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 Elm - Senior Padawan

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PostSubject: Elm - Senior Padawan   Elm - Senior Padawan Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2016 11:19 pm

Name: Elm
Jedi, Sith, or NFS: Jedi
Desired Rank: Senior Padawan
Species: Zeltron
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 55kg
Age: 18
Eyes: Green
Hair: Purple
Defining Characteristics: Violet tattoo on chin. Prominent thinness.
Description: The subject is a tall Zeltron, dark pink skin. Hair may appear black in certain lighting, true color is dark purple. Length reaches the neck. Purple tattoo on the chin. Body is very thin, toned musculature with minimal bulk.

Most people will never understand slavery; fear, the smell, pulling on clothes that were never yours, crying out into the night only to have the sound echo on the walls of the durasteel four-by-four that you were thrown into every night. Your earliest and latest memories a gray room with a pad in the corner, occasionally the sound of screams or blaster fire faintly heard down the hall. Perhaps you catch a glimpse of the wet-nurse, the poor old institutionalized human woman who now only lives to induct the new children.

Most people will never understand awareness. Feeling the cosmic reverberation of the facility, having a sense of the client's life-force as it moves through them, watching an execution and being aware as that individual winks out of existence, their body now little more than a mass of molecules that immediately begins its resorption into nature. Through what design was a child destined to tackle this awareness alone, and without guidance?

Precious few hours in the day. Precious time outside with people bustling in and out. You can almost believe you aren't being held against your will. Dance lessons. Then back into the room with a ration block skittering behind the screeching blast door.

To harbor anger, you have to believe that something is wrong.
He was a pretty boy. Before he was even educated, clients would pause in the hall as the child was escorted about. Dancers in class would speak jealously, the way we always seem to sense when someone is going to far surpass our skills. The Master knew he was a good find. The boy knew nothing.

Earliest memory; a long room with pads, five or six small babies laying on each. He doesn't know how he can remember this. The wet-nurse goes down the line, laying and tending to each child. There's a window, people walk by and look as if they are looking for tonight's roast at the butcher's counter.

"Dancing," he said coarsely.

The Master tugged on an untrimmed part of his purple beard. He was a respectable-looking man; wrinkled magenta skin betraying his increasing age.

"Dancing is what he'll do, just look at that body."

Others would learn music; others would learn...something else... He was five years old.
Awareness keeps him up at night. Sometimes it manifests as voices. Sometimes he believes that the things he imagines are real, in the room with him. He catches glimpses of holo-vids sometimes as he walks through the entertainment hall. Pictures of celebrities or holo-nov stars. He is aware that there are people like him on either side of his gray room, but he has never seen or heard them. He is only aware.
He is now allowed to walk to the Dancing Room on his own now. He passes the rooms of people, empty laughing and dilated pupils. The puffing smoke machines in the middle and the forcefield on the door keeping whatever chemical in there. The guard at the front of the building stands ever vigilant. He's also a shopkeeper of sorts. They step in, do an overly enthusiastic handshake, and quickly leave, looking both ways over their shoulder.

Sometimes he delays. The dancing teacher is cruel, but gets results. On those days he gets beaten extra. The laser-whip is always turned down enough to not cause permanent damage.

He is 8.
He finds a solace in dancing. It is prescribed, but he finds his own little ways to release the various emotions that come to him. In his head he imagines kicking the Awareness away, and finding a peaceful center. He is rewarded for his grace, for his muscle tone.

"You'll bring people from all over."

And back into the room.
An Education. One can hardly bring the 'donation' of a patron with an inability to have an intelligent conversation. Etiquette, history, governmental politics. He is 9 and can practically argue with the keenest political ambassadors. The adults laugh at his ideas and praise his progress.

"You'll be the highlight of our little facility."

And back into the room.
They like the children to act like adults. Dance like adults. Eat and drink like adults. They want pets. They want to look through the window at the meat.

First client. Human male.

This grey room is slightly larger and decadently adorned. Comfortable couches, wall-hangings, carpet. A large round table in the center.

"Dance." he says flatly.

The boy is aware; he can sense the man's true intentions. The same as the other men, women, and unknowns that have walked the halls of the little complex.

More clients. More emotions. The repertoire grows.
To harbor anger, you have to believe that something is wrong.
A crash. He is 10.

Outside the door of his little room he can hear screaming, sounds of combat. Smoke seeps under the seal. An odd hum in the distance.

