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 Talizanu - Sith Acolyte

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PostSubject: Talizanu - Sith Acolyte   Talizanu - Sith Acolyte Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2016 4:24 am

Talizanu - Sith Acolyte Talizanu_by_postey-d9nmlpi


Name: Mitta'liza'nuruodo
Basic Standard Translation: Talizanu, or 'Tali'
Alignment: Chaotic neutral (subject to change via influence)
Faction: Force-sensitive shadow child; No affiliation
Desired Rank: Sith Acolyte (path has yet been revealed)
Profession: Rogue, stowaway, thief
Species: Chiss
Height: 1.3 meters/ 4'4''
Weight: 31 kgs/ 70 lbs
Age: 10/ pre-adolescence
Eyes: Glowing red
Hair: Stark black
Defining Characteristics: Highly intelligent with a focus in military stratagem. Though labeled as an affliction to her family name due to her force-sensitivity, Talizanu never allowed her isolation to limit her thirst for knowledge and personal growth. While proficient in various forms of combat, her specialty was the ability dissect the battle and come up with precise and swift tactics that nearly always gave her team the victory in the end. Graced with strong instincts, Talizanu was able to adapt to a life on the streets after fleeing Csilla, relying on her wit and even ruthlessness to do all that she could to survive. Unbeknownst to Talizanu, much of her success was guided by the Force and while she possesses great skill on her own, her potential would only flourish once her raw power with the Force is tapped.

Description: Long untamed tresses of dark indigo fall well past her shoulders, framing a young stoic face approaching her adolescence. With high cheek bones and unnaturally dark red eyes to contrast her pale cerulean skin, the budding chiss girl had an exotic beauty quality to her. Standing just above one meter, she discarded her old customary military uniform for an outfit more fitting for the street; Black tank top worn beneath leather pilot's jacket. While form fitting, trousers gave flexibility to movement as utility belt held an assortment of weapons and gadgets for her to use at her disposal. Shin high boots completed the outfit.

Bio: Intelligent, calculating, intuitive and cold, Mitta'liza'nuruodo had the makings have being a valuable asset to the Chiss Ascendancy. Born as the youngest child of five to a prestigious Aristocra, Sutra'vix'nuroudo, Mitta'liza'nuruodo (Tali) was destined to follow in her mother's footsteps. As early as four years of age, Tali was already regarded as having a great military mind and exceptional intuition that exceeded her siblings before her. Despite the intensive and rigorous training the Chiss Ascendancy puts their youth through, Tali displayed exceptional talent and received high marks in all of her courses. Tali was doing so well in fact, that some had disputed her fortune as a result of corrupt politics, or even sorcery.

At the age of six, the truth was finally revealed during a martial combat course where a much smaller Tali was pitted against an adolescent male. The purpose of this spar was to teach combatants how to utilize their environment as a means to outwit and overpower a superior foe. After losing to her opponent in three out of four duels, Tali let go of her discipline and self control, and embraced her anger. The result created a powerful wave of telekinetic energy that sent her foe crashing against the wall. Upon discovery of her force-sensitivity, the Chiss Ascendancy were outraged; discrediting her of all of her accomplishments and rewards and handing her off to her family to deal with. The Chiss' disdain of the Force crippled her family's reputation, inevitably forcing Sutra'vix'nuroudo to resign as Chief Navigator of the Chiss Expansionary Fleet. The reputation of Tali's four siblings were also tarnished as a result of her affliction, inevitably pushing her family from one of the top spots in the Chiss hierarchy.

Needless to say, Tali's treatment after that wasn't that great. She was barred from advancing her education in any way and was confined to her room for the better part of a year and a half. Though Tali knew she had no control over the witchcraft that had plagued her life, she would not let it deny her from achieving her potential. She knew she was destined for great things and with some twisted logic, believed that her force-sensitivity was proof of that. After all, there had not been an afflicted Chiss since before Mitth'raw'nuruodo's Empire.

One night, Tali escaped from her confinement in an hopeless attempt to leave Csilla space. While she knew her chances were low, leaving her homeworld was the only option she had to live the life she wanted to live. Using the training she received from the Academy, Tali used stealth and guile to escape the capitol and make her way to the spaceport. She found her way off planet via a smuggling freighter and eventually found herself on a planet in the outer rim known as Nar Shaddaa.

