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 Zeroga Mandrayer - Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: Zeroga Mandrayer - Bounty Hunter   Zeroga Mandrayer - Bounty Hunter Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2016 8:19 pm


Zeroga Mandrayer - Bounty Hunter WN12rzq

Name: Zeroga Mandrayer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Jedi, Sith, or NFS: No allegiance, basic force ability.
Desired Rank: N/A
Species: Human-Mandalorian
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195
Age: 32
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Defining Characteristics: Normally seen wearing a customized variant of Mandalorian Armor. He only reveals his face/identity when absolutely necessary.  Zeroga's primary profession is Bounty Hunting. He seems to have an above average knowledge of The Force, and is often approached to hunt Force users. Professionally he is known as "Zero".

Description:  A man wearing Navy Blue High Impact Armor passes you. His face concealed by a Helmet with an iridium blue, mirrored visor. His red cape flows behind him in his wake as he moves along, seeming to search. Searching is his profession. At his sides are two short range blasters and on his back is a long range rifle. He has a jump pack with an anti-vehicle rocket and a dart launcher on his right wrist. On his belt dangles a Jedi lightsaber, a trophy from a past job perhaps?

Bio:Zeroga was born on Mandalore to a single mother. He never knew his father, and his mother did not talk about him, or possibly did not know him that well either. Zeroga was raised by his Mother and his Grandfather. He received a traditional Mandalorian upbringing, instructing him in the warrior ways. Zeroga's Grandfather was already an old man at the time of his birth, and he died of old age just after Zeroga's 10th birthday. His mother suddenly died a year later.

It was at this time Zeroga was approached by a man known as F'oryin. F'oryin had arrived on Mandalore about 3 months prior to Zeroga's Mother's death. He revealed to Zeroga that he was a Jedi that had traveled to Mandalore in search of a Sith Lord he had been pursuing. F'oryin took Zeroga as his Padawan, telling Zeroga that he had felt the power of The Force within him. Zeroga trained and traveled with F'oryin for 3 years, learning the basics of The Force but his training was slow due to starting at an older age.

While traveling in the Corvis system, Zeroga and his master were ambushed by the Sith that F'oryin had been in persuit of. F'oryin managed to kill the Sith's apprentice and secure escape for Zeroga, but at the cost of his life. With his dying words he revealed that Zeroga's mother's death had not been due to natural causes, and he should avoid the Sith at any cost, begging him to flee. F'oryin gave Zeroga his Lightsaber and told him to use it if necessary. Zeroga sustained moderate injuries but was able to escape.

Zeroga was able to stow away aboard a freighter leaving the Corvis system and eventually found his way back to the Mandalore system, not knowing where to go otherwise. Having literally nothing, he wound up on Concordia, working in the Beskar mines for money until he got a job working as a ship crewman for a Bounty Hunter named Revas. During this time he tried to learn anything he could about the Jedi and Sith, sparking a growing disdain for both sides of the Force, and instilling much confusion in him. He harbored ill will towards the Sith for the death of his Mother, and felt used by his former Master due to his concealing the truth. He began to feel like The Force was a curse upon him, that he didn't truly understand.

Revas and Zeroga developed somewhat of a Father-Son relationship over the next 10 years, as Revas did not have any children of his own. Zeroga had a natural talent for Bounty Hunting, and he served Revas well. Zeroga eventually obtained his armor, and furthermore a ship from his travels and jobs with Revas. He went out on his own at this point, and with his time in space traveling hunting bounties, began to explore his Force abilities again.


Fighting Skill: Zeroga has been training in some form of combat since his childhood, and he hunts Bounties for a living.

Agility: Zeroga always wears his Armor, while Mandalorian armor is very light weight, he is more encumbered than an armor-less individual. He often has to rely on his jump pack to make quick exits from situations.

Strength: Physical fitness is important to Zeroga, he would be considered stronger than the average Human.

Endurance: Zeroga prefers to end his engagements as quickly as possible. Most of his strategies are tailored accordingly. He would retreat and regroup, before fighting a long drawn-out battle.

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PostSubject: Re: Zeroga Mandrayer - Bounty Hunter   Zeroga Mandrayer - Bounty Hunter Icon_minitimeSat Jan 02, 2016 1:32 am

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Zeroga Mandrayer - Bounty Hunter
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