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 Evans, Jedi Agent

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PostSubject: Evans, Jedi Agent   Evans, Jedi Agent Icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2016 11:25 pm

Name: Evans
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Jedi, Sith, or NFS: Jedi
Profession: Jedi Investigator
Desired Rank: Junior Jedi Knight
Species: Zeltron
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 145
Age: 27
Eyes: Light Red, Right Cybernetic Eye
Hair: Long dark blue hair touching his upper back

Defining Characteristics:

While usually good-natured and capable of enjoying a hedonistic lifestyle characterized by his species, Evans also has a serious, attentive and careful tone breaking him out of the stereotype. That is not to say that he is completely refusing his cultural heritage, rather he can shut down his desires when the time comes. There is a time for playing around and there is a time for seriousness.

The Jedi Code, rather than being a mean for producing good, is a mean of self-control. Sith are not corrupted due to their lust of power and their evil nature but because they fail to control themselves, instead letting their emotions get the better of themselves.

A bright crimson paints the man's skin, strikingly contrasting the darker tones of his attire. The Zeltron wears the traditional brown Jedi robe along with an armless black leather jacket underneath firmly molding over his athletic red body. A slim utility belt circles a pair of black trouser at his waist, carrying both a lightsaber hilt and several pouches. Ebony boots completes his set. Along with his skin, his long royal blue hair attracts attention, though not as much as his right mechanical cybernetic eye, which, even despite the scar above and below his eye, barely reduces the attractiveness of the Zeltron. While his natural eye is blue, his prosthetic holds a red lense replacing both pupil and Iris.

Born on the homeworld of his people, Zeltros, Evans was the first son of a couple owning a popular cantina. Though this couple was an odd sight, as monogamy isn't exactly the norm on Zeltros, they nonetheless were a prosperous team. Indeed, if Evans followed in his father's footsteps he likely would have never worried about financial issues. Yet fate had decided otherwise.

In his early youth the red child was discovered by the Jedi Order and promptly recuited. His parents initially refused such a future for their child but were eventually persuaded that this was the best thing that could happen for little Evans. At first, though, it seemed that Evans had no potential, both as a student and a Jedi. Disturbing both his own and others learning with the remains of his culture, Evans prefered his hedonistic values over self cultivation. Prefering flirting around and having fun, his potential was still recognize, despite the lack of real results. By the time he was a young adult he was given a Master , Master (INSERT WHATEVER NAME).

The man tried his best with his Padawan and a certain bond developed between them. While he wasn't a Zeltron, he did understood him better than most. Yet, while Evans did slowly grow as a Jedi he still failed to properly balance pleasure and duty. This all changed though when the Master and the Padawan were out on a minor mission. Instead of sleeping in their temporary quarters Evans "successfully" slipped out into the night, assuming he stealth away from his Master. Enjoying his time in a cantina, perhaps feeling nostalgic,  he quickly found himself in the middle of a bar brawl and, partially due to his decreased abilities because of alcohol, lost his right eye in the process. His master, actually not too far away, came about and saved him, yet the damage was already done.

However, that day Evans was transformed, both physically and psychologically. While he hadn't lost his taste for pleasure, he understood that there was a rightful time for everything. Discipline quickly came around.


Fighting Style:

Evans is not as much a fighter or a soldier as he is a scout, an agent.  Along with a balanced education between lightsaber training (Primarily focusing on Form VI) and force usage and knowledge, the Zeltron also studied medicine and technology, giving him enough knowledge to live out in the field and improvise. That is perhaps his greatest strength: improvisation. Every situation and battle will be different and a broad set of abilities, he believes, will allow him to make the best of every scenarios.

Evans prefers speed over strength. Having been trained to be more of a scout than a fighter, his agility's pretty good.

The man is not as strong as a true fighter. Still, he is not physically weak either. It's all relative.

Endurance is perhaps his greatest sttrength. After all, to live and succeed in a hostile environment one is expected to have a fit body capable of working over a long period of time.

Rank: 3 Stars Jedi Knight

Class: Balanced

Saber(s): One Hilt

Crystal Color: Yellow

Other weapons: Secondary weapons are found within his pouches, including small daggers, adhesive, smoke and stun grenades, and a small stun baton.

Possessions: One pouch holds medical material, which Evans has some knowledge on how to administer during the field. While he is not a medic, he is capable enough to use your typical aid-kit.
The Kit includes: Adrenaline Serum, Mid-Sedative Serum, Universal Serum For low toxins and poisons, Bandages and clips.

Special Abilities:

Right Cybernetic Eye:
Very hard to miss, Evan's right eye usually is the first thing one would notice, followed by the surrounding scar. While most of it constitutes of light greyish metal, the central set of lenses emit a faint reddish due to the inner functions. Indeed, while first acting as a camera plugged to Evans' neural system, the eye also stores a small databank of facial recognition. This databank can be altered through a small port found next to the lenses.

Also, while the inner lenses will toggle to keep a normal focus for Evans' vision, they are also capable of zooming his sight, usually forcing him to close his left eye.

Lightsaber Form(s):

Form I: Shii-Cho - Moderate
Form II: Makashi - Moderate
Form III: Soresu - Expert
Form IV: Ataru - Adept
Form V: Shien/ Djem So - Expert
Form VI: Niman - Expert
Form VII: Juyo/ Vaapad - Adept

Force Powers :

Rank 1: Force Sense, Telekinesis, Art of Movement, Mind Trick, Force Sight, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Jump

Rank 2: Force Weapon, Force Persuasion, Force Speed, Telepathy, Force Stun, Precognition

Rank 3: Force Cloak, Psychometry, Dampen Presence, Force Illusion, Force Defend, Force Leap
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PostSubject: Re: Evans, Jedi Agent   Evans, Jedi Agent Icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2016 12:04 am

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Evans, Jedi Agent
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