Though she was still a child in Chiss standards, her intuition and experience made it possible for her to survive in Nar Shaddaa's harsh environment and was even recruited into the Serroco gang as a street rat.

A year later, Nar Shaddaa would serve as the crossroads between her past and future as authorities from Csilla finally tracked her down. However, before they could reach her a Jedi Watchman, who became aware of her presence in the Force, approached her and offered her sanctuary within the Order. While reluctant to join the Order her people resented so much, she did not want to return to Csilla and thus agreed to accompany the Watchman. Unbeknownst to Tali however, it would not be the path of the light that would be in her future, but one of darkness and anguish.


Fighting Skill: Though Talizanu was never regarded as being a prime combatant in the ring, she was widely known for her wit. Relying on intellect rather than bronze, she defeated several other students that were considered her superiors simply because she was able to manipulate the fight to inevitably give her the advantage. Preferring defense over offense, Talizanu would pinpoint flaws on her opponent's attacks and quickly exploit the opening. Talizanu was never above deception but despite all her tricks and manipulation, was only considered to be an average combatant in the Academy. Indeed, Talizanu's skills and technique can be improved upon and molded by a mentor to make her a more formidable duelist.

Agility: Moderate - Relies more on speed and agility than brute force and strength in order to feint attacks as well as dodge or evade her opponent's attacks. Can be improved and while Talizanu has some exposure in acrobatics, is not well-versed or graceful enough to perform it.

Strength: Low - Still considered a child among the Chiss, Talizanu was also quite smaller than the rest of her peers. As a result, she was taught to play to her strengths, which certainly was not her physical strength. This attribute is considered to be her weakest of all and needs work in order to make her a more well-rounded combatant

Endurance: Moderate/High - The Chiss Academy put their young through brutal training that molded them into prime physical condition. Talizanu had exceptional endurance to go along with her hit-and-run style of fighting that inevitably allowed her to wear down and exhaust her opponents into submission. Even during her time on Nar Shaddaa, Talizanu made sure to keep herself in shape.

Non-Combat Abilities

Intelligence: High- Talizanu's weapon of choice. Regarded as having one of the best military minds of her generation, Talizanu had relied heavily on her wit during the Academy and moreso during her time with the Serroco gang on Nar Shaddaa. Deceptive, cunning, and calculating, Talizanu was able to put herself into a position of power within the gang even while the gang still viewed her as a lowly street rat. Beyond combat, Talizanu has an undying thirst for knowledge that bolds well with her future within the Sith Empire. Given the ancient history of the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force, Talizanu has a vast supply of resources to sate her inquisitive hunger.

Wisdom: Moderate - While she possesses experience that exceeds most her age, it surely lacks because of it. Talizanu, however, is adaptable and accomodating, capable of detecting and learning from her own mistakes at a rapid pace.

Rank: Sith Acolyte

Class: Untrained (Potential is greater as a Force Scholar)

Saber(s): Has not earned a lightsaber yet

Crystal Color:

Other weapons: Vibroknife, BlasTech DL-18 Blaster Pistol

Possessions: Essential travelers pack consisting of a change of clothes, hygiene and emergency kits

Special Abilities: Has no special abilities other than an untrained gift on the dark side of the force.

Lightsaber Form(s): Untrained

Form I: Shii-Cho -
Form II: Makashi -
Form III: Soresu -
Form IV: Ataru -
Form V: Shien/ Djem So -
Form VI: Niman -
Form VII: Juyo/ Vaapad -

Force Powers : Untrained though has a natural affinity towards the dark side of the Force. May call upon basic force techniques under extreme distress or emotion until she is taught to properly manage her gift

Rank 1:

Rank 2:

Rank 3:

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PostSubject: Re: Talizanu - Sith Acolyte   Talizanu - Sith Acolyte Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2016 6:41 pm

Just finish defining characteristics and you are approved, as roleplay has been witnessed.

"When a Jedi behaves badly in public, an observer might think, 'If this Jedi is a representative of the whole Order, then plainly no Jedi is worth respect.' On meeting a second Jedi, who behaves better than the first, that same person might think, 'Does this say that half the Jedi are good, and half bad?' On meeting a third Jedi, who behaves as well as the second, the person thinks, 'Was the first Jedi an exception, then?' In this way, only by the good behavior of several Jedi can the public be certain that the poor behavior of one Jedi was unusual. Thus, it takes many Jedi to undo the mistakes of one."
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Talizanu - Sith Acolyte
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