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 Relaunch - 2016

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Relaunch - 2016 Empty
PostSubject: Relaunch - 2016   Relaunch - 2016 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 31, 2015 5:57 pm

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to inform you that some of SWC's old members, myself included, have decided to give SWC another go after the release of Star Wars: Force Awakens. Being a veteran of Star Wars RP, I plan to use my past experience to relaunch the continuity with its members' best interests in mind. The continuity will be based in the far future of the expanded universe (not Disney canon), following the original setting of our first continuity "The Jedi Order."

I am currently in the process of retrieving information and patches from the past so the setting itself is still under development. We plan on using this dream for old and new members alike and hope to make it friendly to part-time and free time RPers. We intend to promote casual RP whenever possible and will also try to set up weekly or bi-weekly events for group RP to keep the continuity and story alive.

In addition, it is also my intention to make this continuity less strict than those prior in hopes to expand on each player's creativity and imagination. This does not mean the continuity will be without rules however, but we will try and keep the rules fair and loose. While I am on the subject of rules, we are also trying to implement a dice system as an option for dueling or fights. The decision to use dice versus freeform fights is entirely dependent on the participants and we will certainly have some rules and limitations for both.

As of right now, the continuity is in heavy development but I encourage all new or old members to come and start RPing. The setting and plot will come in time, but the idea behind bringing SWC back is to give all of us a hub for some fantastic Star Wars RP! It'll be a pleasure to meet and reunite with you all and may the force be with you leading into the New Year!

- Jae Kahn
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Relaunch - 2016
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