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 The Heist; Part 1 (Side Missions)

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The Heist; Part 1 (Side Missions) Empty
PostSubject: The Heist; Part 1 (Side Missions)   The Heist; Part 1 (Side Missions) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2016 10:10 pm

Doren Everguard has been taking liberties of the Facilities it seemed.  He had usurped a Docking Bay for the Lola's Gambit; and has quite recently taking over an Operations Center, having driven the personnel out, and placed it under guard of former Republic Commandos, who looked rather out of place in their battered, marred armor.
And all of them were well beyond 'middle' aged.

What may have some of the Sith, and Jedi concerned more-ever; was that the Empire was neither bothered, nor seeking to remove him.  Doren either had permission, or he had something intriguing.

Regardless, Doren was holding a meeting.

"First things first.  No questions." the Jedi Shadow would inform those present.  "Now that we have that established, this is what is going on."

"Having poured through some of the combined intelligence of both the Jedi, the Empire and the Sith." Doren would pull over a Datapad, punching in a combination of information so it would display on a holographic projection.  "A Private Corporation, Ashlo Incorporated, provides key funding to TITAN Projects that are offically listed within a Black Ledger not meant to be seen by the general public."

"Do not ask me how I know of the Black Ledger nor its ties to clandestine operations, I said no questions." Doren would repeat sternly.  "Moving along."

"Ashlo Incorporated funds these Projects with Republic Ducats that they deliver to the Galactic Mint on Coruscant from a reserve they keep on hand in a private bank located near level thirteen, thirteen within the Government Sector."

"In short, in order to keep their own accounts and monitory information out of Public Record, Ashlo Inc deals in cash only.  Period.  They have no electronic transfers what so ever.  Their Bank is built like a fortress and was used by non other then Emperor Palpatine himself to store Imperial Funds that had been confiscated when the Republic took back the Planet during that Era."

Doren glanced over all present, putting his hands on his hips.

"And we're going to break into it and take everything they have."

"Again, no questions, but I will explain.  We defund Ashlo Incorporated, we defund the TITAN Program.  Force the Republic to seek Revenue elsewhere for their illegal research.  We also generate publicity.  The Republic on a whole has no idea what the upper sections of the Senate, Including the President, are doing to 'wipe out the Force'.  At least that is what I've been lead to believe.  Regardless, this is a stab directly at TITAN."

Doren shifted, bringing up another image.  A Star Destroyer, an old Imperial Class, ISD Regalia.  A ship that had been stolen from the Imperial Dry Docks nearly a hundred years ago.

"First part thing is first.  This is our get away.  The problem is we do not know where she is exactly.  We have her general position and a salvage crew on stand by.  However we need a crew to find her, secure her for the Salvage Team who are going to be slapping on a Hyper Drive."

"Why are we looking for a derelict Imperial Star Destroyer? I said no questions."

Gesturing to a woman of pale complexion, and oddly glowing red eyes, Doren continued the briefing. (This will be Part 2)

"Next, my grand-daughter, Meera, will be taking another team to my-" the one eyed man paused, rubbing his chin, "-hide-away on Crimson.  There you will secure Holocrons I had smuggled away before the Republic decided our existence was no longer prudent.  There are more then fifty, and you will be using stolen transports that may or may not be the same make and model of armored cargo transports that Ashlo Inc uses during its transport of its coinage."

"There are Seven Sith Holocrons the Empire are more then welcome too, however, there are two Holocrons there under lock down that you will leave behind.  They are worthless to everyone.  You will leave it be." Doren warned sternly.  "I will personally brief the team on what they will expect getting into my little bunker in the middle of no where, however, as I said, no questions."

"Once we have the Regalia and the Transports, we will move on to the next phase."


The Heist; Part 1
Seeking; finding; and Securing the ISD Regalia
Opposition : Unknown.
Difficulty : Medium (You CAN Fail this Mission.)
Open to : 4 Spots; Either Fraction.  Please Note that Those who participate cannot participate in Part 2 (which will technically happen at the same time).

Start Date For Part 1 Saturday the 27th, 3PM PST.  HOPEFULLY will run about 3 Hours or we will continue into the 28th 4PM PST.
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The Heist; Part 1 (Side Missions)
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