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 Bek Xalrich

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Bek's Hunt

Name: Bek
Rank: None
Type: Practice
People involved: NPC
Date: 1/28

Another hot day.  Such was Tatooine.  Heat, dry, and dead.  Vast was another good word.  He took a drink from the canteen before carefully plugging it, then went back to digging.  He was trying to get better at digging these faster.  Digging himself directly into the ground.  It only took five minutes, having used this technique many times.  Half laying in the sand, like one might on a bike-style speeder, the sand was pulled up to dust over the cloak, blending into the fabric color surprisingly well.  It was why he picked that cloak.

It took some wiggling, but soon he was in position.  The only thing that was showing was part of the rifle he carried (the end of the barrel and the mechanics on the side) and his head.  Which of course was partially covered in sand.  Worked great as cover, and helped keep the sun from directly beating on him.  And he waited.

He meditated for awhile, letting the pressure of the sand all around him be a comfort, only moving to sip from his canteen while he watched.  The tracks in the valley below had been evidence enough of what he needed.

He had been practicing on stationary targets.  Unmoving, boring easy targets.  Now it was time to make some use out of his skills.E
It took time, of course.  Time that would waft away trail or scent.  Time that made the suns drift slowly across the sky.  Time that slowly drained the canteen if the precious water.  

Finally the slow moving thing came.  A large lizard of some sort, lumbering along.  He had dealt with them many times in the past, when he needed food above all.  Food was needed, yes, but now experience was needed more.  

He slowly breathed in, than out, taking careful aim before he pulled the trigger.  The beast groaned as it fell to the ground, blood staining the sand, bellowing to the sun.  Hell.  It didn't die.  He quickly rocked the bolt back and then forwards.  He couldn't let it suffer.  

Breath in, breath out, pull trigger.  Breath out.
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Bek Xalrich
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