He is aware. An oppressive presence. He is pressed to the floor. His mind feels as if a dull headache shoots to a roaring migraine. It gets closer, warmer. There is a good pain to it, like stepping out of your house for the first time after a long weekend. The first emotional feeling actually set apart from those he'd been around his entire life. He retreats to the corner, pulling the pad up over him. It is not painful, it is dull. The weight is unbearable, though.

The door opens. It isn't the guard, or The Master, or even the Dancing Teacher. It was a male. Brown clothes. A beam of yellow light in his hand.

The beam goes away and he looks at the boy, crouching to the floor.

"Come." He says. "Let's get you out of here."
He only ever had one name "Elm." The name the wet-nurse called him. When the Male took him out of the facility he reeled in the true light. He had not stepped foot past the guard's post in his lifetime. As they crossed the building he looked back. People wearing similar-looking clothes were moving in. People wearing clothes like the lady were leaving. Some were bloody, others were nursing slight injuries. The scene on the main floor was chaos. Men in special masks, making reference to "drugs" and carefully handling red vials.

"I know how it feels." He explained. "You have the Force about you."

So the Awareness has a name.
He wears clothes like the Male now.


Fighting Style: Fighting style marked by deception, not strength or power. Quick, subtle movements, acrobatics, and lightsaber trickery helps Elm win and maintain advantage.
Agility: Slim build, trained as a dancer whilst a slave. These skills provided useful and where developed in the Order.
Strength: Weakest attribute. Has quick movement and great personal bodily control, but more frequently uses the Force to win battles of strength.
Endurance: As above, training and the pursuit of natural talents lends Elm to be very hardy when exposed to stresses over time.

Rank: Senior Jedi Padawan (2-Star)

Class: Scholar

Saber(s): Standard, single-blade hilt.

Crystal Color: Yellow

Other weapons: As needed, currently undefined. (WIP)

Possessions: As needed, currently undefined. (WIP)

Special Abilities: Elm, like all Zeltron, possesses a naturally emitted pheromone that lends "attractiveness and likability" to people. There is also allegedly limited telepathic abilities which more often than not can be best described as general Empathy. Thus, Elm is very good at reading people and, with no use of the Force, having very influential conversations. Elm is obsessed with the mental aspects of individuals, including with the Force. As a child in the order, sleight of hand and other playful trickery were favorite games.

Lightsaber Form(s):

Form I: Shii-Cho - Adept
Form II: Makashi - Novice
Form III: Soresu - Novice
Form IV: Ataru - Novice
Form V: Shien/ Djem So - Adept
Form VI: Niman - Novice
Form VII: Juyo/ Vaapad - Novice

Force Powers : Rank 2 = 10 points

Rank 1:
Force Sense (Sense) (Universal)
Telekinesis (Alter) (Universal)
Art of Movement (Control) (Universal)
Mind Trick (Alter) (Universal)
Force Sight (Sense) (Universal)
Force Push (Alter) (Universal)
Force Pull (Alter) (Universal)
Force Jump (Alter) (Universal)

Rank 2:
Force Persuasion (Alter) (Universal)
Detoxify Poison (Alter) (Universal)
Disable Droid (Alter) (Universal)
Precognition (Sense) (Universal)
Telepathy (Sense) (Universal)
Breath Control (Control) (Universal)
Animal Friendship (Alter) (Light Side)
Force Stun (Alter) (Light Side)
Flashburn (Control) (Light Side)
Force Speed (Control) (Universal)

Rank 3:

Biographic Image:

Elm - Senior Padawan Gi6mts10
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Number of posts : 45
Localisation : Florida
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PostSubject: Re: Elm - Senior Padawan   Elm - Senior Padawan Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2016 11:24 pm

Note: WIP, general ideas and abilities pressed here.
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PostSubject: Re: Elm - Senior Padawan   Elm - Senior Padawan Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2016 6:43 pm

Character RP has been witnessed. Let us know when you feel you are ready for final review and you should be able to get approval.

"When a Jedi behaves badly in public, an observer might think, 'If this Jedi is a representative of the whole Order, then plainly no Jedi is worth respect.' On meeting a second Jedi, who behaves better than the first, that same person might think, 'Does this say that half the Jedi are good, and half bad?' On meeting a third Jedi, who behaves as well as the second, the person thinks, 'Was the first Jedi an exception, then?' In this way, only by the good behavior of several Jedi can the public be certain that the poor behavior of one Jedi was unusual. Thus, it takes many Jedi to undo the mistakes of one."
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PostSubject: Re: Elm - Senior Padawan   Elm - Senior Padawan Icon_minitime

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