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 Pojo the Padawan Wyrwulf

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PostSubject: Pojo the Padawan Wyrwulf   Pojo the Padawan Wyrwulf Icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2016 1:22 am

Species: Codru-Ji Wyrwulf

Height: .8 Meters Tall, 1 meter long.

Weight: 140 lbs

Age: Six, nearly seven.

Rank: Padawan

Class: Balanced (Jedi Sentinel in-training)

Master: Mitra Kahn

Saber: Generic Padawan loaner practice saber.  Modified to have a rubberized layer covering the haft.

Crystal Color: Green

Other weapons: Teeth/claws

Possessions: Trainer Saber.  Snacks.  Utility belt.  Snacks.  Rubber Ball.  Snacks.  Translator Droid.  Sna-you get the idea.

Special Abilities: Unable to use the usual methods for lightsaber training, his focus has been on the force and skill with Telekinesis.  Having no hands, his need, use, and skill with TK has been increased beyond the normal padawan's capabilities, enough to spar with it and survive in a hand-based world without them.  Still a padawan, though, he needs to be all but motionless while concentrating.
Hypersonic communication and hearing.  Cordru-Ji can hear normal sound ranges, but have evolved to speak and hear in hypersonic ranges.  Hypersonic sound is at a frequency that is not accessible to human ears.  Its unique wavelength does not disperse like normal sound, so it can be used to communicate clearly over large distances to a focused location without it arriving to unwanted locations.  Useful if another Codru-Ji is around, or a device is used to listen and transmit back, but this is unlikely and will rarely come into effect.
Heightened senses. Smell and hearing stronger than human capability.

Bio: Born on Munto Codru, he was found relatively quickly by the recruitment agents of the Jedi.  It was not a peaceful parting, but in the end it was nothing they recruiters haven't dealt with before.  Mostly raised in the Jedi temple, his knowledge of his home planet was rather limited.  His unusual appearance was a distraction in the classroom, as he looked more a mascot than fellow student.

Lightsaber Forms: Due to his current physical shape, he does not have the body to actually learn the beginner forms.  Bipedal saber styles don't translate well to a 6-legged canine body.  He has seen them, and basically what it looks like, but his training in them are absent.

Force Powers: Telekinesis. Art of Movement.  Force Sense.

Note: As a Wyrwulf, his skill with a light saber is...unusual.  He has trained hard with Telekinesis so he could control things without hands, having none.  This gives his fighting many possibilities of flexibility where one who holds their saber by hand would be limited.  But there is not as much strength (yet), and distractions can throw him off, as he is using his willpower to battle strength.  When he does hold his saber, it has to be in his mouth, forcing his style to be more hit and run acrobatics than actual swordplay.  While there are weaknesses in his TK sword style, there are advantages as well.  One cannot fight it normally, as the attacking blade does not make its attacker vulnerable via proximity.  As well as it is not connected to a physical body, there is no physical tells in a fighting stance to watch for.  And as it is not in range to hit himself, or connected to joints with limited angles and ways to use muscle, the sword has a frightening flexibility of angles and directions of attack it can use that a normal fighter would not be use to dealing with.
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Pojo the Padawan Wyrwulf
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