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 Ranking System

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PostSubject: Ranking System   Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:03 pm

New Republic Military

Recruit - Self explanatory. Everyone starts here. They can choose their path at time of promotion. Officers may choose to enlist a character at a higher rank based on skill, or expertise. [*]


The TITAN Corps are deployed to engage Force users.

TITAN Trooper - The main forces of the TITAN Corps. Class I TITAN users. [**]
TITAN Specialist - Specialists are responsible for setting up and defending equipment on the battlefield. They have access to Class II TITAN devices, and also operate the Class III TITAN Devices in in the field. [***]
TITAN Elite - The best of the best. An Elite is a career soldier, they chose to live life in the battlefield instead of moving up into command. [****]
TITAN Major (Officer) - Highest rank available in the TITAN Corps. Serve as battle commanders and issue orders. [*****]

Navy & Starfighter

Operation of Starships and Starfighters

Crewman - Main forces of the Navy. [**]
Pilot - Fly Starships under command of a Captain. [***]
Fighter Pilot Operate a Starfighter. Fighter pilots are issued an Astromech droid. [****]
Captain(Officer) - Commands the Starship. [*****]


General - Over ground forces such as the TITAN Corps.
Admiral - Over Naval & Starfighter operations.
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Ranking System
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