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PostSubject: Annastazia Reznik   Annastazia Reznik Icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2016 1:18 am

Annastazia Reznik MqRDSne
Annastazia Rezník

.[ n. Ressurection ]. - .[ n. Butcher ].

.Dark Adept. .Prosthetics.

.Nagai. - .31. - .Female. .5'9".  .139 lbs.

Hails from .[ Apatros of Apatros of the Savareen Sector ].

Annastazia Reznik FP6nhIP


Suave and delicate, yet rough and untamed. Proudly wearing the all too common mask of beauty over a feral personality. Her features are sharp and refined. Offering a stern, commanding appearance even while displaying contradicting emotion. Her skin lacks pigmentation, as well as the common glow behind a natural pale. Stretching flawlessly thin, yet wearing a near translucent quality. The faint hint of vein and muscle can be seen beneath paper thin flesh. Her hair is raven black. Cascading downwards in soft, glistening waves. Thick, full and sprawling over shoulders nearly to her back. Pale eyes lacked the majority of pigmentation as well. Though without such affliction they might have passed for crimson. Pale pink was their colour, amongst silver rings without colour. Tall and lithe, yet she wears graceful curves and shapes. From head to toe, her body is painted in dark patterns and curious designs. Nonsensical in some ways, though often relating to current moods and emotions.

Artificial limb: Perhaps her most prominent feature would be the mechanical leg. Appearing to be severed just above the knee, the majority of the leg is mechanical, and begins at the hip. Crafted with an artistic flare, yet still retaining the appearance of a leg. While the basic structure is relatively plain and barebones, the structure is filled out with and populated by detachable blades that take on a more decorative appearance.

Wardrobe: A fashionista at heart. Preferring elegant, stylish dresses more appropriate for a dinner party than a medical ward or battlefront. An appearance choice that often deludes to a less capable individual, and often times a diplomat or some important personnel. Favouring sheer fabrics and revealing attire. Dark colours and crimson are flavours of choice.


An interesting individual with a lack of trained restraint. While she might appear cool and collected on many occasions, it is often short lived, and visible emotions readily boil beneath pale skin. Quick to anger.. and anger is a truly ugly thing. Selfish, self absorbed, arrogant and confident. The rare noble traits that do surface are often pre courser to things far more foul. Though while extreme personality notes are readily available, the woman might better be remarked as unremarkable, average and insignificant. Without more personal dealings with her, it might be easy to forget entirely about this woman. Despite her bold appearance, blending into a crowd seems a specialty. Particularly when she strives against such a thing.

In her line of work, attention to detail is a requirement, and she certainly does not lack in that department. A perfectionist to a near obsessive degree when it comes to her favoured activities. End results and optimization are very important to her. She might risk the safety and appreciation of a patient to apply her preferred methods to the degree she desires. She has a very creative and artistic side as well. While she might not be comfortable enough to try certain bold flavours for herself, she is more than willing to impose them on others.

Although she might not be outwardly violent, the woman certainly does wear a cruel streak. Torture is a game, others are meant to be insulted, and feelings only exist to be slapped around. She is better than the masses, or so she regards herself.

Annastazia Reznik W2zQler




Annastazia Reznik IKWm8v2

Lightsaber .  Single phase . Synthetic red . Cortosis Rod

A sturdy, yet an artistic piece of work. Silver and black, with swirling markings etched into metal. A synthetic crystal forges a crimson beam. A thin, spear like cortosis rod fixed to the stabilizing ring adds an extra sharp point as well as a debilitating effect for enemies. Magnetically charged to keep her own beam unhindered, however any lightsaber beam that comes into contact with the rod may be disrupted, and flicker on and off.

Compact pouch of surgical and mechanical tools for prosthetic repair

At least a half dozen knives on her person at all times

Artificial Leg . Partially built with detachable blades and knives


Strength . Average .

Agility . Above average .

Intelligence . Above average .

Charisma . Average .

.Force Stats.

Telekinetic . Adept .

Telepathic . Novice .

Body . Adept .

Sense . Apprentice .

Protection . Apprentice .

Healing . Adept .

Destruction . Adept .

.Combat Training.

Close Quarter - Knife fighting . Adept .

Throwing Knives . Adept .

Hand to hand . Apprentice .

Firearms - Marksmanship . Novice .

.Force Training.

.Force Scholar.


Art of movement 1 . Adept .

Force Speed 2 . Adept .

Recovery Trance . Adept .

Breath Control 2 . Adept .


Force Sense 1 . Apprentice .

Force Sight 1 . Adept .

Precognition 2 . Adept .


Ionize 3 . Adept .

