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 Tang Darech

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PostSubject: Tang Darech   Tang Darech Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2016 1:35 am

Name: Tang Darech
Rank: Dark Adept (***)
Type: Training
People involved: None
Date: 1/26/2016

He couldn't sit still and wait. It was always this way, but it was frustrating when he didn't at least have the pleasure of watching Lady Renatus going through and sending everyone scrambling. His saber flashed through the air, the man dancing through the continuous onslaught the form demanded. At around this time the exertion would have the man in complete abandon, finding a delightful joy with even the thought of fighting. Except he wasn't. The forms were perfect, his footing exact--He was angry. Furious. Roaring he planted his foot and threw the damn thing. It wasn't helping anyways. His awareness of the saber made him turn the blade off before snatching it back to himself. There was no point breaking it in his anger. It snapped right back to his hand, the man looking down in curiosity. Well, that was a happy accident. Reaching out with the force he snapped in a few targets from around the room, taking aim with the lightsaber and throwing it again. For the next few hours he'd repeatedly throw the hilt and watch it either turn off, smack in to things wrong, or entirely miss. But now he was focused, and sheer determination always wins out in the end. When the blade turned off in the middle of slashing a chair Tang, panting and feeling drained in more than one way, walked over and retrieved the hilt from where it had fallen. Turning it over in his hands he chuckled, leaving the room with all sorts of damage for the peons to clean up.
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Tang Darech
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