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 Mission Guidelines

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What are Missions?

Missions are RP in which we offer to our continuity to develop plot and story. Generally it hosts RP for two to five players and follows a specific objective given to the characters from the Jedi Council themselves. They are then sent to do their best at fulfilling the mission objectives.

How do Missions Work?

We will have one moderator RP the mission as a DM, otherwise known as Dungeon Master. This can be easily described to anyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons, but to those who haven't, I will do my best to describe it for you. A Dungeon Master is someone who creates a story and controls the events in that story while others respond and react to the events around them. When pertaining to our Mission RP system, the Dungeon Master will be the guide through the mission, create the obstacles as well as decide the difficulty of the mission.

Be wary, there are consequences in Mission RPs and they will not be easy. If you are to face a group of NPC Dark Jedi, expect them to be very difficult opponents, especially if you are a young Padawan. It is very possible for your character to suffer a serious injury or lose his or her life in the process of the mission.

How Do I Join a Mission?

By posting a response to a mission thread with the following information

Occupation/ Class:
Useful Skills:

Keep in mind that if you are a Junior Padawan, you will need to be accompanied by a Jedi Knight or above, particularly your Master rather than accompanying a group that does not know you. We will do our best to design and RP missions suitable for all characters of all ranks, but a Junior Padawan is the most inexperienced character and as such, is likely unable to partake in a mission alone.

Some missions may come up impromtu. In that case, it is the DM's responsibility to make a topic in this section of the forum with the template similar to the one posted when we're posting missions to sign up for, except they will list those who participated. All mission logs posted to the log section should have (Mission) in the title.

Template for missions:

Type of Mission: Diplomatic? Combat oriented? Skill oriented?

Total Number of Participates: Max number of participants.
- John Doe
- Your Mom
- Mission Participant


Objective: Specify what's going on in the mission and what the group's objective is. Do not summarize the mission if it is already completed.

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Mission Guidelines
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