Mind Trick 1 . Apprentice .

Force Choke 3 . Adept .

Force Fear 3 . Apprentice .

Force Jump 1 . Apprentice .

Force Lightning 2 . Apprentice .

Force Pull 1 .  Apprentice .

Force Push 1 . Apprentice .

Force Weapon 2 . Apprentice .

Force Wound 2 . Adept .

Telekinesis 1 . Adept .

Droid Disable 2 . Adept .

Force Slow 2 . Adept .

Force Affliction 3 . Adept .

Force Drain 3 . Adept .

Force Healing 3 . Adept .

.Other Training.

Prosthetics and Robotics . Master .

Acrobatics and Contortion . Expert .

First Aid . Master .

.Lightsaber Training.

Shii-Cho . Novice .

Makashi . Adept .

Soresu . Novice .

Ataru . Apprentice .

Shien/Djem So . Novice .

>>Sub-form Backhanded . Novice .

Niman . Novice .

>>Sub-form Jar-kai . Unskilled .

Double Bladed Combat . Unskilled .

Annastazia Reznik O2HTseq


Dawn of an unfortunate chapter

Kor was well into his life with a career as a noble businessman. Off-world trinkets and collector items were his trade. Life was good, wife was good, children were typical pain in the rears. Good things don't last long however. Whether it was by coincidence or the will of the force, Kor had one day come into possession of an artifact far more valuable than he had understanding of. Ancient texts describing locations rich in cortosis on several remote planets. But for now that was beside the point. With a taste for adventure, Kor made a decision to leave their beloved home, and family relocated to Tatooine, as it was rumored the resell value for trinkets was particularly substantial. It was quickly learned however that this was not the case, and there was much regret. The Outer Rim Oreworks company had caught wind of just what the artifact Kor had discovered was, and felt it would be beneficial to their own business means, and had contracted a mercenary to retrieve such an object. Although Kor had acquired it legally, the ORO claimed it to be theft from their own collection. For imagined crimes, Kor was fined with a rather substantial amount of credits with the option to repay the debt by working as a miner. "Work" near immediately turned into slavery, adding one of the most cliché and classic beginnings to our story. To further aid in the repaying of the so called debt, Kor's wife Reiko was snatched from their Tattooine home, along with their two young children.

Having been living a comfortable and relatively luxurious life, mine work did not agree with the foreign family. Living off less than a liveable wage turned the family against each other. Taking on a more self serving role, with little love for marriage bonds. Unable to sustain themselves, the two children were sold as true slaves to a more wealthy mine employee. Never to be heard of again, with no note as to their wellbeing. When Reiko discovered that Kor had sold their children without her knowledge, she was distraught. What little love that was left between the two quickly extinguished. Although they were made to occasionally work together, associating with one another was in the interests of neither.

Work was a difficult thing, and it changed the Nagai couple. Hardening Kor into a self sufficient, and even cruel man. Reiko on the other hand continued deteriorating to little more than a lifeless husk. Years later, Kor received word that his debt was possibly nearing it's end. Truthfully, such a thing would never come to pass. However with the man so taken by this small glimmer of hope, he sought out Reiko to celebrate. The woman wanted nothing to do with her former husband. Though a good mood for the first time in years would not be turned away so easily, and thus a child was conceived.

Eventually, Kor came to know the error in his ways, and was taken by grief and anguish. He had destroyed himself and his family. With such consuming emotion, Kor took his own life. Although Reiko lived, she carried no love for such a state. Cursing the child that she carried, and further deteriorating to a hateful, malicious woman. When the child was born, the most Reiko could do was name it. Reznikov, son of a butcher. The pale little child was left to die in the streets with nothing more than the name painted across her chest.

By some stroke of luck, another mine worker found the infant before she expired. Taking her home, and nursing her back to health. Though the worker could not keep her, for he did not have the resources. Too young to sell, there were few options presented. Risking trespassing, the miner snuck himself into the private quarters of one of the mine administrators that was known for a kinder heart. The administrator was disgusted to find the creature dropped into her chambers, though she lacked the cold heart to have it killed. Caring for it only long enough, until a shuttle could be arranged to transport the child to an orphanage on the planet Rodia, where the administrator hailed from.


Although the orphanage was not a terrible place, it was occupied in majority by children whom had been abandoned, were of the 'special' quality, and of the unpleasant sort of society cast offs. Too young to be aware that she occupied an unpleasant place, though the harassment she received was still easily felt. Moody, frustrated, and constantly in tears with rough hands, harsh words and the pestering of older children. The first few years of her life left little Reznikov ever angry. Stubborn, grudging, rude and even violent. Given the name Annie, much to her 'delight'. Later even earning the nickname Annie the Butcher, as she had a tendency to kill and mutilate small animals and birds.

