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 Wol Nara - Professional Badass

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Wol Nara - Professional Badass Tumblr_nbyejtuEId1sq6xamo1_500

Name: Wol Nara

Race: Ualaq Aqualish

Age: 34

Birthplace: Coruscant (Doom City)

Height/Weight: 5'11" / 224lbs

A fiendish looking fellow who's appearance reeked of unsavoury things. Four beady black eyes perpetually narrowed to imposing scowls. Yellowed tusks veil the lower half of his face. With only wisps of wiry hair covering the top of his head, the majority flowed down the lower half of his skull down to shoulders in a warm chocolate brown colour, often worn in braids. The majority of his peach coloured flesh wears a leathery quality, relatively free of hair. The tops of forearms, shoulders, legs and chest are covered in fur similar to the hair on his head. Although not particularly tall, a toned figure gives him a larger, sturdy appearance. The number of scars he wore tell of a rough life.

The majority of his wardrobe is mismatched and thrifty. An ensemble without a terrible amount of thought, and coming from multiple sources. Though he does favour darker colours. Particuarly greens and browns, as well as a lightly armoured look. High collars are also preferred in his clothing. To impress the ladies, he will occasionally wear nothing but war paint.

Wol Nara - Professional Badass 7H9MPoM


Although he strives to be a model citizen, rough and tumble is something he simply cannot stray from. Raised with the best intentions in a poor neighborhood, a certain few characteristics required for survival made shaped his personality. Crude, abrasive, and generally unpleasant are a few key points that might come to might. Although he is not a criminal, he feels right at home in a room with several. An instigator and trouble maker, despite his good intentions.

Gambling and drinking are his vices. Addictions he simply cannot shake, and the things that consume him. A man who delights in carnal pleasures and entertainment. Lying and cheating are common practices, and unheard of that he might find guilt in doing so. He is also the sort that might give up a close friend

In matters of allegiance, Wol keeps his nose out of politics. What goes on in the galaxy rarely concerns him. Whatever fate is handed to him, he is bound to grudgingly accept. Though no matter what it might be, protesting it and disliking it is a given. Although he is more inclined to support the Republic, the man takes on more of a mercenary approach. Whatever yields the highest profit is where one might find his support.

Despite his almost criminal nature, he takes his work very seriously. Robbing a customer is something he would not consider without a great need. He puts a significant effort into not tarnishing his practice and reputation. Customers come first... most of the time.

During his free time, Wol enjoys bars, women and graphic novels. Lounging and sleeping on top of his ship between jobs is one of the first places to look for the man. Long walks on the beach are something he favours as well, though despite his heritage, water does not particularly interest him. Although both his parents hail from Ando, it is a place he has never been. Nor has he put any real effort into visiting it. One of the low priority things he will get around to at some point in his life.

Allegiance: Republic/Themselves

Status: Civilian

Rank: N/A


XS Stock Light Freighter named "Tusk Grinder"


DL-18 blaster pistol[/size]
Personal mess kit (Aluminium cup/bowl and spork on a small chain)[/size]
Small combat knife in a leather sheath at his knee[/size]
Personal Comlink[/size]

Extra pair of soc--


    -Decent pilot (Above average)- Although he's not going to be executing any ridiculous stunt maneuvers, he can very confidently pilot a shuttle and various other vessels.
    -Good shot (Average) Again, no fancy marksmanship here. He can hit a mid-range target 8/10 times.
    -Cards and dice (Superior)- Having been playing at cards and dice nearly all of his life, Wol has a great understanding of many games, and knows any loopholes, tricks and cheats. Although utterly untrained in the use of the force, he is on occasion able to influence the minds of others to win at gambling games.
    -Street Smarts (Above average)- Growing up in the shady part of town has taught a variety of survival skills such as; being able to identify authority positions/uniforms, military and other groups from civilians. Evasive tactics such as being able to quickly hide, and a little bit of parkour when it comes to running from authority figures. Able to pick out where weapons are located on a person. 
    -Petty Crime (Average)- Although he is not terribly stealthy, a casual, confident nature aids many of his skills such as; Lock picking and pickpocket. Breaking and entering (Low to moderate security). Persuasion and intimidation.




