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 Memeber/Player Feedback on Forum

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Switch to New Forum?
Yes, it looks super awesome!
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No, I like it here!
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I don't care, I'll follow the group.
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PostSubject: Memeber/Player Feedback on Forum   Memeber/Player Feedback on Forum Icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2016 8:32 pm

Hey guys. As some of you know I've been toying with hosting our forum on my web server which I currently don't have a purpose for. This forum is hosted on a free host called forumotion. They don't allow heavy customization of the forum or plug-ins to be installed. While this may not mean much to some of you, it could possibly allow us to have a more robust experience from the forum.

That being said, the way forums work is that everything is stored in a SQL database that operates behind the scenes of the pretty interface you view in your web browser. Forumotion does not allow folks to download backups of their databases hosted on their service. What this means is - We will have to start from scratch. The reason I personally want to move away from the forumotion platform is due to the theme error we had the other day which coincided with Photobucket's day-long outage, I would also like to utilize a few plug-in apps which could make the forum a little more enticing to use.

The most difficult part will be having to register for the new platform. Unfortunately everyone will have to fill out their forum registration again. However, posts can easily be copied and pasted to the new forum if we so choose to go that route. This does not mean you will have to re-apply or re-make character sheets, just that they will have to be re-posted on the new platform.  If anyone isn't comfortable doing that I will be more than happy to assist.

I have a test forum current set up which can be viewed here: Star Wars Chronicles Test Forum

I have included a poll above, please cast your vote and let us know what you would like to do. We will go with the decision of the majority. If you have any specific questions or concerns you would like addressed before voting, contact me on the forum or on Furcadia - I will be happy to answer any and all questions.


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Memeber/Player Feedback on Forum
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