Amongst the cast offs of society, force sensitive children and those with some potential seemed abundant. Shady characters turned up every year to take an orphan away, mixed in with proper potential parents. While these shady characters were viewed with much suspicion from orphanage administrators, the children found them to be fascinating. Looking forwards to and anticipating their next visit, for a child was surely to be whisked off to a secret life of adventure. Though visit after visit, Annie was not stolen away to some fantasy life, and each year she grew more distraught by her lack of being chosen. Though fortune favors the patient.. not that Annie ever was.. and one day the young girl found herself in the loving arms of a new 'parent'. Whom just so happened to be a single father with no real love for children, interested in using the orphan girl as a servant.

A work in progress

Much to her distaste, Annie received no special treatment whatsoever. The Nagai found herself charged with more menial tasks and servant's work than the fantasy training she so desired, making her an unpleasant child to deal with. Sergei was an unpleasant human as well. Greasy, unwashed, terrible teeth and a foul attitude. A man who had once trained with Jedi as a new padawan, though had very quickly fallen from grace. Entirely unskilled in all of his methods, though his theories and stories certainly were of value. He often kept Annie motivated in what was essentially slavery with the promise of force training, but it was many years before he ever made an attempt. It certainly did not help that her force sensitivity was not quite as well tuned as a number of other children that had been her age and younger, and progress was slow. While Sergei was not exactly a role model, his teachings were surprisingly sound... if one had an affinity for the dark side. It also helped that the man had a very large number of unsavory connections. The servant girl eventually turned into something of an experiment. Sergei making it his goal to train Annie in ways of the force, to use her skill for his own purposes.

Her first lightsaber was constructed masterfully with a natural talent for engineering, despite the shoddy requirements. Equipped with a gifted crystal. Though such a thing seemed awkward to the girl, and she would spend large amounts of time through her life perfecting the design and constantly making minute changes.

It would be years later that Annie finally seemed to be making any real progress. Perhaps it was a certain training session that just 'clicked', or some epiphany which lead to a far more educated understanding of things. Or so she believed at first. Finding her niche had been the trick, science and robotics now fueled her motivation and willpower. Strength, and mastery over techniques that simply did not suit her were quickly shelved for a more intelligent, intimate approach to her training. No longer interested in outranking her trainer Sergei, her interests were focused entirely upon sciences, Much to Sergei's disappointment. An opportunistic man however, and Annie's science and robotics projects were often sold for decent prices. Though the fact she had not turned out to be a masterfully skilled warrior kept Sergei with a strong distaste for the orphan girl.

Annie had a natural talent for all things robotics. A keen, and detail oriented mind. Mathematics and numbers were simple, and biology just seemed to make easy sense. Although she would not neglect other training, Annie certainly considered herself more of a lab geek than a warrior. A few short years later, the Nagai was sold to a pureblood descendant named Dhasias, whom was a part of a branch of the Imperial Reclamation Services, who specialized in biomechanic artifacts.

Master and apprentice had little in common, and further training was a long uphill battle. Though they did find a common ground with their interest in artifacts and mechanical constructs. Much of their life was spent travelling and on the go, although Annie often found herself left behind in the lab to pick apart retrieved artifacts. Though it was a slow, uneasy relationship, Annie and Dhasias did eventually learn to work together. Even have potentially have formed a friendship. Though the two agreed that careers were far more valuable than friendship, and Annie found herself seduced into the  service of a new man.

The change in assignment left Annie under the tutelage of a new master. Magnus Ronar. An Iridonian with a keen mind for all the things Annie appreciated. Biology and robotics. Master and apprentice quickly found common ground between the two of them, and easily forged a bond. Or at least to the vague definition of the word. Ronar was not a kind man however, and Annie often found herself bloodied by his hands and temper. With his own passion for biomechanics, Annie was frequently the subject in a huge variety of tests ranging from verbal input, to outright torture. Although the man constantly left her in fits of rage and hatred, the Nagai somehow still retained an affinity for the man, and a deep amount of respect. Their line of work revolved around the medical wards of the Sith empire.

Anastazia Reznik

By this time, Annie's lightsaber looked nothing like it's original version. Poked and prodded at until she did eventually find a design that she considered to be perfect, with a few non-standard enhancements. A piece of work to mimic her skill in engineering.

