the ground and sits, crosisng legs with both feet on top of thighs because her knees are silly. "Absolutely, dearie. You are absolutely right. I'm no blazing sun in the Force, but I will do my best." Cerise pushes herself up off the floor with her hands and would scoot herself up right in front of Janara after she sits, and offer her hands to hold, making grabby motions for the Twilek's.

Janara Aldulli'd easily drop down right across from Cerise, scooting herself forward as well and entwining her hands with Cerise's. Giving the woman a shy smile she'd murmur "I don't need a sun, Cerise, I just need a fellow light in the dark." Closing her eyes after that she'd relax, exhaling once before plunging in to the force. And there it was, that seemingly overwhelming wave of darkness looming threatening. Ignoring it she'd move instinctively towards more of the light, murmuring aloud "Well the good part about being here is I'll be able to be well practiced in resisting the dark side. Nuttin' can touch me by the end of this." Her tone was joking, but she was still feeling the strain.

Madam Cerise may or may not have aspirations. She smiles weakly when Janara says she only needs another light. Well, that's all it takes, sometimes. The bubble Cerise was in expanded from herself to envelop the Twi'lek, at least, that's how she pictured it. There was no comment made about the Padawan's intention to resist the darkness. Instead, the woman was trying to do her best to craddle herself and not stumble while craddling another in the Force, to keep the light strong and the warmth close. Her brows furrowed in concentration, as her intention was more set on allowing Janara to meditate more peacefully.

Janara Aldulli's exhale was loud and audible, the poor girls shoulders slumping with relief. Then she was sitting up straighter, tugging a little at Cerise' hands as she shifted about. It was like a breath of fresh air after being stuck underground for so long. The cave hadn't been too bad, this was much worse in comparison. Pulling her hands away one at a time to stretch, returning the hand before taking the other away, she'd take the few moments to breathe and recharge as much as she could, as fast as she could. Then the girl expanded herself out like Cerise was, taking in handfuls of the light and buyoing up. The woman was an excellent example, even if she felt like she was stumbling around herself.

Madam Cerise lets the warmth of her thoughts touch Janara's: Don't rush yourself. Falling is not fun. It always felt like there was stumbling to be done, even in a bastion of light. This location, however, was like walking over a rope on a pit of sharp rocks. The Padawans had to learn to just put all four limbs over the rope and crawl slowly. Cerise was doing her best to tiptoe close to Janara and be there to grab onto her if she should risk falling off the rope. Easier said than done, though.

Janara Aldulli'd immediately slow down, coming to almost a stop. She felt herself panting a little, reminding herself as well to slow down. No point on exhausting herself. Taking a moment longer to breathe she'd begin to move forward a little faster once more. As if she could almost visualize the rope she tightened her grip, made sure she was well attached while pressing forward. She felt herself getting closer to Cerise, but maintained her new pace.

Madam Cerise just made sure to keep pace with Janara, helping guide her along a nice steady rhythm in their meditation. She was here to help Janara figure out a way to successfully hold her meditation in the presence of so much darkness as she requested, nothing more.

Janara Aldulli seemed to have a moment where she struggled a little more than usual, before abruptly her eyes opened. And she smiled. Squeezing Cerise's hands in her's Janara would say with a much more relaxed voice "Thank you for doing this, Cerise, I think I've got it figured out." She chuckled, pulling a hand free to touch the band wrapped around one of her lekku "I should practice this as much as I've been practicing lightsaber forms." She ducked her head, a little embarrassed "I'm sorry for any strain you were under."

Madam Cerise lets out a deep breath as Janara pops out of her meditation. She lifts a hand and pats Janara on the top of the head. "It's okay. There's just a little more work to be done than normal. We don't want you going into a dark alley all alone, now do we?" Well, that's one metaphor to use. "If you need a buddy walking home again, just let me know. I'll come on over." A warm smile is offered, and Cerise takes a stand. "I need to make sure Archer has enough polish. You be safe, okay?" She flicks a finger and gives a wink-smirk before heading off.
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