Taxi and long range personnel transport.
His ship is put to good use. Although it is on the junky looking side, it is well maintained and kept in good shape. Whether it is ferrying passengers from one side of a planet to another, or travelling through hypserspace, paying jobs are nearly always accepted. The shuttle is Wol's baby, and travelling into war torn fields or battles is not something he will willingly engage in.


Strength - Above Average
Agility - Below Average
Intelligence - Average
Charisma - Below Average

Force Stats:

Telekinetic- Unskilled
Telepathic- Novice
Body- Unskilled
Sense- Unskilled
Protection- Unskilled
Healing:– Unskilled
Destruction– Unskilled

Force Training:

Unskilled / None

Combat Training: 

Unarmed: Above average (Kickboxing)
Melee Weapons: Above average
Ranged Weapons: Average (Blasters)


In the beginning, the Force created Tinda and Bo Nara. But they were a lonely, and wanting couple. The Force said, let there be Wol. And there was Wol. This made the aqualish parents very happy. Or at least it made Tinda, Wol's mother, very happy. Bo would never know he had a child. Before the little Ualaq had been born, Wol's father Bo had been arrested for petty crimes on Coruscant. Or at least armed robbery was considered relatively petty to the family. Reluctant to stray far from Bo, Tinda remained on Curoscant. Although she would not see her husband again. Home was now a run down little shack in Doom City. Although life here was difficult, it was no more so than the nomadic life Tinda had previously known. Though much different, with the addition of a young child to care for.

Growing up into a respectable, law abiding role was simply not an option in Wol's neighbourhood. The majority of residents and visitors all operated on the principle of survival of the fittest. Thievery, violence and other crimes were a very common practice growing up. The first skills Wol learned from a surprisingly young age was stealing. Bringing what funds he was able to acquire to his mother. With the laws far more relaxed when it came to young children, there was never any true consequence for small crimes committed for Wol. As the little Aqualish grew, the group of child thieves he was growing up with slowly ascended to the higher levels of Coruscant. Peddling faulty, thrifty and even illegal wares and even blatantly robbing unsuspecting citizens.

From a young age, Wol has always appreciated the thrill of betting and gambling, along with the excitement of breaking the law. With the death of his mother, Wol's focus shifted far more to gambling than the regular staple of stealing. An easier, lazier occupation that came with far more perks. Having learned many games inside and out even at a very young age, winning was not uncommon. Although occasionally earning big, Wol had little self control when it game to the pleasures in life such as drinking and women. Never able to maintain any large sums. Homeless was not an uncommon state for him, and the frequent fine to avoid prison kept him far away from a life of luxury.

Acquaintances were easily come by, though true friends were much harder to keep. Although there was nothing at all to tie him to the planet, Wol remained in Doom City for the entirety of his adolescent life. An Anzati named Sham was the only real person Wol was able to call a friend, and together they share similar interests and practices. Having grown up together, the two meshed well. In their line or work, self defence was a very precious skill. Wol and Sham spent countless hours beating the poop out of each other along with other groups of like minded individuals. Bar fights and alley scuffles were nearly daily occurrences. The older the delinquents grew, the more violent their combat became. There was even a fight club type group that met every Taungsday to train. kick boxing and hand to hand combat easily grew to knife fighting. Street fights often turned bloody very quickly, and without the funds for proper medical care, death was not an uncommon thing. Although Wol had never killed another, his amount of involvement could easily land him with hefty sentences. Though somehow, he continued to slip around the law.

Although he had been raised in a crude lifestyle, the Aqualish delinquent was a Disney princess, and wanted so much more than this Underworld life. A criminal was not what he was meant to be. Or perhaps it was- though Wol also knew well that there were many jobs in the city above that paid daily wages greater than what he made in a month in Doom City. By some stoke of  luck, and a few well spoken connections.. Wol was able to land himself cleaning air taxis for a reputable company.

