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 The Jedi Order- Roster

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PostSubject: The Jedi Order- Roster   The Jedi Order- Roster Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2016 1:11 am

Jedi Council

Grandmaster - Scholar - Wilowchehuckt
Jedi Master - Balanced - Beldok Sekel
Jedi Master - Specialist - Tristan Hornik (NPC)
Jedi Master - Specialist - Sev'rant Tarol (NPC)

Jedi Masters

Jedi Knights

Scholar - Eleza Tel-Ul
Specialist - Aedan Archer
Specialist - Madam Cerise
Balanced - Eron Wehr
Balanced - Evans Red
Balanced - Mitra Kahn
Scholar - Stark

Jedi Padawans

Mitra Kahn's Padawan - Pojo
Janara Aldulli


Zeroga Mandrayer
Bek Xalrich
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The Jedi Order- Roster
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