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 Tang Darech, Dark Adept Spy

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PostSubject: Tang Darech, Dark Adept Spy   Tang Darech, Dark Adept Spy Icon_minitimeFri Jan 15, 2016 7:49 pm

Name: Tang Darech
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Jedi, Sith, or NFS: Sith
Profession: Sith
Desired Rank: Dark Adept
Species: Shi'ido
Gender: Male (can appear female)
Height:  Varies*
Weight: Varies*
Age: 73
Eyes: Varies*
Hair: Varies*
*Due to Tang being a shapeshifter, he will take on various 'personalities' whenever he is on a mission, or just around the temple to mess with people.

Defining Characteristics: The means don't matter as long as the end is reached, and Tang will reach them. His tolerance of pride is zero: the only one who gets to be proud is the one who dies without an enemy in existence, because they were all removed from the picture. Relentless and strict even with himself he is always pushing to do and be better. Be stronger. Faster. Having been taught since 'adulthood' about the Sith, he values power over all. The weak are that: pathetic and useless. That being said, he knows that not all people start out strong. Several have to be brought along, screaming often enough. His loyalty is unwavering to the Sith, especially Darth Renatus. It was she who helped him on to this path afterall.

Description: Current: Yellow eyes rest on a rather unremarkable face, gazing out with slow attention at the world around. Dressed in various greys and blacks, the light grey skin of the man seemed to blend in with the rest. His hair, military short, only added with to the theme with it's nondescript black. A black cloak rests on his shoulders, doing it's best to hide whatever was underneath. Standing around 6 feet he gazes ahead, unimpressed. (Dark Adept)

Born the eldest in a large family, Tang was always the top of the bunch. The head hauncho of his younger siblings that his mother needed help ordering around. From a young age he started to take classes in using various weapons, more as a hobby than anything. Everything was right in his world.  Except when his siblings just under him started to step up to the plate and do all the things he did, Tang found himself wanting to learn more. Be more. Learning how to fight didn't seem like it was enough, it felt hollow. Wherever he turned on the sequestered planet of the Shi'ido, he couldn't find what he was looking for.
His attention turned towards the skies, and he began to look in to more about the universe. As soon as he was declared an adult Tang left for the stars. Immediately finding himself cheated as soon as he tried to get further in to the galaxy Tang was abruptly robbed and stranded on Drommund Kaas. Angry and frustrated, yet feeling more alive than ever before, he went to try and get a job to get off world and see more of the universe, since he had been so rudely interrupted. There he met HER. Power and strength seemed to ooze from her, and he was instantly captivated. After approaching he was promptly introduced to the Sith, and taught the true meaning of the force. He devoured all that was given to him, feeling like he had a true purpose in life at last.
Having continued to follow with his once hobby, now passion, Tang has excelled in using several various weapons as soon as he picks it up. With his innate skill to be whomever he wanted, as soon as Tang was determined ready to leave the temple he began to act as a Sith Spy. Intelligent and cunning, his focus leaves his missions completed with pleasing results.


Fighting Style: 'Whatever goes' is his trademark. No matter the fight, Tang is going for the kill. Whether or not you'll die is different, and he determines it by whether or not his target is on the same side. Tang never retreats, unless it comes from a higher authority. He is not above punching, kicking, headbutting, or using an abrupt elbow while fighting.

Agility: Tang is less inclined to chase and hunt after his enemies, but can move with ruthless speed in close quarters. Hours of practice has honed his body's muscle memory, making most of it reflex. With manipulation Tang can increase his speed, but pays for it by taking a hit to his strength.

Strength: Being able to manipulate his mass, Tang can give a deadly punch. In payment for an increased hit, he gives up a lot of speed. Without manipulation Tang's still a heavy hitter, using his body weight behind his strikes.

Endurance: Hours of fighting have conditioned the Shi'ido to be able to keep going and going. His pleasure in fighting makes it easy for him to go as long as possible whenever he does not have missions or anyone to train.

Rank: Dark Adept

Class: Lightsaber Specialist

Saber(s):  Long-handle, dual phase(favored), shoto, standard

Crystal Color: Red, Orange (shoto)

Other weapons:  Throwing knives,  two blasters, guarded shots(learning how to fight with them)

Possessions: Various lightsaber crystals, assorted outfits for 'personalities', bag filled with wares, knitting needles.

Special Abilities: 
Shape shifting: The Shi'ido are a race of shapeshifting, being able to manipulate their skin and even body mass. Tang has a 'true' face that he only shows to a select few, otherwise he assigns a personality to a person. He will dress and act the part, regardless of gender.

Telepathic: In order to cover any discrepancies with the shapeshifting, which primarily occur with any shape he isn't used to taking. Otherwise he uses the innate telepathic abilities to mentally attack those he is fighting with, adding in doubt and fear.

Lightsaber Form(s): 

Form I: Shii-Cho -  Moderate
Form II: Makashi - Expert
Form III: Soresu -  Moderate
Form IV: Ataru - Expert
Form V: Shien/ Djem So -  Expert
Form VI: Niman - Adept
Form VII: Juyo/ Vaapad -  Moderate
Sokan - Adept
Jar'kai - Adept

Force Powers : (Adept = 6 points)(* to be learned)

Rank 1: 
Force Sense (Sense) (Universal)
Telekinesis (Alter) (Universal)
Art of Movement (Control) (Universal)
Mind Trick (Alter) (Universal)
Force Sight (Sense) (Universal)
Force Push (Alter) (Universal)
Force Pull (Alter) (Universal)
Force Jump (Alter) (Universal)

Rank 2:
Precognition (Sense)(Universal)
Force Wound (Alter)(Dark)
Force Flash (Alter)(Universal)
*Saber Throw (Alter)(Universal)

Rank 3: 
Battle Precognition (Sense)(Universal)
*Force Cloak (Control)(Universal)

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PostSubject: Re: Tang Darech, Dark Adept Spy   Tang Darech, Dark Adept Spy Icon_minitimeFri Jan 15, 2016 10:27 pm

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Tang Darech, Dark Adept Spy
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