Air taxi was a decent job, and paid well enough. The exposure to environments other than the harsh life below had him on a steady path to a far more lawful and profitable life. Quickly gaining the favour of a number of higher up officials in the company, and eventually Wol was offered a position as an air taxi pilot. Receiving a decent amount training when it came to piloting a number of different ships.

Life was good. Pay was good.. everything was looking up for Wol. He was even well on his way to saving up for a shuttle of his own, to strike out with his own business. Although he still endorsed his criminal tendencies, he had taken a huge step away from it all. Perhaps life was a little too good though, for it would not last. A night of wild and drunken joyrides with Sham had lead to a significant amount of property damage, and the death of several innocent people. It had taken several days to root out the cowering Ualaq from the hole he had crawled into. Although his trial would not be for many months, a death sentence was very clear to be his fate. Before his trial, Wol confessed that the crime had been his friend Sham's fault and doing, and that Wol had been the innocent party. Able to provide enough proof, although that had not been the case at all, Sham would take the full blame of the crime and was executed. Although he would live, Wol's sentence was still a hefty one.

Sobered by many years in a box, Wol found himself committed to never returning to that place, or that lifestyle again. Finally released from prison with his name cleared, Wol was able to secure a stable janitorial job. It took years to work his way back to the desired roll of air taxi pilot, but with hard work Wol was able to accomplish such a thing. Several years later he was able to recover lost funds, and finally purchase his own ship. His career immediately shifting from company employed taxi to freelance transport. Although it had taken a whole year to rebuild the second hand freighter. With a renewed look at there being no ties at all to Coruscant, a nomadic lifestyle came far more easily than he had originally imagine. And this is where he sits today. Ferrying fares across the galaxy, gambling and drinking.

Roleplay Sample: 

With the late afternoon sun hot on his face, Wol had opted for cringing, rather than the much smarter option of just getting up and moving. Flat on his back and sprawling had turned to shielding his dark, beady eyes. The larger pair screwed painfully shut, as they were far more sensitive to light. That had quickly turned to wrapping the high collar of his light coat about the lower half of his face, leaving nothing more than the bald top of his pale head exposed. Like a grapefruit stuck into the end of a jacket sleeve, and about as ridiculous looking as a Moappa in a top hat. The next stage of discomfort came with groaning and writhing. Salty trails of sweat running down the windscreen of his landed shuttle.

Although water was not exactly something Wol had a particular fondness for, despite his heritage.. Sunbathing on Tatooine had been about one of the worst ideas he had ever had. His yearning for a warm destination had been whet, he had never imagined the place to be this bad. The final stage of his discomfort had the Ualaq throwing himself to a seated position atop his shuttle with a raucous gasp for air. Clawing at the front of his coat in his haste to unbuckle the straps wrapped tightly about his face. Flailing might be an appropriate word used here, and some moments of panicked claustrophobia later, Wol was able to tear the coat from his shoulders. Whipping about to narrow each of his buggy eyes at an unfortunate passer-by whom had been observing the struggle. "What !?" Nearly screaming in a strangled, hoarse tone. Sending the voyeur on their way with a little more haste in their stride and narrowed eyes.

Slipping off the windscreen of his shuttle, and descending to the ground with a small plume of sand billowing about boots. Stooping to collect his thrown coat out of the dirt, and nearly toppling over in the process. The heat had made him groggy, nauseous and dizzy. Standing straight was an unfortunately difficult thing. His clothing was uncomfortably wet too. Drenched, and sticking to his flesh and clumping his fur. This was not an ideal vacation planet. Though it had taken the trip here himself, to actually believe the sage works of others. In a poor mood, Wol was relenting. Slapping a hand to the uncomfortably hot panel of his shuttle to drop the platform, and take a moment to revel in the blast of climate controlled cool air. Hurrying on board afterwards to await the return of his fare in a much more comfortable setting. Grumbling angrily at the amount of sand he was tracking on board as well.
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Wol Nara - Professional Badass
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