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 Sample Application - Force User

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PostSubject: Sample Application - Force User   Sample Application - Force User Icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2011 4:13 pm

Name: Sirus Macero

Alignment: Neutral Good

Jedi? Sith?: Jedi

Species: Miraluka

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 168 lbs

Age: 35

Eyes: N/A

Hair: Pale blond silky locks fell to his chin as thin wavy strands covers a portion of his face.

Defining Characteristics: A difficult man to read; one who carries an aura of mystery about him and a Jedi Shadow with every meaning of the world. Reserved and withdrawn, though it isn't uncommon to see the Miraluka wander the Temple, helping younglings and padawans alike establish a connection with the Force. Though most Jedi Shadow possess a black and white outlook on the Galaxy, Sirus follows a philosophy common among his people and does not see things in Good and Evil. This aids him at his job and allows him to understand those he pursues.

Description(As seen on Furcadia): A shadow looming in darkness; pale blond locks falls over his face, confining bits beneath its tangled mess. Born without eyes, he wears a common black cloth to conceal his empty eye sockets. Athletic and tone, it's no surprise that a man of his stature would show off his physique. Drenched in shadows, a black vest would be worn over sleeveless under tunic and was held together by a leather utility belt, retaining items and accessories necessary for his dangerous missions. The hilt to his double-sided lightsaber, though smaller than others of its style, would dangle from the belt as black, loose fitting trousers covered his legs and were tucked into his shin high boots.

Bio: Sirus Macero was born on the Miraluka's adopted homeworld, Alpherides, in year 3,682 BBY. His father was one of twenty-three representatives in the council that organized its government while his mother mainly stayed at home, tending to her beloved child.

The boy grew up in a loving home, despite the rumor of the Sith Empire's return, and learned much about the Miraluka beliefs and philosophy before his family was approached by a Jedi Master claiming to be a recruiter for the Jedi Order on Coruscant. He told the proud parents that their son had great potential, and that he was surprised to be drawn to Alpherides, especially when its entire population is made up of a force-sensitive race. After a long deliberation, the Jedi Master managed to convince the boy's parents to take him to the Jedi Order, where they knew they would likely never see their child again.

Sirus was enrolled as a youngling at the age of four and was actually one of the youngest in his class. He didn't make many friends, considering that he was the only Miraluka these children have seen and in a galaxy filled with hundreds of aliens, for some reason a boy without eyes comes off as strange. Because of this, Sirus instinctively became quiet and withdrawn from others and preferred to spend his days meditating in the garden, away from the obnoxious laughter of the other younglings.

Unbeknownst to the Miraluka who was quietly minding his own business, he would draw the attention of a wise Jedi Knight, Belth Allusis. Master Allusis was a Jedi with a renown reputation as an unorthodox tactician and was highly respected by his peers. As Sirus approached the last days of his training, Belth Allusis would approach the council with the desire to take the young Miraluka as his Padawan.

What he saw in the boy were qualities that others have missed. Where they saw a child who was shy and lacked social skills, he saw someone with potential to do great things. Despite the fact that the other children made fun of him, he always went above and beyond to help them in their time of need. This was a sign of selflessness, a quality
that is highly encouraged within the Jedi Order.

Sirus spent years serving as Belth Allusis' padawan, who he later began to admire for his above average wit and strategies. Allusis was a glorified tactician that, in the midst of the Great Galactic War, helped the Republic fend off the Sith invaders. This would earn the human a promotion to the rank of Jedi Master and even General in the Republic army. Despite this, the Sith Empire were still advancing and seem to be favored in this war.

At the age of 14, Belth Allusis accompanied by his padawan, were assigned to Bothawui where they would aid the Republic forces in fending off a Sith assault on the planet. The first battle was took to the space, and it would be Jedi Master Allusis' influence with Battle Meditation that would decide the outcome of the battle.

Though victorious, both parties lost a lot of lives and now there were only a handful of Jedi and Republic soldiers left to confront the second wave of Sith. Confident that there was no hope for victory, Belth would command his padawan to retreat and inform the Jedi Council about battle. Sirus refused but eventually yielded and did as he was commanded as the remaining soldiers migrated to the planet where they would make their final stand.
Despite being so few in numbers, the heroes of Bothawui fought for days before they met their unfortunate fate and were slain in combat. Although Sirus was on the other side of the galaxy, he still felt the great loss through the ripples in the Force.

The battle of Bothawui officially ended in a draw, but word of the Jedi Master and his soldier's courage brought new hope to the Republic army. Sirus spent the next several years bouncing around from master to master until he was finally promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight at the age of 20

Sirus was much like his former master in the sense where he was an unorthodox tactician and often learned how to open weaknesses and exploit them through deception and illusion. This became very useful in the battles that follow Bothawui and was finally given the responsibility to lead his own small strike force.

Jedi Knight Macero's unit wasn't typically used for defending the front lines, but rather infiltrating the enemy across enemy lines and using the cover of concealment as their ally to take full advantage of their enemy's surprise. They were quick, precise and successful with each mission.

Sirus was later approached by the Council of First Knowledge who commended him on his accomplishments in battle and suggested that he takes up the way of the Jedi Shadow, to use his skills for the sole purpose of search and destroy any dark side artifacts or practitioners. Though Sirus desired to be on the front lines, he would agree and study the ways of the Jedi Shadow.