Although she was not a particularly social woman, the years had Annie with far more confidence and self worth. Immersed in lab work constantly, and engaged in activities that quickly furthered her career and knowledge. Arrogant, even. It would take many years of hard work and practice to be able to call herself a master of the trade. Ten years locked in a lab might be enough to drive anyone crazy, but Annie enjoyed every moment of it. Every moment of dissecting living beings to study biomechanics, creating mechanical structures and artificial limbs for a huge variety of species and names of notable importance. Even sewing her own flesh back together after 'tutelage' by her master. Artificial enhancements to bodies were not at all foreign to her, though limb reconstruction was her full on fantasy.

In learning of such fantasies, Ronar would put her work to the ultimate test. Instructing the Nagai to amputate one of her own limbs and replace it with a constructed limb instead. Although initially the order was appalling, Annie was quick to begin work on what would be her own arm. Putting an extensive amount of effort and skill into her work. Though nearing the completion of the project, the master found himself impatient. Although it might have been a planned maneuver, Annie would forever retain the impression that it had been little more than a fit of rage and an affinity for violence that cost her a leg instead. While she was not unskilled in combat, years in a lab had done nothing for fighting skills, and the Nagai quickly found one of her legs torn apart in a particularly brutal fashion.

While Annie was forced to alter her current arm project, her anger towards what had happened made a rather hefty influence into her work. No longer interested in simply masking synthetics as real flesh, the Nagai would wear her ailment proudly. Weaving blades and a raw, unfinished look into the limb where synthetic flesh had originally been meant. Although it would not wear the originally intended coverings, it still retained the rough shape of a proper leg with each of it's detachable blades making up part of the structure. A bare, skeletal thing without the blades. Crafting a new name of Anastazia for herself, rather than the much loathed Annie.

Her practices certainly would not shift away from biomechanics and limb reconstruction, though with renewed motivation, skills in combat would no longer be neglected. Spending the next part of her life with equal interests in combat and force training, as well as robotics. Over the years, she too would become a formidable fighter with a very strong connection to the force, as well as a skilled engineer. Her birth name of Reznikov would be shortened to her childhood nickname. Leaving her where she is today. Still under the tutelage of Magnus Ronar. Annastazia Reznik. Resurrection butcher.

.Roleplay Sample.

Dawn. Dawn was an acceptable hour. An acceptable hour to sleep in. Anna rolled over amongst thin sheets that clothed her bed. Silken and luxurious. Long, inky black hair pooled across her pillow as her face was mashed down into it. Grinding her teeth with building irritation. As always, she had woken only moments before an alarm. Instinctively, a thin arm would be extended out to her side to hover over the little buzzer in preparation to drive the heel of her palm into the off button. Every morning was the same though dawn took the form of digits, rather than sun's rotation ninety percent of the year.

Alarm dealt with, the Nagai would remain still for several moments longer. Gathering her strength, and clearing her mind. Even though the act of waking was something she found with a heavy distaste for, morning was one of her favourite times of the day. A new, fresh start with renewed energy. The day would bring new challenges and tests, and the thought was already building Anna's excitement. Rolling out of bed came in a very literal form. Naked and prone on the floor for several more minutes before gaining her feet. Dressing herself with an expensive taste.. which was really all for naught, as the lab coat she wore would conceal the majority of her outfit.

Clothing, bedsheets and all things mechanical seemed to be her interests with a glance about her bed chamber. A surprisingly small room, only large enough to store feminine belongings in a cramped style. Articles of note hung and displayed far more neatly than others, while more common household items wore none of the craftsmanship and expense her favoured items did.

A cup of caf would be brewing as the groggy Sith dressed. Thick hair pinned to a messy bun. The dye of her characteristic markings had nearly faded enough to paint on a new pattern. Though until then, it would be filling in the light grey with a Kohl black temporary paint. The most lengthy process of her morning routine, though not one she was required to do very often, as the black dye that stained her flesh lasted months before fading.

Caf consumed, and mug washed out. The cup had been a gift from her old master Dhasias, and was not something she neglected. Quarters tidied with a military precision, and the Nagai would be on her way. Back to the lab, and into another day of learning and study. A state that would never end.

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Feel free to take up to Dark Adept (3 Star).

You should also look up the Arkanian species in Star Wars. Their culture may intrigue you.

"When a Jedi behaves badly in public, an observer might think, 'If this Jedi is a representative of the whole Order, then plainly no Jedi is worth respect.' On meeting a second Jedi, who behaves better than the first, that same person might think, 'Does this say that half the Jedi are good, and half bad?' On meeting a third Jedi, who behaves as well as the second, the person thinks, 'Was the first Jedi an exception, then?' In this way, only by the good behavior of several Jedi can the public be certain that the poor behavior of one Jedi was unusual. Thus, it takes many Jedi to undo the mistakes of one."
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