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 Bek Xalrich - Recruitable

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PostSubject: Bek Xalrich - Recruitable   Bek Xalrich - Recruitable Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2016 2:43 am

Species: Nelvaanian

Height: About 2 meters tall, but will grow taller as mutations take hold.

Weight: 180ish

Age: Nineteen

Rank: Blank Slate.  (Not really recruited to anyone yet)

Weapons -
    Crude Spear: literally a bent metal rod pulled off a scrapped speeder in a junk pile with one side filed at an angle to make a point.
    22T4 Hold-Out Blaster:  A small blaster specifically manufactured for the Imperial Security Bureau.  Quite old, with obvious signs of wear (including a scratched off serial number), it was found for sale on Tatooine from some random thrift shop.  It is usually concealed under his garb and is rarely pulled out in front of anyone.

Special Abilities:
    Heightened senses: Scent and hearing.  
    Cold resistance: His race was from a colder planet, but males often didn't wear much other than the lower loincloth skirts.  
    Force Sensitive Inexperienced:  Shamans of their race communed with their Deity, the Great Mother.  Which to them was their planet.  Those able to listen to the Great Mother were brought up as Shamans of the tribe.  Bek was in line to be the next Shaman, and had begun training.  He got to the point of being able to hear the Great Mother (Force of the planet) before tragedy took him from his home.  
    Mutant: During the Clone Wars, the Techno Union took Nelvaan as a base.  Tricking some of the local tribes, they captured the males and experimented on them to create mutated cyborg soldiers.  Obi-wan and Anakin Skywalker freed them and returned the men to their village.  It was a bit frightening, but they were accepted and brought back into the tribe.  Only male offspring inherited their height and size, which could be up to 3 meters.  Bek is just to the beginning of growing beyond what nature initially designed for his race, meaning he will slowly increase in size and almost constantly ache from muscle and bone changes.

Bio: Born on Nelvaan, he was found to have the senses needed to be trained as the next tribal shaman.  It was a position of great honor, and took a lot of practice.  Before he got far, though, his tribe was attacked by raiders wielding blasters.  Though strong, and able to take many of the raiders with them, the technological advantage of blasters over spear and shield was too great to overcome.  Bek had been made to run, to find a place to hide.  The only place free of combat nearby was aboard one of the raider transports.  The hiding space worked great.  Even when it began moving away from his home.  Frozen with fear, he dare not expose himself trying to jump out.  

The cold of space was tolerable.  He has gotten use to cold.  The separation from the Great Mother was as harsh as the loss of his tribe.  The next chance he had to slip out, the cold was gone replaced by the searing heat of a desert planet.  Though rough on the semi-arctic pup, he found ways to keep cool enough and survive in the rough and tumble planet of Tatooine.

With time he eventually found ways to make money, enough money to get off the planet with a few acquired possessions.  It was random where he ended up, not knowing where his quiet cold planet was, and no one ether knew or cared enough to say.  

Trapped on a new planet inhabited by pirates, he saw his chance to escape when a stranger ended up on the planet.  One who wanted off.  One offer, coupled with a threat of exposure, later and he found himself leaving the planet surface.  Unfortunately, he found he had traded a planet size prison for a small room sized one until the pilot can figure out what to do with him.

Note: Some of the backstory was found via Wookieepedia about the Nelvaanian race.  Some things were made up.  The shamans were real.  Them being force-sensitive is (possibly) not.  The mutants were real.  It taking this long for him to start showing symptoms was more story line convenience.  I tried to make reasonable guesses to his culture based on having little information to go on.
I made Bek force-sensitive as a means to be flexible with paths of recruitment.  By now he is a bit old to start force training, but than again so was most of the Skywalker family.  I do not plan to develop his force senses beyond what he can tell now.  (Might get a gut feeling or a bad vibe.  Can get a sense of a planet(climate, how alive it is (plants/animals).).  Perhaps in the future develop a general sense where a life form might be in the area, which would be a useful skill for a tribal shaman for hunting.)  If some training comes around to Bek, I won't OOCly refuse it, as this character is suppose to be a "whatever happens, happens" character.
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PostSubject: Re: Bek Xalrich - Recruitable   Bek Xalrich - Recruitable Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2016 2:58 am

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Bek Xalrich - Recruitable
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