For the remainder of the Great Galactic War, Sirus Macero spent his time in the shadows of many major battles, such as the Battle for Balmorra and was even present during the Sith assault on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where he narrowly escaped the clutches of several Sith Warriors. Now he, as well as the rest of the Jedi Order, rests on the lost home world of the Jedi, Tython, meditating and watching as events unfold and signs of another war emerge.

Sample post:
How did you hear about SWC?: Rah


Fighting skill: Exceptional in lightsaber combat, particularly in wielding a single blade and even double-bladed lightsabers. A master of deception, Sirus has combined the design of his double-bladed lightsaber with his style of fighting, using the small hilt to portray a single blade only to ignite the second and exploit his enemy's weakness.

Agility: Possessing an athlete's body, he's rather quick and nimble on his feet and is capable of displaying exceptional skill in acrobats as well as overall agility. Also, this trait is very useful in combined with guile, allowing him to conceal his whereabouts by being familiar with being light on his feet.

Strength: Sirus would sacrifice a bit of strength in order to be more adept with using speed and agility in combat. This does not make him weak, just not as strong as well-rounded Jedi or even those who are most commonly known as Brutes.

Endurance: Due to his specialization, Sirus has spent most of training on taking down his opponents swiftly. The result had made him rather unfamiliar in longer fights and thus, likely doesn't have as much endurance as a Jedi Guardian.

Reason: Though a Jedi Shadow, Sirus does not share the same views of white and black; good and evil. He tries to look at things from all perspectives. This does not please other Jedi Shadows and often stirs conflict in beliefs. However, it is known that his views do work as well as their beliefs of Black and White.

Intuition: A practitioner of meditation, Sirus holds a strong belief that one must be in complete control of their thoughts in order to battle the temptations of the dark side and because he is a Miraluka, it also helps him strengthen his bond with the Force.

Psyche: He possesses a very strong resolve, despite his countless battles with the dark side. He's a man who is loyal to the Jedi Order and his superiors, even if his methods of doing things or the way he looks draws unwanted attention.

Resources: Very little beyond what is needed for missions.

Popularity: Though seen instructing classes, particularly pertaining to understanding the dark side as well as covert ops, he prefers to not be overly popular within the Order and favors solitude over crowded places.

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PostSubject: Re: Sample Application - Force User   Sample Application - Force User Icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2011 2:38 am

Rank: Senior Knight - Jedi Shadow (4 Star)

Class: Jedi Sentinel

Saber(s): A double-bladed lightsaber that uses only a single lightsaber mechanism rigged with two emitters and a single set of crystals. Unlike standard double-blades, this does not possess two lightsabers with connecting pommels but a single saber more akin to Crossguard lightsaber. The resulting weapon possessed only a standard hilt length, allowing it to convincingly masquerade as a standard lightsaber, as the blades could be triggered individually despite the single mechanism.

Crystal Color: Yellow

Other weapons: Flash Bomb, C-10 Stun Grenade, Sleep Dart, Vor'cha stun stick, Pantoran Blaster

Possessions: Starfighter, Hooded Robe, Slicing Droid

Special Abilities: A glorified tactician that has the reputation of being a deceptive fighter which refers to his ability to feign attacks as well as using the Force to create illusions to mislead his opponent and thus, giving him an opportunity to exploit their weakness. This particular style had been mastered and honed around his rather unique lightsaber in which he often wields as a standard lightsaber until his opponent lower's their guard and gives him the perfect moment to strike. In addition to that, the fact that he is a Jedi Shadow also makes him rather exceptional at stealth techniques and generally walks around using Force Stealth even when it is not necessary.

Lightsaber Form(s): Form I - Shii-Cho, Form II - Makashi, Form III - Soresu, Form IV - Ataru (Advanced), Form VI- Niman
- Sokan Practitioner, Trakata Practitioner (Exceptional)

Force Powers:

Rank 1 - Force Jump / Leap, Telekinesis, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Sense, Mind Trick, Disable Droid, Force Listening

Rank 2 - Alchaka, Psychometry, Force Blinding, Force Flash

Rank 3 - Force Stealth, Force Speed, Force Stun, Battle Mediation

Rank 4 - Force Cloak, Force Light

Note: Sirus has learned to use Trakata at an exceptional level and even favors its unorthodox style over some of the major and more notable Lightsaber Forms. This style involves the practitioner to quickly shut off then re-ignite the blade, which could cause confusion in one's opponents, allowing for diversionary feints in combat.
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PostSubject: Re: Sample Application - Force User   Sample Application - Force User Icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2016 9:14 pm

Bear in mind that this post is much more detailed than it needs to be - which is appreciated - but you are allowed to stick with the sample code minimum as indicated in this topic.

"When a Jedi behaves badly in public, an observer might think, 'If this Jedi is a representative of the whole Order, then plainly no Jedi is worth respect.' On meeting a second Jedi, who behaves better than the first, that same person might think, 'Does this say that half the Jedi are good, and half bad?' On meeting a third Jedi, who behaves as well as the second, the person thinks, 'Was the first Jedi an exception, then?' In this way, only by the good behavior of several Jedi can the public be certain that the poor behavior of one Jedi was unusual. Thus, it takes many Jedi to undo the mistakes of one."
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PostSubject: Re: Sample Application - Force User   Sample Application - Force User Icon_minitime

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Sample Application - Force User
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