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The former classes (Guardian, Sentinel, Consular) have been removed and now serves as IC flavor for titles. In its stead we have Lightsaber Specialist, Balanced, and Force Specialist. Essentially it serves the same purpose as before, however by renaming the classes we make it more generic and friendly for both Jedi and Sith alike.

Lightsaber Specialist: These group of Jedi favor martial prowess and dueling over the study of the Force. They've invested majority of their training into understanding lightsaber forms, techniques and styles, as well as the lightsabers themselves. These Jedi favor being on the frontlines, getting into the action where they could stand between their foe and their allies, striking their foes down with masterful precision. Lightsaber Specialists often serve the Order by being the Peace Keepers of the galaxy. Other professions for Lightsaber Specialists include Lightsaber Instructors and Weapon Masters.

- Can potentially learn to wield any lightsaber, including exotic weapons (i.e. lightwhip, lightclub, shoto, guard shoto, double-bladed, curved-hilt, long-handle, lightsaber pike, sabercane, dual-phase, light shield, and lightfoil). Exotic weapons are limited to Junior Jedi Knights and above (Rank 3+)
- While all Jedi know the basics of every lightsaber form, the Lightsaber Specialists can specialize in more forms than any other class (roughly 4-5 forms}
- Rank 3, 4 and 5 Lightsaber Specialists could potentially design their own lightsaber, though in doing so the character would need to invest a lot of RP time exploring the design, the components needed, learning and or mastering the technique to go with it. (We strongly encourage those who want to design their lightsaber to write a series of short stories in the Running Logs thread as proof to time invested into the idea)
- Can become Weapon Masters, claiming expertise over multiple lightsaber styles as a result of extensive and rigorous training
-Claims 3 Force Power Points (FPP) for each rank totaling to 15 at rank 5

Balanced: Those that seek the Balanced path are both proficient with lightsabers while also possessing extensive knowledge over the Force. They do not have the same skill set as a Lightsaber Specialist, nor know the hidden secrets of the Force like the Force Scholars, but rather combine both elements into becoming a sort of "Jack-of-all-trades." Balanced Jedi are neither on the front lines, nor the back lines but are the type of Jedi to sneak up on an unsuspecting foe. They rely heavily on an unorthodox style of fighting.

- While not as skilled as Lightsaber Specialists in dueling, a Balanced Jedi can wield either a standard lightsaber, curved-hilt, or a double-bladed lightsaber.
- Alongside the lightsaber specialist, a Balanced Jedi or Sith can dual wield two standard lightsabers.
- Can specialize in up to 3 lightsaber forms
- Claims 4 Force Power Points (FPP) for each rank totaling to 20 at rank 5

Force Scholars: These Jedi explore all possibilities with the Force and have spent majority of their life in understanding it. They are scholars and philosophers, often leading the Jedi Order in their religious beliefs while serving the Order as diplomats and ambassadors. They lack the raw physical prowess of the Lightsaber Specialists and the unorthodox, unpredictable style of a Balanced Jedi, but make it up with their immense knowledge of the Force. Force Scholars are often seen on the back lines, supporting their allies by rejuvenating them or using the Force to hinder their foes. Force Scholars can be Seers, Sages, Healers in the Force.

- Can only wield standard or curved-hilt lightsabers
- Can only specialize in 2 lightsaber forms
- Are the only class that have access to Force Bubble, Force Orb, and Battle Meditation
- Have an innate reduction to the number of preps when channeling a Force Power beginning at rank 3 (i.e. force powers that would otherwise be 3 preps for a balanced or lightsaber specialist jedi, are two preps for a Force Scholar)
- Claims 5 Force Power Points (FPP) for each rank, totaling to 25 at rank 5
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