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 Character Development Logs Rules/Guidelines

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Character Development Logs Rules/Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Character Development Logs Rules/Guidelines   Character Development Logs Rules/Guidelines Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2016 10:52 pm

Character Development

This section will be for posting any RP logs which directly influence the development or advancement of your character IC. We will use the following format for posting in this sub-forum:

  • One Thread Per Character - On your first development log post, create a topic with your character's name, each time you wish to post an additional log, append it to your already running thread as a new reply. This insures that everyone will be notified of your post via "New Posts" and we can see your hard work.

  • Use this standardized heading at the top of each log posted in the thread:
    Type: (Sparring, lesson from master, arguing, research, building a lightsaber, etc)
    People involved: (Other players - if any)

  • This template will appear above the reply area inside this forum for player's convenience.

  • Any duplicate threads will be merged, so please follow the first guideline. =P

Happy Roleplaying!

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Character Development Logs Rules/Guidelines
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